Monday, 5 April 2010
A Musical Interlude: Get 'Em In A Rumble Seat (Harry Reser and the Six Jumping Jacks, voc. Tom Stacks)

Listen here.

Posted on 04/05/2010 8:05 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
5 Apr 2010
Paul Blaskowicz

Great tune. Funny words.  Have just passed a pleasant half-hour listening to other Harry Reser songs.  "In a rumble seat the world is cosy..."

6 Apr 2010
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Poise of the Sands
Or: They Also Serve Who Stand & Wait & Hate
Or: Don't Take "Peaceful Islam" For Granite
Or: "Womb Days, Tomb Days"
Or: A Jihad Of Her Peers
Thanks for clip, Paul Blaskowicz, but, sadly, it reminds one of someone's "Thoroughly Modern Muslim" post and that many Muslim hands might make short or light work of destroying Western Civ and that though we should fear the hard-working and well-educated Muslims, we should not ignore idle hands on the dole which also serve in the Allah Devil's workshop.  The video begins with a shot of a newspaper headline about "White Slavery" which serves to remind us of the million or so Europeans kidnapped by Muslim pirates only several centuries ago (might as well as throw in those captured recently by Somali thugs to boot - as in the boot stomping on the human face since the seventh century)
To put a somewhat different spin on things:  most of our leaders are hollow men* - stuffed shirts - headpieces filled with straw -  who strive to deny the necessity of a rumble with the Muslim Rumpelstiltskin, whose true name is "Islam," not "Islamism" or "Muslim extremism" or whatnot.
"In a rumble seat the world is cosy..."
- True at one time, but we must beware the cozening eyes which peer out through the slit in a burqa (they could be the orbs of a female suicide bomber or those of someone not female at all) as well as the slim cunning hands which are poised to wreck and rock and entomb our world while they rock the cradles filled by their weaponized wombs. 
More from the previously cited "Walter de la Meerkat"*:
"Slim cunning hands at rest, and cozening eyes —
Under this stone one loved too wildly lies;
How false she was, no granite could declare;
    Nor all earth's flowers, how fair."
*  I apologize to the Gentle Reader for any annoyance caused by the over-the-top, purple, buffoonish prose above (I think I just heard Mary Jackson scream "Arrrrgghhhhh!" across the pond), but I'm am grateful for the outlet provided here for cracking myself up with such silliness on our way to likely doom.  I also regret any discomfort arising in any Gentle, Gentile or non-Gentile readers due to the invocation of the anti-Semitic TS Eliot.
- R.