Tuesday, 7 December 2010
Recommended For Christmas: The Oxford Book Of Parodies

On one shelf in my favorite bookcase I keep my collection of parody anthologies. 

 "Apes and Parrots" by J. C. Squires.

"A Parody Anthology" by Carolyn Wells.

"A Christmas Garland" by Max Beerbohm.

"A la  mani?re de...." by Paul Reboux (1950) and an earlier  "A la mani?re de..." (by Reboux and Charles Muller), 1913.

"Koz'ma Prutkov: Direktor Probirnoj Palatki" (a study of Russian parody) by P. N. Berkov

"Parnas Dybom" edited by Cyril Jauksch-Orlovsky.

"Parodies" edited by Dwight Macdonald (with Macdonald's inscription to a previous owner), the anthology that contains  the dying words of Dutch Schultz, as an inadvertent parody of someone -- Gertrude Stein, perhaps.

and the devastating parody of Eliot, "The Sweeniad" by "Myra Buttle."

To this bookshelf I will add, this Christmas, "The Oxford Book of Parodies," put together by John Gross, and given an enthusiastic and intelligent review by Seamus Perry (hard by Holywell Manor), in a recent issue of the TLS.

If casting about for a present, this is a present to give or to get.

Posted on 12/07/2010 8:16 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
7 Dec 2010
Alan R

Not forgetting, the recently written:

" A Simples Life " by A. Orlov;

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