Thursday, 14 July 2011
American Government Idiotically Reassures Pakistan On

But money is fungible. Money given for "civilian" aid merely frees up other sums that the Pakistani military will insist be used to buy military equipment from China and will also continue to enlarge its nuclear arsenal, as long as the Americans keep giving them money. All Western aid to Pakistan should be ended, all trade agreements scrapped, and Pakistan starved into nuclear submission: that is, into a state of such imperilling poverty that the right choice will be made as to guns or butter, that is, as to holding onto nuclear weapons or avoiding economic and political collapse.

Here's the article with the maddening news of the Americans reassuring the Pakistanis about civilian aid that they have done nothing -- ever -- to deserve:

US reassures Pakistan on civilian aid

WASHINGTON — The United States on Thursday reassured Pakistan that it will keep sending civilian assistance after it deferred $800 million in military aid in a bid to seek greater defense cooperation.

Thomas Nides, the US deputy secretary of state for management and resources, delivered the message in a telephone conversation with Pakistan's Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, the State Department said.

"We do have the slowdown on the security side, but our civilian assistance remains undeterred," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, describing the phone call.

"We continue to work productively on the civilian side. That assistance continues to flow," Toner told reporters.

The United States suspended the military assistance -- about one third of its $2.7 billion annual defense package -- some two months after a US operation killed top terror suspect Osama bin Laden near Pakistan's top military academy.

After the raid, the United States pledged to keep relations steady with Pakistan. But US frustration has mounted, including over Islamabad's decision to oust up to 200 US personnel who planned to train Pakistani forces.

The United States entered a war partnership with Pakistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks when Islamabad renounced its support for the hardline Taliban regime in neighboring Afghanistan.

President Barack Obama's administration took office in 2009 pledging to move the relationship away from just military cooperation and instead to focus on building Pakistan's weak civilian institutions, schools and infrastructure.

Toner said that the United States has given Pakistan some $2 billion in civilian aid since a major congressional bill was approved in 2009. Of the aid, $550 million was emergency relief for Pakistan's massive floods last year.

Posted on 07/14/2011 7:15 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
14 Jul 2011
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All things in the state of Pakistan seem to be pretty rotten, either the Western donors are drooling morons  or there is a deliberate attempt by the UN to bankrupt the west.  No need to go into the details of the UN WFP, where the warlords of Somalia do the distribution for them, the head of government in Ethiopia has the contract for the transport of the aid and dozens of other little shenenigans like that. PAKISTAN IS THE BIGGEST SUPPLIER OF FOOD FOR THE WFP. Let that little gem sink in for a moment. In 2009 the cost of their programs in Pakistan was $221 million. They spent over $200 million buying food in Pakistan from Pakistanis. Since the WFP only manages to deliver about 48¢ worth of food for every dollar donated it would be cheaper the scrap the entire program and just send the countries a cheque for half. In Uganda and Ethiopia they spend about $50 million per year buying food in each country for that country. This is not an aid program, this is a program that keeps some high paid executives in business giving away UN money.

All figures from WFP annual reports.

15 Jul 2011
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I'm beginning to think the current admiistration in Washington is composed of idiots, dupes and turncoats.

One doesn't have to be all that bright to see through Pakistan's shallow , simplistic manipulations, but the Obama camp doesn't seem able to do so.

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