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Social Benefit Fraud In Infidel Lands As A Muslim Duty

Kopp Verlag/German Orginal September 02 2008
By Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
Translation: Richard Woods

Readers of the “BILD” and spectators of “SAT1” find themselves amazed these days: Here it is reported that a Turkish welfare recipient built a luxury villa at home and has just bought a BMW off-road vehicle for 70,000 €.
Such a thing surely is only an isolated case - do you think so too?

Then you shouldn’t continue reading, because the content of this article could trigger some thinking about these matters. There is after all a religious community in which some prayer leaders openly promote social benefit fraud. They do not feel guilty as the “glorious age of Islam” had set example of this to them. Some fellow citizens put these calls into action. For the social systems these are a burden. It is a taboo topic. But the evidence speaks another language…

Three cleaning agencies, a fully filled book of commissions- and still welfare recipients. Üzgür Ö. Cashed, in this year alone, up to approximately € 20,000 from the state. And he feels free of guilt. Upon reading these lines one gets the-politically correct- impression, that these surely are only isolated cases. Sadly this is not the case.

One of many further examples: in Hamburg citizen Hamid T. (48) is the worst benefit cheat. Hamid T. cheated nearly 12,500 € from the unemployment office- at the same time earning € 96,656 as an entrepreneur per year. In court the citizen found a thousand excuses- his wife being sick, and having to take care of three children. The judge exercised leniency, she convicted him to only ten months on parole. And that, although Hamid T. had been convicted of fraud in another case. These are not isolated cases-they are typical cases. And they exist in the whole of Europe. But there are also Muslim leaders who support all this openly.

In Europe Muslim prayer leaders openly call on their fellow citizens from Muslim background to commit social benefit fraud. There are many such examples, which are well documented. The listing of these would fill many pages. Let’s just take two such cases: the London newspaper daily mail reported in March 2008 about Muslim-preacher Abu Waleed, who was filmed during lectures in front of his fellow citizens. And in these he requests them to deceive the British welfare state of the ” infidels” as well as they can. The same he did at the London Scharia-school, here he also challenged his listeners to trick the British government. The fellow citizen also gave clues and assistance as to how one can best betray the “infidel” British financially.

In the Netherlands Imam Ahmed S. from Tilburg, who after 15 years of staying in the Netherlands still only speaks Arabic and is allowed to attain an integration course at cost of Dutch tax payers, was allowed to, according to the Brabant Dagblat, call upon Muslims to damage the Dutch state-and not pay anymore taxes. Meanwhile there are magazines and tips on the internet how one can best damage the Dutch social state.

The Swedish welfare state has its own experiences with such citizens too. There are many citizens of Muslim background who have taken refuge in Sweden and obtain social welfare. Meanwhile the Swedish social model is bankrupt. Social welfare fraud by immigrated citizens was considered to be a peccadillo in Sweden for a long time. Sometimes even trustful media were misused as accomplices of the social welfare frauds of Islamic background.

An example: an extended family originally from Iraq tried to betray the social agency with help of the media. The family had allegedly been found by a “saviour” in a cellar in the city of Gälve and had, just as allegedly, suffered from heavy smoke poisoning. They immediately were taken to a hospital and were looked after. The family asserted that the authorities denied them social welfare or even housing in that bitterly cold winter.

That was a “nice” story, about which Swiss media gladly reported. Poor refugees, whom one slammed the door in their face at Christmas time and just let them freeze. Many Swedish media had reported about the “destitution” of this family which was so unfairly treated by the authorities. It then became apparent in course of the inquiry, that the family already was registered in Malmö and had a flat there too. The “saviour” who had apparently saved the family from death by asphyxiation and had informed the media, was a family member.

Meanwhile the Swedes are more alert. It is the Iraqis who appear in leading positions in the statistics of social benefit fraud. No other European country took up so many Iraqi Asylum seekers as Sweden. And in no other country the social security benefits offices are so boldly betrayed by Iraqis as in Sweden. A report on this has been published by the Swedish newspaper “The Local” these days. According to this information the Iraqis make use of the state-financed repatriation grants- and the Swedes pay believing that the Iraqis return back home. If the money has been paid, then the fellow citizens prefer to rather stay in Sweden- and apply for (and are granted) social welfare. 5,345 euros each Iraqi family which initially showed the will to depart, can obtain by fraud in one single dash.

Let’s have a look at the neighbour country of Norway, e.g. Oslo: Here Norwegian newspapers reported for weeks in the summer of 2007 about Muslim taxi drivers not taxing their earnings, and at the same time receiving social welfare. A few of these taxi drivers even openly incited others to betray the social system. At first these were seen to be individual cases, which one could deny. But then a bomb exploded: the inquiries of the officials showed that alone in Oslo around 900 taxi drivers were tax dodgers- and around 500 of them received social welfare at the same time. The majority of these frauds are Pakistani. It was the biggest social benefit fraud of the country to date. The criminals even had given interviews in the past. In German speaking media they found no attention though.

To understand all this, one has to only know two Islamic concepts: Dhimmi and Dschizya. Dhimmi, in the Islamic legal tradition, are called the followers of monotheistic religions, who are not accepted with full legal status though. Jews and Christians are according to Islamic tradition Dhimmi. As long as they have not embraced Islam they have to pay a special tax to Muslims called Dschyzia. Islam wants it thus- and it is a fixed part of Islamic law (Scharia). This fee of the “unbelievers” has to be paid in cash or in naturals. This logic of the Koran was one of the basic prerequisites for the first golden age of Islam. While Christianity first converted people and then, with growing numbers of Christians, areas started to become Christian.

Islam went another way since Mohammed’s time: One conquered an area that was populated by “unbelievers” through the peaceful or forced moving in of Muslims, and then constructed the tribute system called Dschazya to redistribute the existent riches of the working “infidel” population. Even in the most golden of ages of Islam Muslims never were the majority in the European areas they controlled (e.g. Andalusia). The New-York-Times bestseller author Mark Steyn, a Canadian, described in his 2006 published book America Alone on pages 164/165 the here out sketched conditions.

Muslims were and staid a minority in the conquered European areas, and sapped the affluence off the “infidels” as a given. Today it is called differently, but the facts stay the same. And this redistribution also is valid for the “infidels” in Islamic states: in every predominantly Islamic state of the world known to the author, an “infidel” foreigner needs a local business partner, if one wants to start a company or do business. Even ethnic Chinese have to present a Muslim business partner in their homeland Malaysia, which has a Chinese minority. And whosoever wants to do business in Dubai, knows this just as anyone who wants to open an office in Egypt. One needs a local Muslim “sponsor”. The word “sponsor” here is an intelligent euphemism of someone who lives off the strength of someone else.

This tribute system favours the spreading of Islam, because the people, plundered by Muslims through Dschizya , convert to Islam at some point in time due to frustration, or exile to non-Muslim areas. In this way Islam had to spread under compulsion, if it wanted to further enjoy the sapping of working populations-to Persia, central Asia, to India and also to Europe. Always on the lookout for “infidels” who were ready to pay Dschizya in any form.

This all is a fixed part of Islamic history. And in the Koran schools of Europe Dschizya is still being taught today-but the Europeans prefer not to hear this. It isn’t politically correct. But it helps to explain, why a part of our Muslim fellow citizens don’t feel the urge to strive for an income or a future. Islam has after all showed how one does it. And precisely with this background it had its glorious golden age.

A majority of the Islamic world still today lives off Dschizya. One lets others work for oneself. One imports foreign slave workers-and leans back. As a given one expects tribute and transfer payments from “infidel” states. Of course it is called differently today. Again: Islam, as an ideology, often lived and still lives from nothing but the transfer of existing riches-and always in one direction: from wealthy “infidels” to the Muslims. And this is being taught in present Koran schools under the term Dschizya. Allah apparently wanted all of this. Those who have to deliver these performances will read these lines with disbelief.

Whoever thinks all this now to be “racist” or “hostile to foreigners” is asked to have a look at the source of all these examples: no other than the New-York-Times bestseller author Mark Steyn, a Canadian, depicted these things in his 2006 published bestseller America Alone on pages 164/165. There was an outcry in the Islamic world-but the given facts are true.

In a lot more detail the historian Bat Yeor describes the sapping of existing riches of “infidels” in her book “The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam”. Bat Yeor was often attacked too-but no one could disprove her explanations so far. Bat Yeor is internationally well-known and was honoured with many prizes. One shouldn’t reproach those fellow citizens who have learned and internalized the system of Dschazya in the Koran schools of today and have openly been called to live it by Muslim leaders. From the viewpoint of Islam it is a state of affairs that was willed by Allah.

Who should criticize that?

Udo Ulfkotte is an Evangelical journalist renowned as a security and intelligence services expert, as well as a critic of Islam. His was formerly an editor for one of Germany's main dailies, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). Ulfkotte heads Pax Europa, a German Islam critical organization. Pax Europa and Ulfkotte were a driving force behind a protest in Brussels, Belgium on September 11, 2007 titled "Stop the Islamization of Europe". Udo Ulfkotte Homepage

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