Monday, 11 May 2009
Where is everybody?

I'm going to start arguing with myself soon.

Posted on 05/11/2009 8:23 AM by Mary Jackson
11 May 2009
Uncle Kenny

Isn't this the Hugh Fitzgerald multiple personality blog?  You mean there really is more than one "body" involved?

(Mrs. Mason in 9th grade English felt that "everybody" was vulgar and should never be used when "everyone" was meant.)

11 May 2009

 The last time I argued with myself, I lost badly

11 May 2009

No, it isn't.

11 May 2009
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God And Madness
Or: There Lurks A Gurkha
Or: Building An Allah Stair Way To Heaven
Or: Of Towers & Towsers 
Vorsicht!, Mary; you might end up building castles in the air - quite mad like
At least one of us nobodies is chagrined after clicking on the "Sunday Times" link in "God and Mammon" and not finding The Onion.  Shouldn't the "Haram Mosque" be the Halal Mosque?  Nope, Haram, it is; perhaps because it's haram (forbidden) to us dhimmis.  And I find myself in a bit of pickle on a account of thinking that there is no such thing as the "Gherkin Tower of London."  Nope, noch einmal, it's as real (oft pictured next to the Tower of London) as the gherkins recalled, if memory serves, upon reading rhapsodizing about briny cucumbers by Derbyshire, and Stuttaford - and probably NER staff; as well as somebodyorother's Keats parody, Ode On A Jar Of Pickles.
And non, non-Gentle Reader, "gherkin" is not a cognate of merkin; nor is it one of those "tough little towsers" (hat tip to Butley) who have deigned using Alastair Crooke hook and crookery to gain admission to the U.K., perhaps because they prefer to use a kuhkri on a sentry to gain entry.  (I might have left my knock-off of one of those knives with my first wife, who, Praise Be To Allah, has thus far not seen fit to use it on this here nobody)
"Where is everybody?" might have been one of the entries on a personals sort of website some years ago wherein pictures of heavily burqaed women (not even their eyes are visible) are paired with statements along the lines of "Where are all the good men?  I can't see a damn thing!"

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