Tuesday, 19 September 2006
Our mighty leader
A conservative talk show host, while introducing Ann Coulter at a event spoke about a meeting that was had with Bush:

"He described what he said was an off-the-record session with Bush and a gaggle of radio right-wingers, including Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Bush told them "we'll lose" if the War on Terror becomes a fight between Christianity and Islam, Gallagher said.

"Remind me never to invite you to an off-the-record session," Coulter told him." (via Kathy Shaidle)

"We'll lose."

I bet that gives some of us a lot more confidence in our leadership. Remind me again why I voted for this diminutive homunculi?
Posted on 09/19/2006 3:31 AM by Mark Butterworth
19 Sep 2006
"Remind me again why I voted for this diminutive homunculi?"

Because he can distill a complicated and very reasonable argument involving both politics, demographics, and cultural will into a pithy two word summary ... unalloyed by wishful thinking?

19 Sep 2006
mark b
I should have written "homunculus" which is the singular. Umm, that means "we'll lose" is your assessment. I guess the Greeks should have given up before Marathon, and the Romans after the Gauls sacked Rome. Not to mention Hannibal. Battle of Lepanto? Waste of time. Crusades? A fool's errand. Poitiers? Why bother? Vienna? Not worth the trouble.