Thursday, 30 September 2010
The Murfreesboro Mosque Conflict Chronicles
by Jerry Gordon (October 2010)

In two earlier NER articles, A Mosque in Murfreesboro Begets Intimidation (June 2010) and Mega Mosque Conflicts in America (August 2010) we introduced the elements of conflicts involving Middle Tennessee mega-Mosque projects. The conflicts are with local communities in Brentwood, Antioch and, most prominently, Murfreesboro. A FoxNews report in August, Plans to Build Massive Islamic Centers Raise Concerns in Tennessee identified why this area and the conflict emerged. It was a product of liberal immigration Gateway Cities policies adopted in the wake of the first Gulf War and Somalia conflicts during the Clinton Administration. That liberal humanitarian immigration policy for refugees contributed significantly to the current mosque conflicts. more>>>
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4 Oct 2010
Mike Dugan

Thank you Jerry for your informative and comprehensive coverage of this delicate and potentially volatile issue.  In a country founded on ,among other things, freedom of the press, coverage of most issues is pretty one-sided--to the far left. Your reporting gives an unbiased, honest perspective on this critical issue facing members of the Murfreesboro community, and Americans in general.  Keep up the great work! 

21 Aug 2012
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I applaud those who are against this mosque for many reasons. I have read several articles about this mosque and potential problems and the one thing I've not seen mentioned in connection with this mosque are any discussions about the violence towards Christians in Deerborn, Michigan, where there is another mosque. The type of violence in Deeborn can and may happen in the area of any mosque in the U.S. I am putting the web address of the youtube video below so people can see what is happening there with the muslims in Deerborn:    Please watch this video as I believe anyone who lives near a mosque should know what is happening in Deerborn.

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