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Muslim school is slated

Having said that many Irish people watch what is happening in the UK and are wary of repeating our mistakes there are still others who are not completely aware of the requirments of islam and sharia. Like the writer analysing this report in the Irish Independent. By the way in the UK and Ireland slated means seriously criticised, not scheduled. That difference really confused me when I first started trawling the international headlines.
A TEAM of experts will be sent in to monitor the overhaul of a primary school which has been strongly criticised in the most damning inspection report ever issued by the Department of Education.
The unprecedented move follows a litany of shocking revelations contained in an inspection report into the North Dublin Muslim School in Cabra.
The findings -- the most critical of nearly 3,000 inspection reports issued by the department -- are set to cause alarm within Ireland's 32,000-strong Muslim community.
The report -- seen by the Irish Independent -- will be officially published tomorrow. It reveals:

  • Taxpayers' money given to the school in the form of grants since it opened in 2001 is unaccounted for;
  • The quality of teaching of English, Irish and maths is "poor" or "very poor", with teacher morale "very poor";
  • Sanitary facilities are "inadequate;
  • The school is in breach of several pieces of legislation;
  • The school refuses to implement the music curriculum.  

Separate correspondence, also seen by the Irish Independent, reveals that the school failed to pay around €37,000 it owed to the department.
The patron of the school, Imam Yahya Al-Hussein, said the report was too critical and a bit "over the top".
Several policies that relate to the care, welfare and protection of children have not been drawn up. The school is in breach of the Education Welfare Act (2000) and of the Rules for National Schools.
The report says there are no policies on attendance; child protection; social personal and health education and on the duties of special needs assistants. The Relationships and Sexuality Education programme has not been implemented. There are no plans for assessment; for English as an additional language; for visual arts, physical education; drama and music.
The North Dublin school is one of two schools catering for the Muslim community. Pupil numbers there have fallen significantly since 2006, the report says. However, the report found inconsistencies between class roll books, the attendance book and the register of pupils.
The analyst is of the opinion that 
The school can only be described by one word: shambles. In all my years reporting on education, I have never seen a more devastating official report about a state-funded school, either here or abroad.
Doubtless it will produce howls of outrage from people who say cultural factors have to be taken into account and that different rules should apply for a minority Muslim school. But that is no justification for the failure to provide a decent education for these pupils.The department does deserve some praise for preparing the report, given the sensitivities surrounding the Muslim community. But it should have acted sooner. Indeed, there is evidence that it delayed acting, even though it has been aware for years that all was not well in the school.
The North Dublin Muslim School is, like most primary schools, a private one, but one where the taxpayer pays teachers' salaries, capitation and other grants. The taxpayer has an expectation that its money will be used to good account and the pupils are entitled to a quality education.
A qualified principal has to be quickly found who will be given the proper authority by the Patron and board of management to run the school without interference, but with due respect to the ethos of the Muslim community.
The future location of the school also needs to be clarified as there are stories that it will be relocated to Tallaght, Lucan or elsewhere.
Unless they are convinced that worthwhile changes are forthcoming, many parents will be reluctant to send their children back to the North Dublin Muslim School in the autumn.
The writer seems sadly unaware of the prohibitions against art and music in Islam. Of the reluctance of parents to allow their daughters to engage in any physical activity. Their reluctance for any form of sex education other than that in the Koran, which is less about relationships and more about rights and duties. Many parents would be sending their children to the North Dublin Muslim School precisely because there was no music, drama, art, PE and Sex education.

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17 Jun 2009
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Oh good, comments are working.

The school is not that bothered about attendance because pupils are being taken for "extended holidays", i.e. to find marriage partners from back home.

17 Jun 2009
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No Man Is An Iceland
The thing is, is that the play's the Althing's to-all-men.
- William Sagaspeare
By the way in the UK and Ireland slated means seriously criticised, not scheduled. That difference really confused me when I first started trawling the international headlines.
- E.W.
Hopefully [shudder] I'm not the only Yank here who did not know that "slated" could mean "criticised" or even "criticized."  If Slate magazine's head honchos were to declare a hudna and schedule a civil discussion of an unseemly row (erupting after say, a reformist was kept off the ticket for promising to start things over with "a fresh, clean tabula rasa") over a list of candidates for its board of directors, could a headline read, "Slate Slate Slate Slated For Discussion" ?
Moving beyond the above sceptred and desceptred (might some mountebank, perhaps speaking fractured Austrian, try to pass himself off as the "King of Ireland" to Obama in hopes of scoring an iPod or Region 1 DVDs?) isles to Iceland, one could trawl for international headlines of cod pieces along the lines of Rights Asserted By British Trawlers Slated In Icelandic Althing.  The Brits and Norskies, of course, eventually stopped buggering and bollixing on and managed to muddle through to an end to the "cod wars," although one could imagine some false starts if an Icelander thought that he or she was being given an metaphorical invitation to a log-bashing behind an out-building upon hearing a Brit say, "We would be happy to attend a summit meeting if you woodshed Yule it." (In order to avoid such misunderstandings, it is humbly proposed that the British diplomatic corps be augmented with young, "cunning linguists" (see old saw about Noam Chomsky) who will be referred to as "nuance-y boys")
Alright now, Brits; repeat after me:
The schedule hit the skidmarks.
[have at 'em with centum, not satem, on the "sch"]
I'm O.K., Jack.
The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
[just don't go busting your Bow Bells here]
And with disrespect to Spain (whose "degraded" men are, according to Belloc, "saucy with the girls"), who gives a rip about the assertion that Ricardo Montalban "mispronounced" Cordoba in his advert for a pleasantly priced, yet luxurious Chrysler product?
A point of disclosure:  Not only was I ignorant regarding "slated," I had been under the impression that "Iceland" simply meant "island," and only recently discovered that the source of my mistake was a botched "take away" from the following from an erstwhile NER Nordic (or "Arctic" in his inclusion with Northern Asiatics) Man:
"I was going to show off my mastery of matters etymological by observing that "Iceland" is just a misspelling of "island" and has nothing to do with ice. Someone told me that years ago and I have believed it lazily ever since, without checking. Now that I do check, Messrs. Merriam and Webster advise me that "Iceland" does, in fact, mean "ice-land," not "island". Never hurts to check these things. The Chinese cover both bases: they call it Bing-dao, which means "ice-island."
Badabing, Badaboom, Badabingdao,
'Slater, Dudes


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