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Friday, 15 May 2009
The forgotten jihad: Zebra killings

In my post yesterday about Your Black Muslims in Oakland, there was a reference to the Zebra killings in the 1970's in San Francisco.

I was unfamiliar with the story.  The Nation of Islam hacked and beheaded and shot and stabbed up to 71 people over a two-year period.   I have lived in northern California for 19 years, and never heard mention of it.  Few of the perpetrators were ever caught or prosecuted. 

Wikipedia has the brutal details.  Again, it sounds like they were strictly following the Sunna of  Mohammad.

Posted on 05/15/2009 11:36 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
15 May 2009
Send an emailRebecca Bynum

I was in southern California during those years and I don't remember hearing much about it. I don't even remember the Nation of Islam connection - just crazy random killings with no motive. The usual description.

16 May 2009
Send an emailTina Trent

And which other group with deep roots in Oakland was endorsing and supporting the activities of the Nation of Islam, there, at that time?  The Weathermen.  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

You can't make this stuff up. Thanks for publicizing the record of these crimes.    

16 May 2009
Send an emailRobin_Shadowes

I'm a swede and I've never heard of this case before. I just read about it on a swedish blog who linked to both here and the wiki-page. Since there are quite a few grizzly murders in America that are more than famous, from Zodiac to Dahmer to name just a few, I'm amazed that this case is virtually unknown, especially considering the high body count of 71 in such a limited course of time. In retrospective I'm not surprised at all. By now I'm well aware that MSM in both America and europe is desperately trying to white wash all aspects of islam. Only one thing surprizes me. That it has been covered up for such a long time, over 35 years! The only conclusion I can draw from this is that there must be some pretty powerful people out there who didn't want this case to be known to a larger mass of people.

16 May 2009

I do not believe, analogously to Muslim claims about Jews, that Muslims control our media, and that a Muslim cabal is keeping the truth from us.

I think in this case, the incident is not mentioned because at the heart of it, it is about black vs. white America, and Muslim vs. non-Muslim America. ?Those are VERY sensitive subjects, and have been for the past several decades. ?No wonder we sweep it under the rug, then install a carpet over the rug, and then place another rug on top.

Here are two ways to think about it.???The Zebra murders were committed by a few mentally deranged individuals, who just happened to be black and Black Muslim (which is a crackpot cult unrelated to the peaceful religion of Islam);? some of them were captured and imprisoned, so it is basically over.? -OR-? The Zebra murders were methodically committed by devout followers of an ideology (Islam, of which Black Muslims are merely?another branch) that institutionally teaches that?Allah wants them to?murder non-believers. Islam has hundreds of thousands of followers in the U.S., most of them currently non-violent, but any one of whom may at any time become more fervent and observant in their beliefs. ?The Zebra murders continue to act as inspiration for Black Muslims' murder of randomly selected whites (see the original article about Yusuf Bey IV), and most of the Zebra killers are still walking the streets, so this was never really resolved.

We as a society have chosen to believe the former.? We steadfastly refuse to face the latter, no matter how much evidence is offered, because the truth is we have a big problem on our hands.

Think about which topics we are allowed to speak freely about in public, and which we are not. If there is a cabal that is covering up this story, then to paraphrase Ziggy, we have met the cabal and the cabal is us.

17 May 2009
Send an emailRobin_Shadowes

I can understand if many afro-americans hate white people considering the slave trade in the 16-19th century. However, they should also be informed about what arabs thinks about blacks. That the arab muslims always are on the top of the pyramid and the black muslims at the bottom. And also that the arab slave traders has taken far more slaves from Africa than the white americans and europeans ever did. And least but not last to inform them that the arabs did not only take black as slaves but that they in fact took slaves far up in the north, Britain, Ireland, even Norway and Iceland. Perhaps then they wouldn't be so happy to join the "religion of peace". I do not mean to white wash what the whites did, just to put some perspective to the whole thing.

17 May 2009

It is irrational for blacks to hate whites for slavery, since half of the whites in the U.S. went to war in order to free the black slaves.  Furthermore, many white immigrants came to the U.S. after the end of the Civil War, and had no involvement in slave ownership.  Lastly, it is irrational to hold the great-great-great-grandchildren of slave owners responsible for their ancestors' actions.  Anyone who tries to justify sexually fondling a white woman, and then hacking the face off her husband and beheading her, because some whites owned black slaves 100 years ago, has a difficult moral argument to make.

Racism exists in the U.S. today, and racists should be held responsible for their own actions, but not their distant ancestors' actions.

The effects of slavery in the U.S. continue to today, and I support efforts to level the playing field, such as some form of Affirmative Action (which is not the same as supporting the case we saw a couple of weeks ago, when no minority firefighters passed the minimum tests, the tests were thrown out as being "racist").  The treatment of black slaves by white slave-owners was horrible;  it does not logically follow that had the slaves stayed in Africa, that they would have lived as freemen in peace and good health and prosperity.   Black-on-black interactions in Africa would not make, shall we say, a pleasant childrens' bedtime story.

And most of all, in full agreement with you, for blacks to hate whites in America and to identify with Muslim Arabs is the height of irrationality, since Muslim Arabs were involved in slave trading in Africa long before the Europeans (or later, the North Americans) got involved.  Muslims were one of the main suppliers of African slaves to the Europeans and North Americans, since whites did not capture slaves themselves;  they purchased them from Africans and Arabs.  Muslim Arab slavery continued long after North Americans and Europeans banned the practice.  Muslim Arab slavery continues to the current day.  The Islamic Republic of Mauritania finally passed a law in August 2007 banning slavery.  Of course, Mohammad (the perfect example for all people for all time) owned slaves, including sex slaves, and gave instructions for the proper treatment of slaves.  To criticize slavery as being immoral is to criticize Mohammad for being immoral, which is nonsensical for Muslims.

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