Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Good Night, Vienna

Things aren't looking good for Austria at the moment. What with Elisabeth Fritzl, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf , the man fined for offending Muslims with his yodelling and what Obama calls the "Austrian" language, they may as well call it a day. Over three centuries ago, one man nearly did. He may have been drunk, but he was the full Schilling. From Wikipedia:

"Oh du lieber Augustin" is a Viennesefolk song, composed by Marx Augustin in 1679. In 1679, the bubonic plague became epidemic in Vienna (see Great Plague of Vienna). Lieber Augustin was a popular street musician, who, according to legend, fell into a pit filled with bodies of plague victims, late at night when he was drunk. Assuming that he was certain to catch the disease they left him for dead. Augustin did not contract the disease, which may have been owed to the influence of the alcohol. The story lives on in the song Oh du lieber Augustin. The tune is nearly identical to the tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie?, as they share the same notes, but the only difference is that it is longer and more melancholy than that song:

O, du lieber Augustin, Augustin, Augustin,
O, du lieber Augustin, alles ist hin.
Geld ist weg, M?d?l ist weg,
Alles hin, Augustin.
O, du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist hin.
Rock ist weg, Stock ist weg,
Augustin liegt im Dreck,
O, du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist hin.
Und selbst das reiche Wien,
Hin ist's wie Augustin;
Weint mit mir im gleichen Sinn,
Alles ist hin!
Jeder Tag war ein Fest,
Und was jetzt? Pest, die Pest!
Nur ein gro?' Leichenfest,
Das ist der Rest.
Augustin, Augustin,
Leg' nur ins Grab dich hin!
O, du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist hin!

Text and melody: Marx Augustin (1679)
Translation here
Here's the tune, played by someone who could be a Gumby from Monty Python:

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