Thursday, 14 January 2010
Free Geert Wilders: Charges Against Him Widened as Trial Proceeds on January 20th

Hon. Geert Wilders, MP and popular leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands goes on trial on January 20th in Amsterdam. Read our NER interview with him, here.  He is being tried on what many believe are trumped up charges of criminalizing hate speech and now racism. All because Wilders has exercised his free speech – criticizing Islam and suggesting a ban on immigration of Muslims. Those charges couldn’t be brought in a US court of law because of our First Amendment guarantees of free speech include the ability to criticize a religion. But not in Holland where a contrived case brought by a cabal of leftists and Dutch Muslims won an Amsterdam Appeals court decision. 

What this amounts to is a political trial of Wilders, a highly popular Dutch political figure because of his populist stands including such issues as banning burkas and fining Muslim women who don such Sharia compliant attire in public, as well as banning Muslim immigration to the Netherlands. Make no mistake about it, the trial is a thinly disguised attempt to convict and imprison Wilders on Islamic Sharia compliant charges of blasphemy.  If he is convicted, it would likely deny him the ability to form a ruling coalition in the Netherlands should the popular Freedom Party become the leading party in the next general elections scheduled for 2011.

The absurdity of this Amsterdam show trial of Wilders – the equivalent of the infamous Dreyfus trial that roiled France in the late 19th and early 20th Century - was reflected in the actions of the Amsterdam Court yesterday. Radio Netherlands reported, “Geert Wilders hate speech charges widened.”

The charges against far-right MP Geert Wilders have been extended to include inciting hatred towards Moroccans and non-Western ethnic minorities, de Volksrant newspaper reports.

Up to now the Freedom Party leader has been charged with inciting hatred against Muslims through his remarks in the media and his anti-Islam film Fitna. Mr. Wilders has compared the Qur’an to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and called for it to be banned.

However, the public prosecutor’s office has now decided to widen the charges, based in part on Mr. Wilders response in a 2006 interview when asked what he would do if he came to power in the Netherlands: "The same day the borders would be closed to all non-Western immigrants." Mr. Wilders has also expressed this view in parliament.

The decision to widen the charges is striking because initially the public prosecutor’s office decided that Mr. Wilders had no case to answer. It only went ahead with the prosecution when an Amsterdam court ruled last year that Mr. Wilders should indeed face charges of insulting Muslims as a group and inciting hatred and discrimination towards them.

The lawyers who brought the case against Mr. Wilders have welcomed the public prosecutor’s move. Haroon Raza of anti-racism organization NBK told de Volkskrant he was “extremely satisfied”. NBK argues that Mr. Wilders is not only anti-Islam but also racist. Amsterdam lawyer Gerard Spong described the public prosecutor’s decision as a sign of “deepening insight”. It was he who brought the appeal against the initial conclusion that Mr. Wilders should not be prosecuted. 

The public prosecutor’s office has not commented on the reasons behind its decision to widen the charges. A spokesperson told de Volkskrant that the motivation would be explained during the initial hearing in the case, set for 20 January.


Mr. Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz set out his objections to the charges in a closed hearing on Wednesday. He argued that there are no grounds to prosecute his client for insulting Muslims as a group.

Mr. Wilders argues that his criticism has always been directed against Islam as a religion, and not against Muslims. He attended the hearing in person although his Mr. Moszkowicz said he did not enter the court by the main entrance due to the death threats which have been made against him.

At the end of the hearing the court threw out Geert Wilders' objections to the charges and the trial will now go ahead as planned next week. Wilders again said he considers the prosecution to be politically motivated, he said there was more justice in North Korea.

The political conspiracy against Wilders cries out for justice – the quick dismissal of the Amsterdam court of these absurdly surrealistic charges.

Here’s how you can put the Dutch government and courts on notice about the travesty of Wilders trial that begins on January 20th. You can send email, letters and faxes to  the Embassies and Consular legations in your respective countries expressing your objections to this political show trial and support  for dismissal of all charges against Wilders. Here is a link to the email addresses of Dutch Embassies and Consular legations around the world.

You should consider emphasizing the following in your communications to Dutch diplomatic officials:

-          We note that Holland has always been a staunch ally of the West in its protection of Free Speech, now however; it seems that the old traditions have been abolished

-          We abhor the decision of the Dutch Government and Justice Minister E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin to prosecute Hon Geert Wilders for hate speech on January 20 2010

-          We urge the Government to immediately drop all charges and FREE GEERT WILDERS.

Your opinions in this matter count. Support Wilders and you support free speech in Holland and in the World.

Posted on 01/14/2010 6:23 AM by Jerry Gordon
14 Jan 2010
Send an emailmelograne

A religion who say that:

Koran 4: 89

??????? ???? ??????????? ????? ???????? ???????????? ??????? ? ????? ??????????? ???????? ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ? ????? ?????????? ??????????? ?????????????? ?????? ??????????????? ? ????? ??????????? ???????? ???????? ????? ????????

They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks;-

Is not a religion but a dangerous cult, and Geert Wilders is acting for human rights!

Please release him immediatelly!

14 Jan 2010
nikki meek

 Free this man!, he has done nothing hateful! he is doing all that is in power to guaRENTEE THE SAFETY AND CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE NETHERLANDS.  The current state of Islam is the same as the Nazi's when the netherlands and the rest of Europe was being strangled under the bootheels of the Nazi's

14 Jan 2010
Linda Pieters

 Please drop all charges against Geert Wilders.  He is not a racist but a man who wants to save his country.  

Thank you

14 Jan 2010
Send an emailSubee Martin

This is a totally absurd  charge and is going to bounce back against the Government and Embassies. What you are doing is only going to bring more respect and backing for the Hon. Geert Wilders.

Cheers to Geert !!!!!

American watch out and wake up...

14 Jan 2010
Send an emailDS

Shame on you Muslim lovers.You are attacking a man because of your screwed up religion!

God Bless the folks who can speak freely.

I think Islam is anti christ and an evil religion!

14 Jan 2010
Send an emailanon

It  appears George Orwell was correct when he wrote, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

14 Jan 2010
Send an emailartan

Please let democraci and freedom of speach triunmf and destroy once and forever this stupid religion. islam is war  not freedom. where is the freedom of speach, where is human rights freedom that you so much preach. Just because this person has different veiws does not make him racist. Let him free.   can you please add a spell checker.

14 Jan 2010
J. Collins

 To the Dutch Court:

Mr. Wilders is exercising his GOD GIVEN RIGHT to FREE SPEECH, just as the Muslims do when they spew their hatred in their mosques and throughout their publications.  The Citizens of the United States - NOT THE UNLAWFUL PRESIDENT OBAMA THAT BOWS TO OTHER LEADERS - is behind Mr. Wilders, and we shall begin a boycott of all things Dutch-related until he is free!

14 Jan 2010
Send an emailciccio

I did not think for a moment that my protest the the Dutch embassy on behalf of Gert Wilders would go anywhere but the nearest wastebasket. I did however write and ask that if going against the opinion of the government of the day and not according certain segments of the population the treatment the government wished to accord them why they chose to discriminate against some members of society and not others.I am referring to Miep Gies who died this week who should have been prosecuted for refusing to do her civic duty as demanded by the government in power at the time. That this woman should be eulogised for risking reprisals on her innocent  fellow citizens should to your government be the ultimate insult. It is of course quite understandable since you god verdomde kaaskoppe have long since forgotten why my fellow Canadians ever bothered to come to Holland in 1945.

15 Jan 2010
Send an emailArthur

I am not sure I understand what he says, is that because he is telling us the truth. I have got used to believing the lies our western governments spew at us. Geert is one of only one in Europe who tells us the truth!!! Is he mad?????????????

16 Jan 2010
Send an emailLiberty

 The world's freedoms are under assault by powers that vie for control. One of these "powers" is Islam and their intent is to undermine individual's rights and make everyone submit to them or be killed so they can rule.  Remember the NAZI's, which began with Hitler's "Greens" and the tyranny of Mao, and Stalin. That is what is happening today, in the name of Islam. 

Political correctness is in place to destroy the individual's liberty. Wake up!

19 Jan 2010
Send an emailClay Stewart

Dear Mr. Wilder,

As you know it takes great courage to stand up for your way of life, it's not the easy road. How soon we forget history... It is only in the west that these considerations are given! Many of my Christian missionary friends are kept silent about there beliefs, and forced underground. We are forced to comply with their culture when in Muslim lands. To expecting the same is not unreasonable. The people that are supporters of open borders are the people that will lose the most, as the population shifts... As voting power shifts to the Muslim majority, there will be no freedom as we know it, today. I do not want to be an alarmist, but a couple decades down the road, Shari a Law, will be the norm...  For example same sex rights will disappear. The courts in your country obviously are not set up to defend its people, and may require change. So thank you for your courage, I wish you the best in your struggle..

Clay Stewart

7 Feb 2010
Send an emailAli Mallhi

                      AN OPEN LETTER
                                      (The Holy Quran In Trial)                                   TO,
    Geert Wilders---Petitioner
According to the Islamic belief the Holy Quran is a Divine Book. It contains the words of God Almighty revealede at His last Prophet Muhammad. The verses of the Holy Quran were revealed on the happiness of particular events and its each and every vers has a connention of its own and on different and seprate background.
It is stated that that as the Holy Quran is the words of God and the Laws of God for humen-beings , no earthly power  can sit upon judgment on it and no Court of Law has jurisdiction to adjudicate it.The Holy Books like the Quran, Bible, Torah, Psalm and even Geeta and Granth Sahib ete……., or their translations cannot be the subject-matters of adjudication in any Court of law. All Holy Scriptures are immune from Judicial Secrutiny.
In accordance with the Encyclopedia Britannica at page 444 and 445, the Holy Quran is a basic text. This cannot be made justiciable in any Court of Law. The challenge of the Petitioner amounts to not only an insult to the Muslim Religion as such but against all other Religions also.
The Holy Quran is the sacred scripture of religion of Islam. It is the book in the Arabic language containing about 80,000 words. It is coposed of 114 chapters (surahs) of varying size. The first chapter, entitled “The Opening” is the form of a short devotional prayer ; it is constantly so used,ceremonially and otherwise, and by copmarativists has been called “ The Lord’s Prayer of the Muslims”. It is addressed to God. The remainder of the Holy Quran is in the form of   an address from God; He either speaking Himself, sometimes in the first person,or else through the imperative UL, “Say” which introduces many verses and passages and some surahs, ordering that the words that follow be proclaimed. The subject matter is varied; passages of one or several verses, or of an entire surah, deal in diverse ways with many topics. It speaks about Oneness and Omniscience and Supreme Majesty of God. The style at time fiery, is powerful, the general tone deeply moralist and theocentric; the whole reverberates with a passionate demand for obedience to the will of a transcendent but near and mightly active God.
In the faith of Muslims, and according to the theory propounded in the book itself, the Holy Quran is revealed word of God. This postulates God, and indeeded the kind of God who has something to say to us and who takes the initiative in saying it.Religion in this view is not a human searching after God; it is God who acts, is known because and insofar as, and only as, He chooses to disclose Himself.
In the Muslim view, God created the Universe; ordaining it’s processes and controlling them. He prescribed a pattern or order, which must obey. For man also, He obtained a pattern of behaviour, but unlike the rest of the Natural World, man was made conscious and free, to choose weather or not he will confirm to God’s decrees. There is for mankind a right way to live; these are the Holy Books that seek to make this know.
For Muslims, the Holy Quran is the ‘ ipsissima verba’ of God himself. It is God speaking to man not merely in 7th century, Arabia to Muhammad but from all eternity to every man through-out the world including the individual Muslim as he reads it or devoutly holds it. It is eternal breaking through into time, the unknowable disclosed, the transcendent entering history and remaining here, available to mortals to handle and to appropriate, the divine become apparent. To memorise it, as many Muslims have ceremonially done, and perhaps even to quote from it, as every muslim does daily in his formal prayers and otherwise, is to enter into some sorts of communion with ultimate reality.
As pointed out in Hallsbury 4th Ed. Vol 18 on “ Foreign Relations Law,” right of freedom of thought, conscience and religion includes freedom, alone or with or in community with others, and in public and private, to manifest religion or belief in worship, teaching, ptactice and observance. In my opinion, the action proposed will deprive a class of persons of their humen rights.
There is an other aspect of the matter. The sacred book of the Holy Quran has been  in existence for a number of years with it’s different interpretations and translations. Up to now no one has choosen to challenge the same.
There is no question of forfeiture or banning of the said book on the grounds of disharmony or feelings of enmity or hatred or ill-will different religions and communities. This book is not prejudicial to the maintenance of hormony between different religions, nations and states because of the Holy Quran no bublic tranquility has been disturbed up to now and there is no reason apprehend any likehood of such disturbance in future. 
Similarly, in my opinion, it may be said by that petition, the petitioner insult or attempt to insult the Religion of Islam and the religious belief of the Muslims on the Holy Book Quran.
So, I named, Ali MALLHI submit and publish this OPEN LETTER that this Hon’able Court of Amsterdam has no power trail the Holy Quran, nor jurisdiction to pronounce a Judgment on the Holy Quran, the Holy Scripture of the Muslims all over the world, each and every world of which, according to the Islamic belief, is unalterable. Court of mankind cannot sit in judgment on The Quran, The Bible, The Torah, The Pslam, The Geeta, The Granth Sahib, etc……..
E-Mail: [email protected]

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