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Muslim Jihad Plot King-Pin: "I am not involved in anything here. I am teaching my brothers here the Koran and the Sunnah...".

Another report relating to a story flagged earlier by Esmerelda, in which we learn a lot more about two collaborating gangs of Mohammedan jihad plotters in Australia, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne.  

The cream of the story, and the main reason why I am posting it here, comes about halfway down, where we learn what the king-pin said in an interview with the ABC three months before his arrest.

From Australia's ABC, the PM show, Alison Caldwell reporting.


'Two terrorist cells worked together to plot attacks'.

In other words - two gangs of Muslims worked together to prepared violent Jihad. - CM

'It can now be revealed that two terrorist cells (i.e. two Muslim jihad gangs - CM) based in Sydney and Melbourne worked together to plot terrorist attacks (i.e. to carry out violent jihad terror raids - CM) on Australian soil.

'Operation Pendennis uncovered the network headed by radical Melbourne cleric (sic: by jihad-minded Melbourne Muslim cleric - CM) Abdul Nacer Benbrika.

'Cleric'.  Local Jihad gang boss.  - CM

'He and his seven followers in Melbourne were all found guilty back in 2009 of planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil.

'Later that year five men in Sydney (i.e. five Muslim men in Sydney - CM) were found guilty of planning the same attack, after a further four men in Sydney earlier pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

'But it can now be revealed the groups were all working together when ASIO, the Australian Federal Police, and Victorian and New South Wales police uncovered the plot.

'The tip-off came from members of Melbourne's Muslim community in 2004.

I wonder what precipitated that?  Slow jihadists worried that fast jihadists were jumping the gun and making the Australian non-Muslims a bit too aware and alarmed, too soon? In general, Muslims seem to close ranks around their own, vis a vis outsiders, and to be reluctant to proffer information to non-Muslim law enforcement, so this seems a bit unusual. - CM

'Following an investigation lasting 17 months, eight men were arrested in Melbourne and another nine in Sydney, as part of Operation Pendennis.

'The links between the groups can now be reported because the Supreme Court in Victoria today lifted 21 suppression orders made during the trial process.

'Until now the links between the groups could not be revealed so as to avoid prejudicing either trial.

Now for the most interesting, and telling, part of this entire report. - CM

In the Sydney trial, Abdul Nacer Benbrika (if you click on the link I've provided, you will see a mug shot...Note the bushy Islamic beard. - CM).  He pleaded his innocence in an interview with the ABC three months before he was arrested in 2005.

"I am not involved in anything here.

Perhaps that depends what you mean by 'anything'. - CM

"I am teaching my brothers here the Koran and the Sunnah

(well, he was certainly telling the truth about that - CM)

"and I'm trying my best to keep myself, my family, my kids and the Muslims close to this religion", he said in 2005.

Precisely. - CM

'Members of the Sydney group including the Cheikho brothers, Mohamed Elomar and Abdul Hasan were all referred to by other names during the Melbourne trial.

Why?  Do we do this with other criminals? Would we have done that with Nazi sympathisers and suspected saboteurs, during WWII? - CM

'Some of the members of both groups met for up to three days at Louth near the Victorian-NSW border (this is way out in the bush - CM) where they camped and trained together.

Using live ammo, perhaps? Memo to Aussie farmers, bush walkers, forestry workers, beekeepers and others whose line of work takes them out into remote parts of our countryside: keep an eye open for bearded, be-capped Mohammedans - in robes or in military-type gear - skulking through the bushes, or encamped in remote clearings, with weaponry in evidence. - CM

'A fingerprint belonging to a member of the Melbourne group was found on batteries in a car belonging to the Sydney group.

'The trials heard how the Sydney group was one step ahead of the Melbourne group.

'One of the Sydney men admitted to trying to make an improvised explosive device.  Another two admitted possessing ammunition, batteries, and clocks.

'A chemist called the terrorism hotline after one of the Sydney men asked to purchase large quantities of chemicals which could be used in bomb-making.

Was this chemist the much-vaunted tipster from the Muslim community? - CM

'An off-duty officer came across Abdul Hasan at a Sydney hardware store as he ordered acetone and methylated spirits.

'Off-duty'. 'Came across'.  So, pure serendipity? - CM

'Reason to be concerned'

"The broad overall effect of both of the Pendennis cells, the Melbourne and the Sydney cells, [was that] this was the most comprehensive and serious terrorist plot so far", says Professor Greg Barton, lead researcher in the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University.

"It appears that some of the men knew much more about what was going on than others, and in particular, four men in Melbourne were in regular contact with their colleagues in Sydney, and appeared to be very knowingly well down the path towards preparation for terror".

They were zealous Muslims preparing to use terror as  weapon of Jihad against non-Muslim Australians, Professor Barton. Come on, spit it out. - CM

'While describing Benbrika as a 'pivotal character', Professor Barton says it appears he played "more of the role of a kind of spiritual mentor or adviser".

Oh, come on, Professor Barton.  Have you read the Quran, and the other Mohammedan texts, or haven't you?  If you don't know that orthodox Islam, past and present, is what Churchill called it - "a religion of blood and war" - then your professorship is worthless.  Benbrika was pivotal precisely because he knew the verses of Jihad, of which there are many, and the Sunnah of the so-called prophet, the war-lord and slave-raider Mohammed, which is meant to be admired and imitated, in every conceivable detail, by all devout Muslims.  He was the Boss, encouraging these men to keep close to emulating the life and exploits of the mass-murderous war-lord, Mohammed.  CM 

"There are other men who were more active in the exchanges between Melbourne and Sydney", he said.

"Both groups of men are a fairly rag-tag collection; none of them were very experienced in what they were doing, and they were not particularly efficient.

But they were working hard to reduce their level of inexperience and to increase their skills and efficiency.  If they had not been caught, and if they had had time to get in a lot more practice - at, for example, bomb-making, or the firing of weapons - they could have killed quite a lot of people.  Professor Barton, if you are trying to persuade me that they were really a lot of harmless bumblers whom I should not worry about at all, then you are not succeeding. - CM

"But the cell was much more advanced in that they'd begun collecting chemicals and they had some light weapons, small arms and so on, so there was reason to be concerned about how close they might have been to actually committing an offence."

'Most of the members of the Melbourne group have served their jail sentences and are now living in the community.

Good god.  Why were they not deported, or exiled?  Instead, they have spent a bare few years in jail - the merest slap on the wrist - and are now back out,  'living in the community'.  They are still Muslims, I assume.  Are they still regularly attending 'prayers' at the mosque/s?  Whose 'sermons' are they listening to, now?  And is their internet usage still tracked, and their phonecalls?   Even if ASIO and/ or the police are keeping an eye on them, what's to stop them from lying low and playing nice for a few years more, waiting till the watchers get bored and decide they've 'reformed', and then...back to the Jihad?  - CM

'Abdul Nacer Benbrika is still behind bars, as are some of the Sydney men.

Was Benbrika born here? If not, can he not be stripped of citizenship, and deported, once his term is served?

But now for more minimisation of the threat represented by these people and by the ideologically-defined gestalt from which they spring. - CM

'Small motley crew'

'A spokesman for the Australian Federal Police says as a result of the joint task-force investigation, the Australian public was protected from a terrorist act.'

This time.  But there will be a next time, and a next time, I guarantee it - and not from among the Buddhists, the Jews, the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Christians or the Confucians and Taoists, but from among the Muslims.  And how much did all that surveillance and police work cost, in time and money?  And how many other investigations are in hand?  And how many other plots may be a-hatching, where there has been no tip, and no-one has stumbled across something odd that they felt like reporting? - CM

'In a statement, he says the community can be assured that law enforcement and intelligence agencies continue to work collaboratively across the country to prevent terrorist-related crimes.

'He says every piece of information received by the AFP from members of the public today could prove to be invaluable in keeping Australia safe from terrorism tomorrow.

If you see - or hear - something, say something.  But I wouldn't rely too much on the prospect of tips from the  Muslim community, even if one such helped to uncover this case. Are the AFP aware of these two dicta from an authoritative Muslim text? - The Sira or Life of Mohammed, by Ibn Ishaq, contains the following - "Men do you know what you are pledging yourselves to, in swearing allegiance to this man [Mohammed]? "Yes. In swearing allegiance to him we are pledging to wage war against all mankind".  And it also contains this - "Muslims are one ummah (community) to the exclusion of all men.  Believers are friends of one another to the exclusion of all outsiders". - CM

'Professor Barton says building positive social networks and bridges (i.e. trying to make nice to Muslims - CM) is now a key focus of government agencies and police.

Professor Barton, looks like you, too, need to read those passages from Ibn Ishaq that I quoted, just now. And have a long, cold, hard think about what they imply for all those earnest attempts by non-Muslim Authorities to curry friendship with devout Muslims who take texts like that - and all the Quranic texts that forbid the befriending of, or allying with, non-Muslims - very much to heart. - CM

"This Operation Pendennis we're discussing here today...[was] only possible because of community tip-offs and that's a promising thing in itself", he said.

Not to me it isn't.  Because I know how many core Muslim texts there are about not befriending non-Muslims, except temporarily, and feigningly,  and expediently, for the benefit of the Muslim or Muslims who finds themselves in the company of non-Muslims who are, as yet, too numerous and strong to subdue, I am inclined to view the occasional tip-off to the Infidels as the exception rather than the rule. I would like to know what has happened to the tipster - whether he must conceal his identity, or not -  and how he is viewed by the rest of the Ummah, right now. I would also like to know just how many Muslims attended the various trials, and how they conducted themselves, inside and outside the court-room. - CM

"But it also speaks to the extent to which extremists like Benbrika struggle to find acceptance among Muslim communities in Australia and how difficult it was for them to put together  a small motley crew."

'Small'.  Eight adult men in Melbourne and nine in Sydney. That's seventeen men.  Nineteen men carried out the September 11 jihadist mass-murder in the USA.  Would Professor Barton dismiss those men, also, as 'a small motley crew'? And why does he assume it was 'difficult' to find seventeen?  And ...there have been no plots of this kind, at all, from among any other religious community in Australia.  Only from among the Muslims.  Seventeen men prepared to mass-murder Australians for ideological reasons is seventeen too many. - CM'

'Professor Barton says Australia does not have a very extensive terrorist threat.

Yet.  That is because although we have a lot more Muslims than we had in 2001, or in 1996, or in 1986, and far, far more than we had in - say - 1970 - we still have, relatively speaking, very few Muslims (considered as a percentage of our total population) than many other Western countries.   They are still mostly in 'Mecca' mode.  But if we permit their numbers and their perceived and actual power to grow, and grow, and grow, then more and more from among them will flip into 'Medina' mode, and there will be violence. - CM

:Muslim communities are just as concerned as anyone else, and are quick to speak up when they have concerns", he said.

Really?  Examples, please, Professor Barton.  Be specific. - CM

"But of course [the operation] also speaks to the fact that this is a terribly expensive exercise and you wouldn't want to be doing it very often.

"So if we can find ways to deal with these threats as they emerge before we get to the point of possible criminal action and criminal charges, then that would be much better".

What exactly do you mean by that, Professor Barton? That we must find some way of keeping all these Muslim young men fat and happy and prosperous and blissfully unoffended, so that they will not Go Jihad upon us?  But the only way to be quite, quite sure of nobody at all from the Muslim 'community' choosing to Go Jihad, would be for us all to convert to Islam and turn Australia into a replica of Saudi Arabia  or of Iran.

I have a better idea.  Let's just stop importing Mohammedans.  And let's deport all the ones we've already got, who are caught plotting or attempting Jihad terror raids, or who are caught clandestinely or openly practising aspects of the sharia that breach Australian law (such as child marriage and polygyny or FGM [which is obligatory, according to the Shafi'ite school of sharia, though not according to the other three] or flogging someone for drinking alcohol) or who are caught attempting or threatening to kill apostates or 'blasphemers', or who are advocating the imposition of sharia in Australia whether in whole or in part; as well as all the ones  - the Chaouks and Haddaras come swimmingly to mind - who are up to their necks in major criminal activity.  The Muslim Ummah is the sea in which the jihadists swim and from which, ceaselessly, prompted by the Quran, the Sira, the Hadith, the Sunnah of the 'prophet', they emerge. And the more Mohammedans we have, the more Jihad plots we shall have.  And the more Muslim-run organised crime, Muslim gang rapes of non-Muslim girls, and attacks upon non-Muslim institutions (the Turkish Muslim desecration of the monument to the Assyrian Christian victims of Muslim genocide; the Muslim firing of guns at the Shri Mandir Hindu temple in Auburn; the threats against Coptic Christian churches) we shall have. And conversely, the fewer Mohammedans we have, the fewer of these 'threats' we shall have to worry about.  - CM


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