Thursday, 1 October 2009
Lebanese Muslim scholars object to samba

TYRE, Lebanon — A group of Lebanese Muslim scholars on Thursday forced the cancellation of a planned performance by a Brazilian samba troupe in the southern coastal city of Tyre on moral and religious grounds.
"This is a pornographic dance group that goes against our ethics," Sheikh Ali Yassin, one of 50 religious leaders who had called for the cancellation, told AFP.
"We fear that once they start dancing nude in the streets, there will be trouble," Yassin added. "Our society will not accept such a parade. The city of Tyre is a city of resistance and its history is that of a conservative Muslim city." According to
this slideshow of the oldest cities in the world in the telegraph Gallery Tyre was founded in 2750 BC. So only its recent history is as a conservative Muslim city. For a long time before that it was many things, including part of the Empire of Alexander the Great and the Romans.
Roberto Medeiros, ministerial adviser and cultural attache at the Brazilian embassy in Beirut, told AFP that measures had been taken to respect the sensitivities of the mainly Muslim population in Tyre, including having the dancers cover their bodies rather than perform in skimpy clothes.
Yassin, however, said he had been shown photographs of the costumes and still deemed them inappropriate.

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1 Oct 2009
Alan R

 I think we know what these 'Muslim scholars' would say

about Tango Argentina, as approved by UNESCO:

"Tango gets UN cultural approval"



1 Oct 2009
Alan R


Message from 'We are all Hezbollah now':-

"The infidels of the West and their Tango Argentina must be stopped. Islam will stop this corruption."

  Meanwhile, with five and a half million viewings, the dance continues:

                     "Tango Argentina"