Friday, 19 June 2009
We Must Pay And Keep On Paying ? Or Else

This is from It demonstrates, in a small way, that no matter how much we give it’s never going to be enough – we are the infidels who must pay the jizya despite the fact that Muslims themselves have created the need by their own bad management and stupidity. The article is currently the tenth article down here.

Here’s the text:
The American Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) based in the eastern Laghman province has provided financial assistance of 70,000 US dollars to seven village councils in the Daulatabad district, an official said Wednesday. Funded by the team, two projects, including the digging of a canal and construction of a playground, were inaugurated the other day, a spokesman for Laghman Governor Syed Ahmad Sapi told Pajhwok Afghan News. He said the canal measuring 2500 meters was dug with financial support from the PRT in the district. He added the canal would irrigate one thousands acres of land besides benefiting residents of 11 adjoining villages. The digging that started two months ago was completed on Wednesday, according to Sapi. Similarly, a newly built playground in the same district opened for public. The spokesman said the projects cost 50,000 US dollars provided the PRT. Sapi continued the US team provided 70,000 US dollars in assistance to the seven village councils in Daulatabad on Tuesday. The amount will be spent on reconstruction projects in line with the demands and requirements of the people. A tribal elder named Abdul Zahir Khan said they were very happy with the canal and playground and thanked the PRT for its assistance. Calling for more uplift schemes, the elder argued the two schemes were not enough to resolve their problems. (My bold emphases.)
Will anything ever be enough? Will the demands ever cease? Will these people ever stand on their own two feet?
No, they won’t. Not as long as we continue to pay the jizya which they see as their right. They could have dug that canal themselves anytime in the last fourteen hundred years. They could have made that playground for their children anytime they cared to if they had ever learnt to work together for the collective good – a co-operative concept lacking in Islam – but, of course, they waited until we weak and inefficient (morally corrupt, anyone?) Westerners paid an enormous sum to provide them with the canal and the playground, things which they should have provided for themselves anytime in the last fourteen hundred years just as countless numbers of Western European communities have done without help from government, or military, powers.
Islam doesn’t operate that way, however. It doesn’t breed a community of trust and co-operation wherein such obviously good things as an irrigation canal can be collectively built. Instead, it divides and separates man from man – it breeds distrust and violence between men. It makes the building of a simple, short irrigation canal impossible.
Then we Westerners, desperate to win their hearts and minds (who cares?) come along and pay them thirty-five times the going rate to build the obviously needed (and obviously needed for over a thousand years) canal. We get thanked and told that it is not enough!
Not enough! Not enough!
How dare they!
It’s more than enough! Much more than enough! It’s well past time that we put an end to stupidities such as this! After all, it’s my taxes, it’s your taxes too, which are paying for this – an irrigation canal which will, no doubt about it, be used to water the opium poppy crop, and for a playground which will be used only by juvenile males.
This has got to stop for it is just madness on an epic scale!
This is just one small and insignificant example of the ways in which our so-called leaders just don’t understand the bottomless pit that any Islamic country actually is. It doesn’t matter how much we give nor how much that such giving makes us feel good, those who believe in Islam and take our money, or our money in kilometres of canals and square metres of play areas, will always demand more and give nothing in return.
There is one important lesson which we should all learn from this tiny and insignificant story – whatever we give to the Muslim world it will never be enough! The jizya is never ending!
Posted on 06/19/2009 7:04 AM by John M. Joyce
19 Jun 2009
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What they give in return is a vague promise not to be complete bastards and try to kill us all. So the more we give the more they might not be so eager to kill innocent citizens.

To borrow from Churchill: "Never has so much been given by so many to so few for such little in return"

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