Saturday, 19 February 2011
US Vetoes PA Resolution at UN Security Council –while calling Israeli settlements “illegitimate”

When we posted on the apparent backroom wrangling behind the scenes  by  Obama Administration and the PA over the UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel’s settlement policies , we noted the flip flops by US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice.

In a Jerusalem Post report by Abu Khaled Tomah,  “PA: We'll turn to UN General Assembly to stop settlements”, he noted the alleged phone calls to PA President  Abbas from Obama entreating him to pull their resolution condemning the Israeli  ‘settlement’ policies.  Apparently, Abbas refused.  When the vote was finally held yesterday,  Amb. Rice exercised the US veto and the PA resolution cratered despite the 14 in favor.  Ms. Rice towed the line from President Obama’s June 2009 Cairo speech that the settlements were ‘illegitimate’.  We gather that the striped pants and skirts brigade in Foggy Bottom have selective memories disregarding  the objective of UNSC resolution 242 of November 1967, guaranteeing Israel’s rights to secure borders in the disputed territories.   Abbas called for “Days of Rage” over the US veto shifting the venue to the General Assembly, dominated as it is by the members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and non-aligned allies, of which 115  support the PA resolution. Then we have the classic EU appeasers, the UK, France and Germany issuing a joint statement condemning the US veto, despite the conflicted comments of Amb. Rice.   Hamas in Gaza joined the Arab ‘amen corner’ calling this further evidence of US support for the Israeli positions.

Watch this Press TV You Tube video of Amb. Susan Rice articulating the US position on its veto while still calling Israel’s settlement position ‘illegitimate’.

Posted on 02/19/2011 12:00 PM by Jerry Gordon
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