Sunday, 4 July 2010
Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project uncovers radical agenda of ICM Board Member, Mosaad Rawash
ICM Board Member Mosaad Rawash
Muslim American Society Summer Camp
Marlboro, Tennessee, August 2006
Lou Ann Zelenik, GOP candidate for the Tennessee 6th CD race will be on Fox & Friends on Monday, July 5th during the 7:00AM segment discussing her opposition to the Islamic Center of Mufreesboro expansion project.
Noted counterterrorism investigator Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project (IPT) sent this fascinating bit of sleuthing via the internet that illustrates the“ the radical agenda of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (ICM)”  that Lou Ann Zelenik, GOP Congressional candidate in the Tennessee  6th CD, conveyed  in  Friday's FoxNews report that we posted.  The information that Emerson and his team at the IPT uncovered concerns ICM board member Mosaad Rawash. Note Rawash's MySpace page and espousal of violence against Israel on behalf of Palestinian Terror Group Hamas and his attendance at a Muslim American Society summer camp in 2006.
Another radical connection we have found for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro comes from the MySpace page of one of the board members, Mosaad Rawash.  Rawash is listed simply as a member of the organization, without official title (
-          Rawash’s MySpace page ( contains a pledge for members to support violent jihad and martyrdom of Palestinians fighting the Israelis.
-          It also contains lines from a radical poem stating that those who stand up for their defense in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq are called terrorists.
-          Rawash also links to several personal pictures on his MySpace page, which are largely irrelevant. However, one of the pictures identifies Rawash as being present as a MAS (Muslim American Society) summer camp in 2006. See slide show, here.
-His page also has a picture honoring Hamas leaders Ahmed Yassin,  a founder of Hamas, and a co-founder  Abdul Aziz al-Rantissi over a crowd of armed Hamas militants.
Both  Sheik Yassin and Dr. Rantissi were assassinated in separate IDF helicopter attacks in April, 2004.
Hamas Leaders Dr. Rantisi and Sheik Yassin 
Jerusalem is Ours!
A document devoted to our right to Jerusalem
I, the undersigned
Nationality                                  Residing in
Starting from our natural right to Jerusalem and to all of Palestine, and desiring to restore the role of this city which includes the most important holy places of Islam and Christianity.
I swear by God Exalted
That I shall remain faithful to the blood of the Martyrs devoted completely to the historical right, rejecting all types of concessions no matter how strong the pressures or great the sacrifices, pledging to God Almighty  to help the Palestinian people in their steadfastness and Jihad until they realize the promise of God.  And God will not fail His promise. 
To it I sign
 and when a nation stands up to defend
itself they are labeled and called TERRORISTS.. maybe I’d rather be called as such..
than die with shame…
long live Palestine… Lebanon… Iraq…        
they expect them to say: Oh thanks for killing my family and knocking down my house, i.m sure
Posted on 07/04/2010 3:38 PM by Jerry Gordon
2 Sep 2010
Concerned Arabic speaker

The picture of the Arabic "poem" you posted does not in fact translate to what you posted underneath. The picture of the document that does translate to the posting is available on IPT's site. The way you have it now is misleading.

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