Wednesday, 9 June 2010
Alleged kidnap victim of the BNP was in Homebase at the time

What? A Muslim making something up? More on this story from The Telegraph:

A Muslim community leader, Noor Ramjanally, who claimed he was kidnapped by members of the British National Party was caught out lying by covert surveillance cameras designed to protect him, a court heard.

He had told police he had feared for his life when he was kidnapped in broad daylight from his home in Loughton, Essex on August 24 last year and bundled into a car, it was claimed.

Ramjanally then claimed he was driven to nearby Epping Forest where he was threatened and warned to stop holding prayer sessions he had organised.

But he was caught out lying after detectives viewed CTTV footage from secret cameras installed to protect him after his previous claims that he was being targeted by racist opponents, prosecutors said.

The court heard that at the time of his alleged abduction he was actually “wandering around Homebase". [Homebase is a home improvements store and garden centre - M.J.]

Ramjanally, a married father of one, stood trial in his absence on Tuesday charged with one count of perverting the course of justice.

The jury were not told why he did not attend court and were warned by Judge Karen Walden-Smith not to carry out independent research.

Matthew Gowan, prosecuting, told the court that Ramjanally’s story about the alleged kidnapping was “complete bunkum".

He said that Ramjanally had made up his claims in a call to police that he had been taken by force and later threatened to stop holding Muslim prayer groups.

The court was told that he was one of a group of people who had formed the Islamic community groups, which had allegedly created a "background of tension" that he blamed the BNP for whipping up.

After he had founded the groups several months earlier, he reported a number of incidents to police including a "malicious letter, abuse in the street and a firebomb attack on the front door of his flat.

Mr Gowan said after being released without harm Ramjanally told the media that he believed the far right British National party were responsible for his kidnap."The prosecution case is that at the time of this abduction was said to have taken place Mr Ramjanally can be shown to be somewhere else.”

He added: “Nothing particular was happening. There is footage of him leaving his flat on his own, going down the stairs on his own and he takes a taxi to Homebase."

Mr Gowan said that after trawling the CCTV footage, police discovered Ramjanally had walked to the spot on the edge of the forest, where he claimed he was taken by the BNP, where he was seen dialling 999.

The jury were also shown footage from two hidden cameras at his home before he made the call that showed Ramjanally "The prosecution case is that at the time of this abduction was said to have taken place Mr Ramjanally can be shown to be somewhere else.”

He added: “Nothing particular was happening. There is footage of him leaving his flat on his own, going down the stairs on his own and he takes a taxi to Homebase."

After his arrest Ramjanally told police in a statement that he had got a taxi to Homebase and had walked home before being abducted. But Mr Gowan said that timing did not fit in with the evidence.

Ramjanally denied the charge at an earlier hearing.


Posted on 06/09/2010 6:56 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
9 Jun 2010
Hugh Fitzgerald

What is this  "Homebase"? 

9 Jun 2010
Send an emailMary Jackson

It's a home improvements store and garden centre, whose slogan is "Make a House a Home". It has a sister company Argos, which also flummoxed Americans a long time ago on JW.

9 Jun 2010
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Birds Of A Feather
Or: Abusing Nabokov
Or: "Queen" Noor Is A Lying Whore
"Help," said the starling, "I can't get out," after he did so ram jay anally. Methinks he should ram Ada in the Enchanted Hunters Hotel.
- Vivian Darkwing
That sounds like something from "Bruno" - one of the abuses of enchantment.
- Ungeziefer Beetleheimer
Birds of a feather and the steel-and-leather guys abused the screaming field mouse. I had a field day abusing Nabokov's sad narcissism via Freud and schaden.
- Andrew Field
Birds of a feather get kinky in Corinthian leather. -Corinthian, Ionian, Doric and....
- Ricardo Montalban
Don't touch that channel!  And, channeling Cynthia Vane: "I remarked for the first time the humble fluting - last echoes of grooves on the shafts of columns - ornamenting a garbage can, and I also saw the rippling upon its lid - circles diverging from a fantastically ancient center. Erect, dark-headed shapes of dead snow (left by the blades of a bulldozer last Friday)were lined up like rudimentary penguins along the curbs, above the brilliant vibrations of live gutters"
- Top Cat
Top Cat, get your mind out of the gutter, and Vlad, though "you're the only perfect ten I see," stop abusing my "rudimentary" wings.
- Tennessee Tuxedo

9 Jun 2010
Paul Blaskowicz

react::  v. funny.  Top Cat. was called Boss Cat by the BBC originally, because the best selling cat food in the UK  was called Top Cat.  He's called Kot Tip Top in Polish.

9 Jun 2010

"Ramjanally ... stood trial in his absence ... The jury were not told why he did not attend court and were warned by Judge Karen Walden-Smith not to carry out independent research."

Uh, am I missing something?  Why didn't Ramjanally attend court?  I'm not on the jury, you can tell me.

10 Jun 2010
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As Alien As April In Andromeda
[Many Thanks to PB for the info and kind words. I might get around to posting something of a follow up  - with more than the usual heaping of self-indulgent blather] 
" 'Queen' Noor Is A Lying Whore"?  Hey, except for "Noor" rather than "fake dog spoor," I deeply resemble that remark.
By The River Jordan,
Tawana "Queen of Toxic Torts" Brawley
Artemis' post raises more questions than it answers(sorry about the cliche). Is the jury still out or is it hung?  Just where the Sam Hill is it? (What's with the British singular mangling of the plural?)  Somewhere in this England, this Homebase's sequestered aisle?  Because of limitations of time and money and because as an American, I would be something of an alien* in Britain, I have decided to do neither independent research nor Ramjanally probe.
(If my memory self-serves, "Benjamin Butley" said something to "Joey" like, "Well, am I probing or am I prying?" And the Marine Corps might have had this to say about gun control: "This is my rifle. This is my gun. One is for killing; the other for fun. And they can make me give up self-abuse when they pry off my cold, dead fingers.")
This might not be the best time for it, but I have long had a probing question - or at least a long unplucked, low-hanging fruit - for the Groaning Reader.  While Mr. Ramjanally is not described as a "lone wolf," this term, so often used to deny the unity which exists within the umma, brings to mind this old post by Artemis:

"This weekend, I came across the story of Kenton Joel Carnegie.  He is a Canadian who was killed in 2005 in Saskatchewan.  According to the RCMP, he was the victim of a wolf attack.  According to wolf preservationists, the peaceful wolves were the innocent victims of prejudice and false accusations.

A few days before Carnegie's demise, two of his co-workers were followed by two aggressive wolves who were unafraid of the men, and were obviously stalking them..." 

Artemis goes on to note a debate as to whether Mr. Carnegie was mutilated by Boers - oops - I was thinking of the claim made by Lt. Harry "Breaker" Morant (yes, played by Edward Woodward, the man with "three wooden 'eads" ht to MJ) that the body of his commanding officer was "mutilated with knives"  - I mean bears, or by wolves. 

While Artemis observes that, "Interpreting their behavior through the anthropomorphic lens of our own human values is misleading and unhelpful,"  it's difficult not to think of the "stalking" of two of Carnegie's coworkers as something akin to the "dry runs" and other preparations (see flight school attendance with scant attention paid to landings) and probings for weaknesses by Muslim terrorists.

Sooooo....using an old punchline, Gentle Joker, how might those wolves have gotten to Carnegie?  Think not of the Halls of Montezuma, the Quantum Hall Effect, Monty Hall paradoxically getting Carnegie's goat, nor of Dale Carnegie and the wolves' positive power of slinking.

Answers, please, on a postcard addressed to: 881 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019-3293

(If it helps, try to think of posting the answer desired as a way of nudging me to cough up a long overdue measly contribution to NER)

*  A long time ago (and a long time before the Men In Black movies) I sometimes took a public bus in Minneapolis, sometimes seeing a notice among the advertisements stating that by such and such date "all aliens must register..."


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