Saturday, 28 October 2006
Same Sex Attraction? Think again.
Fascinating article on homosexuality at MercatorNet with a psychiatrist who specializes in the field. He points to simple things like the lack of eye-hand coordination in young boys as a precursor to adolescent same sex attraction and about the effeminate little boy:

“there is the issue of gender identity disorder in children. I'm referring, mainly, to little boys who act feminine. In our practice we find that when fathers get very involved in the lives of these boys, teaching them how to kick a soccer ball at an early age -- 4 or 5 -- these children over the course of a year or two can change remarkably. They begin to feel comfortable with their masculinity, confident to fit in with other boys, and in many cases their effeminate mannerisms resolve.”

He doesn’t answer the situation of many male soldiers and athletes who are homosexual, though, but the interview is quite brief, and the fact is that we may not be able to account for every instance of homosexuality.

But he does point out how fluid sexual identity in adolescence can be.

Yes, there is a fair amount of research showing that same-sex attraction (SSA) is not something that is locked in at a certain stage, but it can be fluid and actually change over the course of a person's life. But young people are being told by educators, the media and health professionals that SSA is genetic so they will be that way for the rest of their lives. In fact, there is no proof that it's genetic. If it were, then all identical twins should be completely concordant for homosexuality, and no study has shown more than 50 per cent concordance.

The thing that troubles me greatly is that in asking young people to embrace a particular identity at an early age they're denying that child the right to self-knowledge. It's easier to think, "Oh, I have same sex attractions," rather than, "I was deeply lonely for a male friend when I was growing up," or, "I was too afraid to trust men, to trust my father."
Another issue is the danger of entering a relationship where you use another human being as a sexual object. A totally utilitarian sexual philosophy permeates the homosexual lifestyle, as evidenced by numerous studies which document a high level of promiscuity, and it can be very traumatic for a young person to be repeatedly used by another human being. Ultimately this trauma can lead to severe depressive illness and even suicidal ideation.
Posted on 10/28/2006 2:30 PM by Mark Butterworth
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