Tuesday, 10 October 2006
Serene as can be
The Derb may be banned from discussing that other sci-fi show at The Corner, but if it is permitted here, I must say I am in complete disagreement with JD about it.

It is much better if one first watches the movie, Serenity, than the series, Firefly. The movie is superior drama and adventure, but the series fills in the details and develops the characters to a greater extent. Both, of course, are superior entertainment.

It is funny, though, that one's politics can determine how the evil Alliance may be regarded.

From my original review:

The Alliance is a group of planets which have it in mind to make everything better by imposing their brand of civilization on the rest even if they have to kill them to do it.

If you’re on the Left, you might take this as an allegory of the religious Right, President Bush and the global war on Islamo-fascism as the US seeks to democratize other nations who may not be eager to adopt Western style government.

If you’re on the Right, you cannot help but notice the Orwellian chill of the totalitarianism which enslaves even while it claims to be liberating. Everyone is made to think alike about what is best for themselves and others.

As for BSG and the whole host of TV shows Like Lost which depend on following all the goings on week after week like a soap opera to have a clue about what's going on, they lose me at "hello".

(And that means you, too, Jack Bauer.)
Posted on 10/10/2006 3:13 PM by Mark Butterworth
10 Oct 2006
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I'm no help here. I always maintain that the Borg were the good guys in Star Trek, only slightly more machine-like than Enterprise crew.