Tuesday, 14 November 2006
Casino Royale
To purists of 007 and his card game, you will find they have changed the game from Baccarat to Texas Hold 'Em. They did this no doubt for the reason my daughter exclaimed, "Hey, I know how this game is played."

Daniel Craig is undoubtedly the best Bond ever and this movie is a superb re-imagining of the franchise. No more the smart aleck, wise cracking, gadget loving Bond.

This Bond is hard as nails SAS. The movie, though gets away from its intentions in the last third which makes the movie drag and take way too long to tie up loose ends. But the first two thirds are terrific if you like the genre, and worth enduring the last act to see how well the new Bond re-vitalizes everything.
Posted on 11/14/2006 2:33 PM by Mark Butterworth
14 Nov 2006
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I have not seen it yet but I have admired Daniel Craig since his role as Geordie Peacock in Our Friends in the North 10 years ago. He will have to go some to improve on Sean Connery but I expect him to do well nonetheless.