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Israel And Western Europe Are In The Same Boat

The "despair" among some -- by no means all, or even a great many -- Israelis, described by Walter Reich here, is curious. Is it not better, is it not a sign of mental health, to at long last recognize the real nature of the enemy? And will not Israelis, coming to their senses about the nature of the war, the Jihad, being waged against them, by both the Fast Jihadists  of Hamas in Gaza and the Slow Jihadists of Fatah in "the West Bank" (with Muslim Arabs outside taking one or the other position), that is in recognizing that further concessions -- any further concessions, but above all territorial concessions that that cannot easily be taken back -- merely whet, and do not sate, Arab and Muslim appetites, be replacing the peace-processing pieties and disconnected hopes-and-dreams Rose-Garden-photo ops for something that, by being coldly realistic, offers a far better guide to policy than innocence of reality? 

And help is on the way.  What is that help? It is the help of those who, all over the Western world, even if they have no particular sympathy or understeanding of Israel's history, Israel's moral, legal, and historic claim, even if they do not know - as one must know to be able to speak intellighently about anything to do with Israel, the actual (not made-up, by those who blandly think that history is for fuddy-duddies and does not matter, or does not matter much) -- the demogrpahic and cadastral (land-ownership) history of the two former Ottoman vilayets, with a separate Sanjak for Jerusalem, that then were assigned to constitute the territory that would become the Jewish National Home, but before that would be, for a while, Mandatory Palestine.

It is better for Israelis to come to their senses. And it is better for other Infidels to be forced, by the behavior of Muslims world-wide, including those living in their midst, to come to their senses at the same time. And it is better for Infidels to recognize that they all are on the same side, or should be, because they face the same threats, the same permanent imperilments.

Here is what I wrote at Dhimmi Watch, on April 12, 2008. It does not date, it is more timely now than then, and thus I am re=posting it here: 

Fitzgerald: Israel and Western Europe are in the same boat

The Netherlands and Denmark provide funding to a Palestinian news agency that glorifies terrorists, uses biased language and promotes hatred for Israel, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook of Palestinian Media Watch allege in a report obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post ahead of its official release on Friday. […]

"We find it surprising and unfortunate that the governments of the Netherlands and Denmark continue to fund this hate journalism without demanding a change," Marcus and Crook wrote. "Hate incitement, including denial of Israel's existence and glorifying terror, is universally accepted as a paramount cause of continued Palestinian terror. These governments, together with governments who have blindly funded Palestinian schoolbooks, bear direct moral responsibility for the continued hatred that is being ingrained into future Palestinian generations, and bear a moral responsibility for the terror and its victims." -- from this news article

There is a direct connection between the fate of Israel and the fate of Western Europe. If Israel is forced back, and the Arabs sense that they can finally eliminate the humiliating -- to them, as Muslims -- fact of an Infidel nation-state in the heart of the Dar al-Islam, Muslim triumphalism will be fantastic.

And this will not sate, as some so devoutly and naively think, Arab Muslim appetites. Rather, it will do exactly the opposite. It will whet them for further triumphs, further conquests.

Those states, those NGOS, those individuals, in Western Europe include newspapers, radio, and television whose reporters and editorialists on the Middle East have steadily misrepresented the Lesser Jihad against Israel as a "nationalist" struggle, and have accepted, even parroted, every twist and turn of "Palestinian" and other Arab propaganda. In many ways those who have in the Middle East gone native often monopolize those newspapers, radio stations, and television channels on Middle Eastern matters.

They have seen only that, in the immediate area of Israel, it is the "Palestinians" who seem to be the weaker party, and the Israelis who seem to be more powerful. But this is an optical illusion, for if the camera pulls back, one sees the vast Arab lands, the vast Arab wealth, the vast Arab effort. And if one pulls the camera back still further, one sees the even larger Muslim world that does the Arab bidding, with countries just as viciously anti-Israel as are the Arabs -- unless the regime in power is secular, as was the Shah of Iran, or the Kemalists in Turkey, where Muslim solidarity frays.

And those Western reporters -- including those in such countries as the Netherlands and Denmark -- have blackened Israel's name in a thousand ways, little and big, as Israel merely tries, and with amazing, unimaginable scrupulosity, to limit its responses. What country, being made war on, supplies electricity and gas to its mortal enemies, as Israel does? Israel also gives all kinds of goods and services, and even offers free and advanced medical care to thousands upon thousands of "Palestinians" who come from Gaza and the "West Bank" to Israeli hospitals. After that, having received care equal to that given to Israelis, and even having had their lives saved, those “Palestinians” return to, or never drop, their fanatical hatred of those who have given them, unstintingly, that medical care.

Those in Denmark and in the Netherlands who fear for the future of their own countries, and who recognize the meaning, and menace, of Islam as a Total Belief-System, and therefore the threat of a rising Muslim population, should not think -- and many in that vanguard do not think -- that throwing Israel to the wolves, that helping its Arab and Muslim enemies, that overlooking the intent of those enemies and excusing their murder and mayhem, now and in the future, will buy Western Europe time, or somehow make it safer. It won't.

Israel, and all Infidel lands, but especially, at the moment, the states of Western Europe, are in the same boat. Or rather, in the same ships, in the same besieged fleet. And the passengers on all those ships suffer from the same fact -- that none of the captains, and few of those on the crews, that is, the people in charge of making sure that the ships and its passengers are safe, at this point inspire confidence. Some among the passengers -- see the manifest, and you will recognize their names -- may need to stage a kind of mutiny, and seize control, before it is too late.

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