Tuesday, 10 August 2010
Islamic Center of Murfreesboro Clears Own Board Member Rawash of Hamas Connections?

The Murfreesboro Daily News Journal published what purports to be news, that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro ‘cleared’ member Mosaad Rawash of any support for terrorist group, Hamas. Huh! This is after the disclosures made by investigator Steve Emerson about the contents of Rawash’s My Space page that lead to allegations by GOP Congressional candidate Lou Ann Zelenik during her recent losing primary campaign. Here is what the DNJ incredibly reported:

Mosaad Rowash will be returned to the center’s board after he was suspended in response to allegations by Republican congressional candidate Lou Ann Zelenik, who accused him of being a supporter of Hamas and “violent Jihad and martyrdom of Palestinians fighting against Israel.”

“We have contacted the appropriate law enforcement authorities and offered our full cooperation,” the Islamic Center’s statement says. “After a careful evaluation, it has been determined that Mr. Rowash did not violate any local, state, or federal laws by the postings on his MySpace account.

“Therefore, it has been deemed that these allegations are untrue and misleading.”

Rowash, one of four Islamic Center board members, did post a picture of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin on his MySpace page several years ago, said Saleh Sbenaty, a member of the Islamic Center and MTSU engineering professor. At that point, Hamas was not listed as a terrorist organization and was not in conflict with Israel, he said.

Sbenaty said law enforcement agencies that investigated the site did not find anything in support of Hamas or any other organization. The picture of Yassin did not have a link to any other sites, and the Arabic did not translate well into English, he said.

How can the ICM clear a board member when it has a conflict of interest? The ICM board should have recused itself and waited until the Rutherford Sheriff’s office had concluded its independent investigations. The ICM board has no independence of mind, as it is compelled to protect a brother member of the ummah under suspicion.  In accordance with Sharia, the ICM leaders are authorized to engage in religiously sanctioned dissimilitude or taqiyya in Arabic, to fool the infidel, when living in Dar al Hijrah, the realm of immigration. 

A source informed us that when the DNJ reporter who broke the ICM ‘clearance’ story was questioned, the reporter indicated that they simply relied on the ICM news release. When pressed on why they didn’t check with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s office, the reporter indicated that ‘they’ knew what the Sheriff’s response might be.  We have been informed that the Sheriff’s office is still investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, we noticed that Rawash’s MySpace page has been scrubbed clean of the incriminating evidence on his support for Hamas that Emerson had uncovered. Moreover, the You Tube video of the January 2009 protest organized by ICM leaders in support of Hamas against the War in Gaza has been taken down. We understand that knowledgeable counterterrorism experts consider the greater Nashville area to be the third most active area for the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

This is an appalling lapse in journalistic professional standards by the DNJ and its editors.  It is no wonder that Americans find Gannett publications like the DNJ, Tennesseean and national paper, USA Today, suitable only for wrapping fish.

Meanwhile courageous independent local papers like The Rutherford Reader seeking to inform, as well as advertise products and services of local merchants and vendors publish critical information that the local community finds of value.  Something Orwellian is going on in Middle Tennessee.  The Tennessean and the Daily News Journal are simply not upholding journalistic standards when they convey news releases instead of investigating the story and confirming the facts. One wonders how the DNJ will report the proceedings upcoming County Commission meeting on Thursday, August 12th.  As the line goes in the antic comic film, Ghostbusters:  ‘who are ya gonna trust?”


Posted on 08/10/2010 8:43 PM by Jerry Gordon
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