Monday, 29 December 2008
Karen AbuZayd Inadvertently Tells All


GAZA, Dec. 29 (UPI) -- A U.N. observer says Israel's aerial assault is creating panic in Gaza, and that the city's residents are fighting among themselves as a result.

"It's very bad -- people are running in all directions because of the bombings that are happening everywhere," Karen AbuZayd, a humanitarian spokeswoman for the United Nations, told CNN from Gaza. "People are very agitated because the bombings are now concentrating on individual houses and individual families, apparently."


Karen AbuZayd, who is the current top U.N. official in Gaza, part of that head by-now almost entirely Arab-staffed, save for a non-Arab figurehead at the top,  UNRWA support system that allows "Palestinians" to keep heedlessly having 8, 10, 12 children, which children are then promptly registered for the Infidel-taxpayer dole, and stay on it forever (and almost no one ever dies, and anyone who has ever signed onto UNRWA, as so many local Arabs have done in Lebanon and Syria and elsewhere, appear to never be removed from the UNRWA rolls), attempts in her comment above to win sympathy. 

But in fact she reveals something quite different: "the bombings are now concentrating on individual houses and individual families." Yes, that's exactly right -- after carefully attacking Hamas headquarters, and leaving intact buildings even ten or twenty meters away (from which  Arabs blandly watched, secure in the knowledge  that the Israelis would be careful in their aim), the Israelis are now, with equal care, targetting the homes of Hamas officials -- "concentrating on individual houses and individual families."

Not carpet bombing. Not indiscriminate bombing. Targeting "individual houses" and "individual families" -- but not, of course, before mass phoning to warn people to get out of any area where weapons are stored, giving them plenty of time to leave. 

You heard about Israel's carefully-targetted bombing, but not only from the Israelis. You heard it, inadvertently, from Karen AbuZayd.  

Posted on 12/29/2008 10:53 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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