Friday, 23 July 2010
Muslim students 'banned from London bus for wearing a veil?

A burka ban would meet with almost universal approval if the comments here are any guide. From the London Evening Standard

An investigation has been launched after two students said they were banned from boarding a London bus because one was wearing a Muslim veil that covered her face.

The 22-year-old women said they were told by the driver they were a “threat” and were ordered from the Number 7 after trying to get on at Bloomsbury.

One of the students, Yasmin, was wearing a hijab and her face was uncovered. Her friend Atoofa was wearing a niqab, which covers the face.

Yasmin said the pair had mistakenly boarded the bus before it was ready to depart. She told the BBC: “About 10 minutes later ... the passengers started getting on."When I went forward to show my ticket he said, Get off the bus. I am not going to take you on the bus because you two are a threat.' I realised it wasn't due to me getting on the bus, this may be a racist attack.”

The students, from Slough, asked the driver for his name. When he refused, Yasmin began to film him on a mobile phone. She said he covered his face with a magazine. “I said, It's OK for you to cover your face on my recording but it's not OK for my friend to cover her face out of choice?'” said Yasmin. “There was no point arguing with him, we got off and by then my anger turned into emotion. I stood there and my gut reaction was to cry.”

The students, who asked for their full names not to be revealed, made a formal complaint to Metroline, which operated the Paddington-bound service for Transport for London.

At time of posting there are 49 comments - a couple want the story confirmed independently, only a handful think the driver was wrong.

 * It's akin to outdoor advertising 'look at me, I have no intention of intergrating or accepting western vaules'.  If the rule applies that any persons face covered by a crash helmet, balaklava, must remove it in a bank or on public transport, then it applies to these woman as well.

* How could it have been a racist attack when he couldn't even see who was under the veil, male or female? And besides being a Muslim is a religious preference, not a race of people. So, let's stop this bs.

* I wholeheartedly support the idea that in the interests of security no-one should be allowed on public transport if they choose to hide their face from public view and from the cameras that monitor passengers. This is not a racist incident but common sense on the part of the bus driver. It makes me angry that people make this a racist/political issue when it has nothing to do with either. Furthermore, I would similarly expect a muslim bus driver to deny access to anyone who refused to disclose their face to the CCTV system before being allowed on board.

* Those who come into the UK and are not prepared to observe English customs and live as a UK citizen shouldn't be here.
Interesting these two women wouldn't give their names? Maybe I am just being cynical but could this have been a put up job??

* Good on the bus driver, it was only 5 years ago our buses were blown to pieces by Islamic terrorists, and as I recall, didn't one escape through Heathrow wearing this garb?

* 100% agree with the bus driver. Hopefully the company and union will support him.

* The Muslim Council of Britain said it was “deeply concerned”. A spokesman said: “Such incidents are sadly becoming more common.”  Of course they are concerned. As a Political Pressure Group their role is to push Islam into our society in every way possible. The veil, burka, niqab, hijab and all the outward manifestations are an attempt to Islamicise this country and undermine everything non-Islamic. For once the bus driver had the right idea. Hopefully the company and union will support him.

Posted on 07/23/2010 10:27 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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