Sunday, 7 September 2008
France: 3 Jews attacked by Muslim group

From The Jerusalem Post
Three Jewish counselors from the Bnei Akiva youth movement were attacked not far from the organization's central branch in Paris on Saturday afternoon. The boys, aged between 17 and 18, had just finished the Sabbath minha prayer when they were attacked by a group of Muslims, the head of Bnei Akiva's French desk, Binyamin Tuati, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

According to a press statement released by World Bnei Akiva spokesman Tzvika Klein, the youths were initially approached by a group of three Muslims and African immigrants who began to hurl chestnuts in their direction. When one of the counselors complained, the assailants began yelling out anti-Semitic remarks. Between 10 to a dozen other attackers wearing knuckle dusters joined the original three and began beating up the Jewish group until police arrived at the scene.
. . . the victims' families filed a complaint with local police that had responded by opening an investigation into the incident, which has already been recognized as an anti-Semitic attack by local authorities. So far, three suspects have been identified by police.
The movement is now concerned over the fact that the incident occurred in an area central to the French capital's Bnei Akiva members at the 19th Quarter in Paris. . . The incident marks the second anti-Semitic attack in the area of the Bnei Akiva branch in the last two months.

Posted on 09/07/2008 1:26 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
7 Sep 2008
Hugh Fitzgerald

This is inevitable. This is what a large-scale presence of Muslims, emboldened in a thousand ways rather than being made aware that they exist in the Bilad al-kufr not by right, but on permanent sufferance, means. More will follow. There will be, there has been, blood. Why should Jews in Europe, of all people, be made to suffer first, and most keenly, the failure of European political elites, for the second time in a century, to behave with intelligence and moral sense? And it is no consolation that it will soon be happening to non-Jews as well.

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