Thursday, 1 October 2009
Nothing to do with Chas and Dave,

or Bugs Bunny, sadly.
We were one of the 18 million households that had to retune our Freeview Topbox last night because of the upgrade to the service to give greater coverage to Channel 5.
In order to increase access to Channel 5 some households were going to find that their older topboxes would no longer work; other would find that they could no longer get ITV3 and ITV4, which doesn't sound like much of an 'improvement' to me.
ITV4 is the one I watch most. Repeats of Pie in the Sky before you ask.
My husband came home informed of the problem and the need to deal with it by some of his clients and I am pleased that our box does still work and I can continue with my repeats of aged detective series.
UK History, which used to be an all day service, until a subscription for broadcasts after 6pm was introduced is now Yesterday. But it still cuts out just as I have time to sit down.
Dave is still Dave and now we have Dave ja View, which is Dave repeated an hour later. Why?
"Here, look at this", calls my husband. "There is something called Rabbit! "
Thoughts of Chas and Dave came to mind; perhaps a Cockney talk show. Back to back Bugs Bunny. The compleat works of John Updike. Or, and I hoped not, a 'specialist' shopping channel.
It was as I entered the front room that he discovered Gay Rabbit. But we can't receive either of them.
I looked them up this morning - they are a chat and date service from Teletext, which replaced Teletext Cars last year. I think we can live without them.
I liked the comment on the Digital Forum - It will start off as one channel and before you know it there will be dozens of them.
Chas and Dave parted professional company recently, following the death of Mrs Dave, Sue Peacock. Which is very sad. They had been married for 36 years. All commitments will be fullfilled by Chas and his band.

The doorbell rang - it was our neighbour. Do you know how to retune the television? Yes . . . But I can't guarantee Rabbit.

Posted on 10/01/2009 5:17 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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