Sunday, 31 October 2010
Peculiar Bias: How The Tennessean Became a Fellow Traveler with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood
by Rebecca Bynum (November 2010)

On Sunday, October 24, 2010, The Tennessean launched an attack on the anti-jihad movement in America in a multi-part series entitled, "The Price of Fear" in which religion editor Bob Smietana alleged that those working against the unrestricted Islamization of the Western world are doing it for the money and specifically that Steven Emerson, a man of impeccable journalistic integrity, working in the extremely dangerous field of terror investigation for over 25 years, is raking in millions for himself. In fact, Emerson is simply shielding his employees by structuring his organization the way he does. Though this fact was explained to Smietana by numerous people several times prior to publication, Smietana nevertheless launched his reckless and irresponsible series with full editorial approval from The Tennessean, under the title, "Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear."  more>>>

Posted on 10/31/2010 2:21 PM by NER
23 Nov 2010
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 Whoa! In what way is Christianity Today

7 Mar 2011
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"And the truth shall set you free."  Except Bob Smientana choses not to be free.

12 Jul 2011
Diane Torchia

I am impressed, after reading Rebecca Bynum's article, with the depth and precision of the facts in her article about the Religion Editor for the Tennessean, Bob Smietana.  Her article is relentless in publishing the facts of this man's background and twist of mind, which actually promotes distortion about Islam and it's devotees.  If a small percentage of Muslims support  violent jihad, why are almost all of the conflicts and wars in the world, with Islam at the core?  

Mr. Smietana is a clear apologist for Islam and Sharia.  All you have to do to understand Sharia and Islam is to read the Qu'ran and apply the term ABBROGATION to many of it's passages that are left in the Qu'ran, but are effectively neutered.  You have to know that the passages in the Qu'ran are not numerically linear as to when they were written and therefore many are left as a form of Taquiyya or deception.  Smietana is strangely ignorant or has been propagandized to ignore reality and the facts.

Our basic Christian faith requires that we illuminate all the dark corners of evil and replace them with the light of truth.  It is hard to believe that this man professes to be a keeper of truth, representing Christian belief.

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