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Adult asylum seeker 'raped girl,13, after he lied about age and was placed in children's home'

I do worry generally about the lack of chaperoning and the "co-educational" nature of social service "care". From the Daily Mail.
An asylum-seeker has been arrested after the alleged rape of a young girl from a children's home where he had been placed after apparently lying about his age.
The Afghan presented himself to Birmingham Social Services and claimed he was a 13 year-old minor, but staff suspected he was really over 18.
He was placed at the council-run children's home after producing medical evidence at an immigration hearing which seemingly backed his claims of being a child.
But the Afghan was later arrested following the suspected rape of a 13-year-old girl from the care home and police found an immigration card which appeared to confirm that he was really 19.
'The Afghan presented himself some time ago as a minor, seeking asylum,' said a source. 'He claimed to be 13 years old but from the outset social services had doubts. Yet if someone's an asylum-seeker and a minor then social services are duty bound to look after them. . .he produced a letter from a doctor claiming he had some characteristics of a child, so the court had to accept he was a child.'  
The asylum-seeker is currently on police bail after being arrested on suspicion of the rape, which is alleged to have occurred in Birmingham last month. Two youths in their late teens were also detained by police. One was later charged with rape and remanded in custody after appearing before Midland magistrates, while the other has also been released on police bail.
The Afghan has now been moved to a 'specialist placement' while police inquiries continue into the alleged rape, as well as his true age.
'The truth is we just don't know how old he is for sure,' said one source. 'Most think he is an adult over the age of 18. It's proving it that has been the problem.'
And there are lots more where he came from. Also from the Daily Mail
Just half a mile from the ferry terminal in Calais, a UK-bound lorry driver at the weekend makes the mistake of slowing down to a crawl on the A26 Autoroute des Anglais dual carriageway.
At a signal from their fixers, around 100 illegal migrants arise from the wooded verge where they have been concealed and try to swarm aboard the vehicle, and others behind, desperate to find somewhere inside or underneath they could stow away to reach the UK.
So intent are they to get to what they see as a land of easy asylum, council housing and generous benefits that they risk being crushed by the trucks' wheels. Some carry crowbars or knives to try to prise open a chink in the lorries' defences. It's just another week in the relentless assault on Britain's borders.
Farther along the Rue des Garennes, at a truckers' cafe the owner is at his wits' end. He has had knives pulled on him so many times by the clandestines, as they are known in these parts, that he is ready to throw in the towel altogether.
Other businessmen have already done so. The caravan showroom is now boarded up, while a yard once piled high with second-hand pallets lies empty - stripped bare by the migrants.
. . . a no-go zone known simply as The Jungle - a sprawling shanty town that grows by the day and which has become the latest focus in this sorry and seemingly unending saga.
Far from going away, this situation just over 20 miles from Britain is deteriorating fast.
They all want to get to Britain and in recent months their numbers have swollen. More worrying still is the growing desperation they exhibit in their attempts to cross the Channel.
'The migrants have changed attitude in the past few months,' observes Dominique Vanneste, director of Tioxide. 'They've become a lot more aggressive. Staff are regularly attacked and threatened with iron bars. There have even been death threats.'
Unlike the neighbouring businesses, there isn't much on Mr Wood's sprawling premises that can be easily stolen. But that's because everything that could be taken has already gone.
A corner of the yard is rented out to AS24, a petrol station. It has four pumps on the site which are unmanned, automatic and open around the clock. When security fencing was erected around the pumps a couple of months ago it was stolen.
Later investigations discovered that it had been dragged the 250 yards or so into The Jungle, where it is being used as the walls for a temporary mosque. No one dares to retrieve it.
'The first migrants we saw in Calais arrived in the late 1990s from Kosovo,' he says. 'I remember it very clearly because they were all genuine refugees and the trucks would pull in from across Europe and there would be whole families getting off. I could understand that and so could the people here. But over the years it has changed.'  Look at the photo below - these are not family men, they are a regiment.
A riot police officer faces immigrants in CalaisThe number of migrants caught at Calais port has doubled this year - more than 1,000 were detected in refrigerated lorries and other HGVs between January and March. Predominantly young males of working age, they are drawn from across the world, dividing themselves into ethnic groups once in Calais (The Jungle, for instance, is dominated by those from Afghanistan).
But what is causing concern locally is not only the number of migrants, but this hitherto unseen aggressiveness. This new edge has shocked Mr Wood, who has a French wife and three children, and has also shocked the townspeople.
'They have tolerated the situation for years, but not any more,' he says. 'Recently, I was driving through town with my wife near to where the charities hand out food every day. Suddenly, there was an almighty fracas. Sixty or 70 immigrants jumped over the railings into the road and started fighting with one another. They were armed with iron bars and knives. It was terrible".
Mr Wood says the French continue to think that the British are largely to blame for the situation. They believe that Britain's generous welfare benefits attract foreigners from all over the world and that they use their country as a base to get to the UK, where they will claim asylum or else disappear into the black economy. 'I agree with the French in a way,' the businessman says. 'All these immigrants want to go to England because they think it's the promised land. The Mayor of Calais wants to open up the frontier, stick them all on a boat and let the UK sort out the problem when they arrive in Dover. 'She says it is a UK problem which Calais has had to bear for years.

Posted on 05/12/2009 3:36 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
12 May 2009

"Look at the photo below..."

FrenchEnglishmen, all.

12 May 2009

Your observations re. the photo - 'a regiment' - are true not only of those trying to enter the UK (while causing a terrible nuisance in France in the meantime), but *also* of the current wave of boat-borne 'refugees' being dispatched from Afghanistan and Pakistan through Indonesia toward Australia.  The overwhelming majority of these are young men of military age.

I don't like it.  I don't like it at all.  I would be prepared to accept Hindu or Buddhist families fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka (as I was perfectly prepared to accept South Vietnamese Christian, Taoist and Buddhist families fleeing Communist dictatorship; one of my cousins has as her de facto and probable future spouse a brilliant young lawyer of Vietnamese Buddhist extraction, son of just such a set of 'boat people') ; but NOT hundreds of aggressive young Muslim men of military age who should be sent right back where they came from.  

Time for all kafir countries to recognise the current wave of mostly-male Muslim 'refugees' for what they are ...Hegira, undertaken with a view to subversion and takeover of the targeted 'host' countries.

12 May 2009
John M. J.

This is a French problem and, as usual, the perfidious French refuse to, or are incapable of, living up to their side of the many treaties and agreements which they have signed. Those 'regiments' are present in France illegally - they are illegal immigrants to France - but the authorities there cannot and will not own up to their responsibilities. This is a typically French attitude towards any problem - shift the blame and pretend, thereby, that the problem doesn't exist. Small wonder that we British deeply distrust our neighbour on the other side of The Channel (and damn the pas de Calais).

It's well past time that the French authorities took action. Don't hold your breath in expectation - they never will. That's the French all over - all fur coat and nae knickers, as we British have learnt the hard way over the last thousand years. Thank God that our ancestors had the calm good sense to leave Normandy and take over Britain!


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