Saturday, 24 January 2009
Letter to the Embassy
Brian of London of Shire Network News writes:


I'd like to add my voice to those from around the world protesting the outrageous treatment of Mr Geert Wilders at the hands of the Dutch Supreme court.

That the great legacy of Roman-Dutch law should have fallen to this low measure, allying itself with the base values of the Mohammedan system is a shocking disgrace for which the Dutch nation should be feeling ashamed.

If such figures as Winston Churchill were around now to describe Islam (or Mohammedanism) as "the religion of blood and war" would he too have been shunned despite his role in freeing Holland from it's Nazi overlords? Did you ever get back all those bicycles by the way?

It was also, of course, Winston Churchill who, in his book The Gathering Storm, compared Mein Kampf and it's supremacist aims of conquering and enslaving the world in the name of the superior German master race with the Koran and it's supremacist aims of conquering and enslaving the world in the name of the superior Muslims (with male Arab Muslims, of course, most superior). Mr Wilders is in fine company with his own comparisons.

Mr Geert Wilders is a true man of courage as were other great Dutchmen such as Theo Van Gogh and Ayan Hirsi Ali. Do not allow your famous friendliness and open tolerance be the death of the great Dutch people.

Brian of London
Posted on 01/24/2009 12:51 PM by Rebecca Bynum
24 Jan 2009

I am in complete agreement with Brian. The Dutch have been great allies to Great Britain as well as the United States. They are unique, freedom loving people. To let one brave man (Gert Wilder) be persecuted & prosecuted for expressing the truth concerning the radical Islamic scourge infecting our free nations is abhorrent. How can a  nation defend itself when the truth is withheld from the populace?

Thank you, Brian of London!

24 Jan 2009
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 Thank you very much for posting this.

I am reading and re-reading it as I prepare to write my own letter to the Queen and Government of the Netherlands, and to the Dutch Ambassador in my own country.

The great Dutch writer on law, Grotius, had this to say about Islam:

"This religion (Mahometanism), altogether contrived for the shedding of blood, delights much in rites and ceremonies,

and would be believed without all liberty of enquiry thereinto". 

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