Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Al-Qaeda threatens France over Burqa

Reader Alan kindly sent me a link to this story at France 24. (The page was taken down and is now back up.) Apparently it's Al-Qaeda's "North Africa Branch". Is this a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Qaeda Global Inc, or is it merely an associate or joint venture? Watch the clip here.

In a piece at Pajamas Media, Phyllis Chesler asks:

Does anyone really believe that al-Qaeda is a religious group? Or that their religious pronouncements are holy and should be protected by American or European laws?


I hope that the “muhajideen” are just blowing smoke-rings, rattling their swords. I fear this is not the case. Women in face masks and sheets are symbols of how jihad looks today.


Posted on 06/30/2009 5:01 PM by Mary Jackson
1 Jul 2009

I love how the muppet on the right of the picture has her(?) hand over her eyes in case she's recognised, and the silly witch on the left is using a good old anglo-saxon gesture to convey her intellect.

Unless she is saying "Give me two good reasons – go on, just two – why I have to put up with this ridiculous costume"