Friday, 9 September 2011
Egyptians Ransack Israeli Embassy in Cairo

Egyptian Mobs ransacking Israeli Embassy in Cairo

Fox News reported Friday that Egyptians assaulted and ransacked the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. The Israeli Ambassador, his family and staff fled escorted by police, driven to Cairo airport where a military plane took them home to Israel. The embassy  was torn apart, documents scattered by the huge mob of protesters who assaulted and pierced the high security wall with sledgehammers. All while Egyptian police stood by watching, not lifting a finger to quell the rampaging mob or make arrests. It is not lost on many of us, that the ruling Supreme Military Council is either indifferent or simply following the course of least resistance since the eruption of the Arab Spring and downfall of the Mubarak government.  

Watch this mrc-tv video of the assault  and burning of an Israeli flag at the Cairo embassy. Note the cries of 'allahu akbar'.

Every Friday, Salafist preachers in Cairo stoke hatred of Jews and Israel. They demand that the 1979 Peace Treaty between the two countries be torn up ending the Cold Peace -a reference to the lack of support by ordinary Egyptians. Given the recent terrror attacks at Eilat and  accusations that Israeli forces, while in pursuit of the terrorists, may have shot and killed five Egyptian border police accidentally during the action tensions have risen dramatically in Cairo and other major cities in Egypt. As a result, the Egyptian interim government called home its Ambassador in Tel Aviv. That riggered mounting portests at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Egypt is still holding Ilan Grapel, a dual American-Israeli citizen who was arrested in June while touring Egypt and accused of spying on behalf of the Mossad. Egypt, with the condonment of Israel, sent more than 2000 troops and tanky scouring the Sinai Peninsula seeking alleged Al Qaeda terrorists. Israel has deployed troops to the border with Egypt and has contracted for the construction of a virtual 120 mile long wall separating the two countries. The irony is that deep in the Sinai peninsula is a Multi-National Force and Observers  group (MFO) that was to act as a trip wire to avoid possible conflicts. Among the MFO contingent are US service personnel. That aspect of the  Egyptian Israeli peace treaty may have been voided to allow Egyptian troops into the Sinai as part of the hunt for al Qaeda and Palestinian terrorists. Egypt has also arrested  four Israelis sent to guard commercial vessels in the Gulf of Aqaba. Many have asked whether the US-orchestrated peace treaty may have compounded the problem when it forced Israel to give up control of the Sinai peninsula, making Israel's southern border increasingly vulnerable. The Cold Peace appears to be heating up.

According to the FoxNews report, Israel's Minister of Defense Ehud Barak contacted US Defense Secretary Leon Panetti asking for assistance to secure.the embassy. Given the crowds of several thousand engaged in protests and ransacking the Israeli Embassy, the Egyptian military police were finally forced to send in troops, tanks and fire tear gas to disperse the mobs. The Obama White House, which had high hopes for the Arab Spring in Egypt is now caught in the dilemma  of its own making trying to resolve the untenable situation. This latest development comes just days before the looming unilateral declaration of Statehood for Palestine at the UN General Assembly sessions in Manhattan. However in Cairo things have spun out of control of the Supreme Military Council chief Tantwai, who succeeded the dethroned Mubarak. Now, he is the object of scorn by the mobs in Tahrir Square in Cairo. 

The Cold Peace appears to be rapidly heating up.

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10 Sep 2011

MSM: 'Ordinary' Arab-Islamic bigots are "protesters"

When the MSM calls 'ordinary' Islamofascism - "protest"

It's quite sickening when I watch BBC, CNN and others. Describing the anti-Israel vandals in Egypt [Sep. 2011] as "innocent protesters."

As if the 'ordinary' Islamo-Arabs lay out specific demands, certain details to be met.

Let's not skid off the truth, Israel is not welcome at all, in its entirety, even if Israel would spend the whole day giving candies to the Arabs.
Speaking of 'giving.' What exactly was the outcome when Israel gave, for example, Gaza, whereas Arab-Palestinians, never in history 'had' anything in the area - as a matter of fact? Only more Islamization, more Hamas acceptance [which was voted in following Israel's give-away] and pro-violence that targets innocent civilians, especially Israeli children. So let's not fool ourselves that Israeli's so-called "policies" are the real reasons.

Of course there will always be incidents [Arab-Palestinians have quite an easy job in creating incidents, all they have to do is shoot behind civilians upon Israelis], which will serve as matches. But the gasoline is there, "Arab children are taught hatred of the Jews from their mother's milk"* *.

Or as a writer has put it:

Their complaints are pure hypocrisy anyway. The Islamic world does not hate Israel because they care about the human rights of the Palestinians. If they cared about human rights they would have human rights in their own countries. The Islamic world hates Israel because, well, essentially because they are Jews. If they were Muslims, doing exactly the same things, no one in the Arab world would care. The main reason people focus on Israel is because it involves Jews.

Fact is, as a writer in the WSJ writes: Muslim Judeophobia is not-as is commonly claimed-a reaction to the Mideast conflict but one of its main "root causes." It has been fueling Arab rejection of a Jewish state long before Israel's creation.

Speaking of Islamism -specifically- in Egypt, Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya'qoub: The Jews Are the Enemies of Muslims Regardless of the Occupation of Palestine,... they are infidels

Take for example the cruel long Arab-Islamic racist boycott of Israel. Portrayed in MSM as some "activism..."

This antecedent movement is unabashedly anti-Semitic and racist, having started with a de facto boycott as early as 1922 against Jewish interests, not Israeli interests, 26 years prior to the establishment of the State of Israel.
The Arab League Council formally instated a boycott on December 2, 1945: "Jewish products and manufactured goods shall be considered undesirable to the Arab countries". That, might I remind you, is a little less than 3 years before the establishment of the State of Israel and 22 years before the "occupation" began following the 6-Day War in 1967.
The Arab-League Boycott and the modern DFI are not one in the same; however, they share the same ideological roots of racism and anti-Semitism towards anyone from Israel. During the initial years of the Arab-League Boycott, all products, whether made by Jew or Arab were boycotted...


Despite Israel's lack of importance and despite the weakness of the moral charges against it, Israel is an outcast. Israeli nationalism - Zionism - has been declared racism. The Arab League enforces secondary and tertiary boycotts against Israel. Jews may not enter Saudi Arabia, except for American soldiers. Malaysia forbids the performance of "Jewish" music. This endless policy of boycott and non-recognition is officially the policy of most Arab states. Countries like Libya... Saudi Arabia have never suggested that they would make peace if Israel did X or Y or Z. Their opposition to Israel, supported by leftists everywhere in the world, is one of permanent enmity. Since such a stance excludes the possibility of peace, it is implicitly genocidal and therefore radically evil.

In a classical example, an ardent anti-Israel "advocate", who has -for a long time- called for a boycott of Israeli goods, jumped to the next step by calling (in 2009): "Do not buy anything from businesses run by the Jewish community."

Arab cartoons portray Jews [not just "Israelis"] as non-humans. Influenced much by hate sermons along the Islamic "apes and pigs" * canard.

Best selling author:

It's about the bigotry ... Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews. These bigoted myths and conspiracy theories brainwash Palestinian children to commit suicide bombings against Jews. Innocent children play death games, such as collecting "martyr" cards with pictures of suicide bombers."

The Goliath Arab-Islamic Jew-hatred [anti-Semitism] is sad, horrifying. Suffice to see some translations from Arabic in MEMRI and in ADL's documentation.* * *.

Conclusion: to the MSM, quit politicizing their deep blind hatred. There will never be peace as ,long as hate-education exist - the real problem. It may be more against Jews but it never stops there. An inscription in Arabic written on a picture of the PLO flag was drawn on a church top near the platform where the bishop spoke. It read: 'On Saturday we [the Muslims] shall kill the Jews and on Sunday we shall kill the Christians'. In fact the Muslims of the region have long referred derisively and threateningly to the 'Saturday people' and the 'Sunday people'.

11 Sep 2011
Christina McIntosh

 The headline about this that appeared in Australia's ABC news online has to be seen to be believed.

It read (I quote) - "Egyptians rallying for reforms attack Israeli embassy".

What they should have written but were too gutless to write: 'Howling allahu-akbaring Egyptian Muslim mob attacks Israeli embassy in Cairo'.

And the precise circumstances of the evacuation of the ambassador and staff - including the fact that five Israelis had to got out of the embassy, in the end, by Egyptian commandos, and that only after considerable pressure placed on the Egyptian authorities by the USA in response to frantic pleas from the Israelis - are completely glossed over in the report that followed.

The ABC refused to inform its readers of the depth and scale of anti-Jew incitement in Egypt, incitement that builds upon the traditional Jew-hatred inherent to Islam.  It refused to inform us that had those security guards, and the rest of the Israeli embassy contingent, not been got out of the embassy, they might well have been torn limb from limb by an ecstatic Muslim mob, high on Jew-hatred.

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