Sunday, 23 January 2011
It's not a phobia, Lady Warsi - it's rational to fear Islam

I was startled to read this article by Minette Marrin in the (London) Sunday Times today.

This is, I think, very significant, coming in the wake of Tony Blair's warning to the Iraq Inquiry - 
A perceptive and clever friend, speaking of what Blair said, wrote this to me:
"the fact that he even says it, means that the veneer is brittle and unsteady.
Like Leonard Cohen says, “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”." 
Seeing that the term "Islamophobia" was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood:
and bearing in mind, among other things, that under Islamic Sharia "non-Muslims" have no legal rights, 
it most certainly is rational to fear Islam, and on the flip-side it is irrational not to fear it.
In fact anyone who uses such a term is actually "doing" jihad by deceit or doing jihad's bidding due to ignorance or because of having been bribed/compromised: 

"War is deceit." - said Muhammad

All over the world misguided, ignorant people, including invariably, and prominently, Jewish people, rally in support of Jihad:



Now, let's deal with something else. We have said that jihad is incumbent upon all Muslims. Yet when you go to work, if there's a Muslim who works there he doesn't come in with dynamite strapped to his chest and blow everybody up, but he can still participate in Jihad. After 9/11 the FBI started following the money. And it was discovered that many Muslims across the United States were giving quite generously to what are called charities and when the money was given it was understood that it was to support jihad. So when a Moslem writes a check to support jihad he is a jihadist. When a Muslim says "Oh no, no, no, jihad, holy war, that is not our way. Our way is the religion of peace." That denial is an act of jihad. 

So anyone who uses the Jihad invented term "Islamophobia" is engaging in Jihad or is allowing himself to be used as a 
- you guessed! - Useful Idiot
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