Thursday, 1 October 2009
Has The Catholic Encyclopedia No Shame?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on Sidon, below the printed entry,  here.

Posted on 10/01/2009 12:42 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
1 Oct 2009

If they did have Shame, it would be before Sidon, not after it.

1 Oct 2009

I confess that I do not understand.  Do you refer to the advertisement ("ads by google") near the bottom?  The ad I saw was for a Bible cd.   A different person at a diffferent time might be offered a different ad.

The encyclopedia website may have little control over the ads placed by google.  I have occasionally seen ads for muslim matrimonial websites placed inappropriately, although perhaps intentionally, in settings which foolish people describe as "islamophobic".  I wondered at the time if the matrimonial site, as a subtle form of jihad, had requested that google place the ad in that setting, or if someone at google made the choice, or if it was done automatically, per computer program, which might consider a viewer's interest in a subject.  Google and Yahoo do collect and use such information to target their ads to their viewers.

1 Oct 2009

A second visit to the encyclopedia site results in a google ad about belly fat.

1 Oct 2009
Hugh Fitzgerald

Yes, it was the belly fat ad. How infra dig. Does the website of the Catholic Encyclopedia need the money from Google that badly? And can't Google choose a slightly more dignified ad for the Catholic Encyclopedia site?

1 Oct 2009
Send an emailMary Jackson

I don't think google has any control over it - the ads just pick up on certain phrases or are random.

Front Page often has ads for Muslim dating agencies. One journalist - can't remember who - was writing about Anne Frank and ads for "attic and loft extensions" came up. Ooops.

1 Oct 2009
Send an emailciccio

Far more shameful is the actual article. Heavy Protestant influence which the local Catholic clergy have been unable to erradicate. That is why the Crusades were lost, all sects of Muslims will join to attack a common enemy but a Catholic Prince will join with Muslims to fight a Catholic enemy.

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