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Tuesday, 9 November 2010
Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy

By Brian Hutt for Christian Today:

A mother of two has become the first Christian woman in Pakistan to be sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Asia Bibi, a field labourer in her thirties, was handed the sentence by a court of sessions in Punjab province on Sunday evening.

She was found guilty of committing blasphemy against her fellow farm workers in the village of Ittanwali during a heated discussion about religion in June last year.

Some of the women workers had reportedly been pressuring Bibi to renounce her Christian faith and accept Islam. During the discussion, Bibi responded by speaking of how Jesus had died on the cross for the sins of mankind and asking the Muslim women what Muhammad had done for them.

The Muslim women took offence and began to beat Bibi and she was locked in a room by some men. According to partners of Release International, a mob reportedly formed and "violently abused" her and her children.

The Pakistani police eventually came and "rescued" her by putting her in prison, and the Pakistani judicial system has now sentenced her to death.  Note that the mob of Muslims who kidnapped her, held her against her will, and beat her and her children were not sentenced to any punishment whatsoever.


Another Christian woman, Martha Bibi - no relation to Asia Bibi - is on trial in Lahore for blasphemy. She was accused of committing blasphemy after a dispute with builders in Kasur who reportedly refused to return equipment belonging to her.

Mr Dipper said Pakistan's blasphemy laws were "wide open to abuse" and that Christians and other minorities were often accused of committing blasphemy by Muslims as a "vengeful way of settling scores".

Sometimes blasphemy laws are used to settle personal scores.  But let's not forget that sometimes blasphemy laws are used to punish blasphemers, which is defined as critics of Islam.  The problem isn't that the blasphemy laws are misused, it is that they exist at all.

Posted on 11/09/2010 2:51 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
9 Nov 2010

Is there any way of saving her, her family?  What is the use of being silently outraged and appalled?  Where is that 'vast majority of moderate muslims' we are always hearing about, can't they stop this?  They must surely want to.  Surely.   Why don't Obama, Cameron and the EU threaten to cut off aid?  Why doesn't the Archbishop of Canterbury (or the Pope, or Bob Geldof)  tell our politicians that that's what they should do?  Is is all too complicated or too banal?

9 Nov 2010
Send an emailJOhn P.

Pkaistan, our ally in the war on terror.

9 Nov 2010

Imda, here is a link to Release International's petition that you can download and sign on behalf of Asia Bibi.? If you are in the UK, you can then send it to the High Commissioner for Pakistan in London, if you?believe that the High Commissioner for Pakistan in London will be swayed by a petition.

You can also donate to Release International, so that they can advocate for imprisoned Christians around the world.

You can write to your local and/or national representatives to ask them to take action to save Ms. Bibi.? The U.S. government has plenty of leverage with the Pakistanis, given our foreign aid, in matters like this.

You can pray for the safety of Ms. Bibi.

What I?would most like to do is to inform the kuffar that this is Islam. ?This is how Muslims treat non-Muslims. ?They (the Pakistanis who beat her, imprisoned her, and demanded her execution)?are not acting out of ignorance of Islamic teachings, they?have spent their lives studying and following the teachings of the holy, holy Qur'an.? This is what Islam is. This is how devout, mainstream Muslims treat non-Muslims.

Most of all this is what I want the kuffar to understand.? I?want the kuffar to understand Islam, so that we can begin to act in a rational way towards it. ?That would lead to increased immigration quotas for non-Muslims fleeing persecution in Muslim lands, decreased (as in zero) immigration quotas for Muslims. ?It would lead to an ending of financial aid that props up Muslim theocracies masquerading as democracies or royal kingdoms. ?It would lead to us take extremely harsh retribution against any Muslim nation that harms its non-Muslim citizens.

I?have no way of forseeing the future, but in the end, I?believe that Ms. Bibi will not be executed for blasphemy.? She likely will spend years, possibly decades, in prison, where she may?face unspeakable torture by her Muslim?jailors.? She may be forcibly extradited to a non-Muslim nation. ?But I?believe she will not be executed.??And in return for this act of "generosity" and "tolerance", Pakistan will extract from the U.S. whatever is on its current wish list: money, weaponry, nuclear technological assistance, an end to the investigation into the ISI's involvement in the?Mumbai attacks, diplomatic chits, and so on.

I?hope that we can save Ms. Bibi. ?But there are many more lives at stake than simply one Christian in Pakistan.

9 Nov 2010

An urgent letter-writing campaign to the Indian Embassy, the Governmnt, the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and President Obama is called for.

9 Nov 2010

I don't wish to be cavalier about this woman's life, which truly hangs in the balance.  Letter writing could actually increase public knowledge and public outrage over her treatment, and this could actually lead to her release.  If it saves a life, her life, it's worth it.

But my focus remains on the bigger picture: the teachings of Islam, and the eternal war that Muslims have waged and are waging against non-Muslims.

Self-preservation begins at home.

9 Nov 2010

 "Is there any way of saving her, her family?  What is the use of being silently outraged and appalled?  Where is that 'vast majority of moderate muslims' we are always hearing about, can't they stop this?  They must surely want to.  Surely.   Why don't Obama, Cameron and the EU threaten to cut off aid?  Why doesn't the Archbishop of Canterbury (or the Pope, or Bob Geldof)  tell our politicians that that's what they should do?  Is is all too complicated or too banal?"

One is not expiated at all by castigating muslims or any non-western others.  The privilege-burdened Westerner is expiated by defending "others" against perceived "bad" Westerners.  Why do you suggest Bob Geldof et al invest in an action that will yield no expiation? 

17 Nov 2010

While christians are beaten up and sentenced to death in Pakista, Iran and other islamic countries our politicians keep on saying that islam is a peacefull religion. And moslim-lover nr.1 (Obama) even tells us that we have to do more our best to understand the muslims.

This is a crazy world.

19 Nov 2010

I cannot believe this....Where is The Chief Justice of Pakistan???Where is the Judiciary???Where are the so-called moderate Muslims.???

I also live in Pakistan.I was born here.That's why i know how stupid muslims can be...Also because i am/was one too.

I am 15,and even i know how cruel and selfish this is...

And the worst part is that the support for the Taliban and terrorists is GROWING in this region...

Even i feel terrified to tell my dad that i don't want to be muslim anymore..After seeing how they treat each other...

Children here are being tortured and abused,like i am not on the liberty to select my own religion...

And guess what guys, the month of Moharram is coming..

When thousands of small,innocent children will either be forced or brainwashed to perform MATAM, that is ,they beat themselves with harmful substances.From sticks,to KNIVES...Go and Google the term MATAM and also search CHILDREN PERFORMING MATAM..

And even sunni boys(like myself) are brainwashed to perform JIHAD(the nootorious) when time is near...

Thanx for the petition guys, i've singed it..


19 Nov 2010

For those wishing to help in some small way, go to "Voice of the Martyrs" on the Internet.  They provide info on how you can send letters of encouragement to the prisoners as well as pleas for justice to officials wherever the prisoner is held. 

VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) does incredible work worldwide on behalf of those imprisoned for their faith.

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