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Saturday, 1 April 2006
Mass demonstration

Over a million Muslims are to take to the streets of London today in a demonstration against Islam. They are to march from the notorious Finsbury Park mosque in North London to the not-quite-so notorious Brixton mosque carrying placards bearing the following slogans:

They're only cartoons.

Israel isn't that bad.

"The Satanic Verses" - it's only a book.

Mohammed wasn't a very nice man, and we ought to be honest about this.

The Koran isn't a very nice book, and we ought to be honest about this.

Jihad isn't a very nice thing, and we ought to be honest about this.

The protesters had better get their skates on. Over here it is 11.15 am, and they need to get there before noon.

Posted on 04/01/2006 4:05 AM by Mary Jackson
1 Apr 2006
Esmerelda Weatherwax
They won't walk all that way!
On the Victoria Line, 11 stops and less than 32 minutes, Finsbury Park to Brixton. Trains run every two minutes during peak periods in each direction.

1 Apr 2006
Send an emailMary Jackson
On past form, mass Muslim demos have been weedy shuffles no further than the length of one of Red Ken's bendy buses. That, even more than the date or content of this post, should be a bit of a giveaway.

1 Apr 2006
Send an emailEsmerelda Weatherwax
That is unfair to a woman suffering from a surfiet of herring and Speckled Hen!!!!

1 Apr 2006

1 Apr 2006
Send an emailVikrant
Lol Interested a.k.a OP, or Mary i must say, gr8 blog. Though this didnt fool me, see what we did over at Pickled Politics. Even Hibz ut Tahrir guys were fooled into believeing that (Pizza) HuT defaced us. Vikrant

1 Apr 2006
Send an emailMary Jackson
Vikrant - the Pickled Politics one would have fooled me too, if J0nz hadn't warned me.

These days I can only do April Fool jokes on websites - no friends or family believe a word I say even on other days of the year.

1 Apr 2006
Gary G.
Hmmm, since Muslims didn't demonstrate after sept-11, march-11, or july 7. I think that this is an April Fools joke! Over a Million, nice try.

1 Apr 2006
Send an emailMarisol Seibold
"April Taqiyya Day" would have quite a following. But every day is "taqiyya day," so they figure they'd best not call attention to it. In fact, they deny it exists. ;)

2 Apr 2006
Richard R
Nice One Mary!! I found your storey on Jihad Watch. I was totally suckered in until I clicked on the link and viewed the comments. If only it could have been true. May be we could better accept the Muslims if they did have a protest like this!! I really do hope they see the funny side to your joke and don't announce a jihad against you. Top April fools!! You should think about being a script writer for Titty Bang Bang!!

2 Apr 2006
robert aldridge
Nice one! I was fooled, and a surge of excited hope came over me. Then I wondered why it hadn't been reported elsewhere, and the truth dawned. A bit slow! If only! If only! Is it really true that so few Muslims give a damn about western values? The joke just highlights a dangerous and appalling situation. Anyway, the joke gave me my first laugh of the day, however bitter and despairing.

13 Nov 2006
Send an emailE.J. Shafer
For months I have been attempting to find a newspaper or periodical which has the fortitude to publish, serially, the suras and verses of the Koran which extolls and also encourages the "true believers" to kill the infidels and the Jews as a holy duty to advance the inhuman goals of Islam. At this point I have been unable to obtain any concurrance. Perhaps your organization is the only one which can see the merit in my proposal which, in my thinking, will bring to the attention of the unenlightened, the insidious nature of the Islamic culture and religion. E.J.S.

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