Friday, 19 June 2009
Pseudsday Pfriday

Benjamin Zephaniah, "dub" performance poet and professional black, noisily rejected an OBE, thus making sure everyone knew he was offered one while maintaining his street cred. I'm not sure what "dub" means; perhaps it means the same as "directional". Readers may decide for themselves:

Smart big awards and prize money
Is killing off black poetry
It's not censors or dictators that are cutting up our art.
The lure of meeting royalty
And touching high society
Is damping creativity and eating at our heart.

Beatrix ("Bea") Campbell, professional lesbian and grievance-monger, has gone one better. David Thompson:

Caution: rationalisation in progress.  

My politics comes from Marxism and feminism; it’s republican, it’s gay and it’s green… The survival of an honours system clothed in royalism and imperialism is a reproach to New Labour’s craven sentiment about pomp and power… That creates a contradiction in moments like this… You ask yourself the question: how can I accept anything from this horrible imperial regime?

Why, it’s former Communist Party member and all-purpose agitated person, Beatrix Campbell. Sorry, Beatrix Campbell, OBE.

Amusing as this par-for-the-course Leftist hypocrisy may be, her views are no laughing matter, as David Thompson reminds us:

Much as it’s funny watching poor Bea gnawing at her own elbows, let’s not forget this is a woman who subedited the Communist “Morning Star” newspaper, who spoke fondly of that Stasi nightmare, the German Democratic Republic, and who insisted that, “the victims of September 11 are the architects of a mess of their own making.” It’s always good to see symbols of national appreciation being handed out to a nasty little harpy who believes that the men, women and children incinerated en masse, or filmed falling to their deaths, somehow brought that horror upon themselves.

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