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Friday, 4 February 2011
Five-star billing for the duck-billed platypus

Allah is Dead, but Rebecca Bynum's book is alive and kicking. Here are a couple of reviews from Amazon:

ChrisLA (Los Angeles) (5 stars):

This book will be troubling to Muslims and empowering to non-Muslims. Ms. Bynum exposes the material aspects of Islam as a sharp contrast to the Judeo-Christian spiritual faiths. Islam is all about rules, about emulating one person - Muhammad, and about self-sacrifice. Having a personal faith in God and aspiring to ideal virtues take a second seat to group conformity.

Writes the author, "Compassion demands that we see Muslims as human beings first. . . . [But] should we not then thoroughly examine the fundamental error of Islam [which sees] Muslims are more and non-Muslims less? . . . their theology in this regard is contradictory and unsupportable. Judged in this light, is it not incumbent upon us to seek to free individual Muslims from the totalitarian thought-system of Islam, just as we once sought to free Eastern Europeans form the totalitarian system of communism on the basis that it is fundamentally in error? . . . We should seek to break the hold Islam has on the Muslim mind." (pp. 51-52)

This thought-provoking book will challenge those who still hold that Islam is merely another religion like Christianity and Judaism.

Lorna (5 stars)

This is arguably the most important book extant today that accurately describes the true character and the objectives of the Islamic religion.What it makes clear is that the freedom of religion which Islam claims for itself is in fact an opaque cover for what is actually a comprehensive authoritarian and immutable doctrine that dictates not only moral and spiritual goals for observant Muslims but a fixed unchallengeable set of orders that dictate the behavior of Muslims in every sphere of daily life.
Deviance from or overt challenges to this doctrine are considered capital crimes punishable by death. The practical and ineluctable result of this is that truly observant Muslims are required to regard their religious doctrine and its antecedents as the supreme law of their life, supreme over the civil laws of the country in which they reside, including western secular democracies. The logical inference from this is that observant Muslims are in fact committing acts of sedition when they seek to justify their actions using Islamic law, justification for which has recently extended to use Islamic law as an excuse for committing murder and "honor killings". What Bynum makes clear is that the notion that "freedom of religion" cannot and should not be allowed as a rationalization for not recognizing Muslim transgressions of law or crime, and that the stark fact that Islamic doctrine is indistinguishable from what we consider civil law must not prevent us from openly criticizing and resisting Muslim practices and beliefs. The practical impact of such unity of religion and state is that Islam is in effect no different from any other secular, political, social or cultural belief system or movement and therefore the stricture that we should not criticize Islam does not apply at all.

There will be more. Word is getting around, and Islam, "the duck-billed platypus of belief systems", is out for a duck. Muslims will grouse, but they may learn. Infidel or Muslim, order your copy today if you haven't already done so.

Posted on 02/04/2011 4:27 AM by Mary Jackson
4 Feb 2011

I'm glad I've pre-ordered mine, which is going to get to my undisclosed location on the Planet of the Arabs (through secure means of delivery) soon... Amazon is sold out on Ms. Bynum's book at the moment, and that is truly great news.

4 Feb 2011
Send an emailRebecca Bynum

Yes, Amazon has been ordering quite slowly - 10 to 15 books at a time. They've been out of stock since they began shipping in late January even though they've received three more shipments. I'm hoping the next order is more substantial.

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