Monday, 14 February 2011
TONIGHT - Channel Four Dispatches - must watch

A reminder for our UK readers. You don't want to watch Eastenders or University Challenge at 8pm tonight, you want to watch Channel Four Dispatches: Lessons in Hate and Violence. The team who brought us Undercover Mosque investigate what is taught and how the children are treated in some of Britain's Islamic schools.    

The programme hasn't even aired yet and already the police have arrested a man in Keighley. According to the BBC

A man has been arrested in connection with alleged incidents of assault at a mosque in Keighley. Police said it followed the release of secret footage filmed at the Markazi Jamia Mosque, due to be aired on the Channel 4 Dispatches programme tonight. 

A West Yorkshire Police statement said: "We have recently become aware of a number of incidents of alleged assault at a mosque in the Keighley area and just before the weekend we were able to view edited footage of the alleged incident. One man has been arrested in connection with the incidents and has been released on police bail pending further enquiries. West Yorkshire Police are receiving full co-operation from the Keighley Muslim Association who are working with us in support of the inquiry." 

Meanwhile in Birmingham, according to The Birmingham Mail

A BIRMINGHAM Islamic school at the centre of a documentary row will close on Tuesday amid safety fears.

Teachers at the Darul Uloom Islamic High School, in Small Heath, have held meetings with police chiefs and fear that youngsters could be targeted by the far right. The Dispatches documentary, Lessons in Hatred and Violence, is due to air on Channel 4 tonight and will show footage of a preacher making offensive remarks about Hindus and ranting: “Disbelievers are the worst creatures”.

But teachers at the school insist the undercover reporter captured an isolated incident where a 17-year-old senior student was talking to pupils. They have provided a letter which shows that he was expelled for his views last August

The school’s head of curriculum Mujahid Aziz said the decision had been to bring forward the school’s half-term by a week after meetings with police. Pupils will today be told not to return to classes until the start of March. 

“Our concern now is for the safety of children and people coming to the mosque because we are worried that some people will get completely the wrong impression once they have watched this programme.  After meeting with the police, we are bringing the half-term forward and we have been advised that there should be plenty of staff around on Monday night as a precaution.”


Posted on 02/14/2011 10:23 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
14 Feb 2011

So the Islamic school in Birmingham spits hatred, bigotry and venom against non Muslims, including hatred against another minority group, Hindus, and yet they close down for a day in fear of attack from the 'far right', in order to make themselves look like victims. Pathetic, isn't it?

14 Feb 2011
adrian carr

I think that puts it in a nutshell Suzy. Do damage to others and then complain about potential reactions by unamed groups! Play the victim -it gives you time to think up another more creditable defence.

The problem our wiser society has is to brush aside this tactical distraction and to make plain it's intitial feelings of the wrong that has been done. We should not spend effort in comparing cultural differences, especially when PC demands we criticise our own first -before we look at the faults of others.

Our culture, traditions and mores have developed and will continue to develop because we, for one reason, are able to give ourselves the freedom to criticise them. Those cultures, which are fixed and unchangeable are not able to understand our fluid movement of thought. They are hopeless, useless and reluctant in joining with us to make the world a better place. And that's a big and compicated job.

In these Islamic schools the children, unable to express their anger at their teachers will project it onto us.
We must protect ourselves from what is in effect a morbid stupidity on everyone's part. Anyone with an ounce of study on the psychological consequences of brutality ought to appreciate this.

So, let us apply our laws regarding the treatment of children in education equally, and let us be proud of the effort it took to make them. Those who reject this developed tradition of ours must not be indulged.