Monday, 30 August 2010
Channel 4 Dispatches - Britain's Secret Slaves

Tonight, at 7.30 is a documentary Britain's Secret Slaves. From the Channel 4 Website:

Over 15,000 domestic workers leave their families to come to Britain every year. Charities claim that many are not only badly treated but that they are living as slaves.

This report investigates the plight of overseas domestic workers brought to the UK, and enslaved behind closed doors by rich and powerful employers in the upper levels of British society.

Dispatches goes undercover as some of the employers accused of modern-day slavery are confronted on camera about how they have treated their workers.

Many workers make the sacrifice to leave their country for the UK in order to better provide for their families back home. But lobby groups and charities communicate that a worrying proportion of domestic workers have their passports taken away from them, are kept locked up and subjected to sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

Many are paid less than ?50 a week for 20 hour days and some wages are withheld completely.

This is followed, also on Channel 4, by a drama, I Am Slave, inspired by the true story of a woman called Mende Nazer, who was taken from her home in the Nuba mountains of Sudan to be a slave, first in Khartoum, then London, before managing to escape.

If neither the documentary, nor the drama, mention Islam, it will be a deliberate distortion of the truth. In London it is mainly rich Arabs who have slaves, just as they do in Saudi Arabia, and with full Islamic sanction. In particular, Arabs have enslaved Christians and black Muslims in Sudan.

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Posted on 08/30/2010 12:22 PM by Mary Jackson
30 Aug 2010
Alan R

And BBC's predilection for us of word 'Asian' instead of 'Muslim' is noticeable here too, in trailer for show on radio tomorrow: