Friday, 4 November 2011
And the Jihad Continues in SE Asia: Muslim Murders of Civilians in S Thailand

These two reports, presented here somewhat belatedly, appeared in the Thai English-language news outlet, "The Nation".

Note the unusual clarity of the headline to the first article.  Kudos to the editor/s of 'The Nation' for telling it like it is.

First, an attack upon civilians at a petrol station/ grocery store.

'Three Buddhists slain by Muslim insurgents in Narathiwat".

'Narathiwat: Three Buddhists were shot dead by Muslim insurgents inside a grocery store in Narathiwat [on] Sunday.

'Police said four insurgents arrived on two motorcycles and pretended to buy goods and petrol from the store, which also sells petrol, and shot the three point blank.'

They 'pretended to buy goods and petrol' - like Mohammed said, War is deceit' -  and then they pulled out guns and shot two members of the store-keeper's family, and a customer who happened to be there at the time.  - CM

'Malee Masi, 49, was shot dead in front of her 8 year old son, who was found by police as hugging the body of his mother crying when police arrived at the scene.

One must assume the child was not visible to the jihadists at the time of the shooting; otherwise it is difficult to see why he was not shot also. Note that The Nation gives us the kind of detail that the likes of AP, AFP and Reuters almost never include if they are describing the victims of Muslim assault - this little Buddhist boy whose mother was just shot dead gangland-style by Muslims, was found 'hugging the body of his mother, crying'.  AP, AFP and Reuters only tend to paint this sort of heart-wrenching word-picture if they are describing the Pooor Palestinians [TM]. - CM

'Srithong Masi, Malee's father-in-law, 75, was shot at his head while he was about to fill up the petrol for one of the motorcycles.

In other words: Mr Masi and his daughter-in-law were minding the shop.  The Muslim 'customers' turned up; one shot the lady behind the counter (perhaps her little boy was also behind the counter or in a room behind, unseen by the Muslim murderers); and the old man was murdered as he took the petrol order. Big brave jihadis, murdering innocent unsuspecting people.  - CM

'Thirapong Saelim, 42, a customer, was also shot at his head".

And now for the other Muslim killing of Buddhist civilians in Southern Thailand, which is also marked by extreme violence and 'overkill' by the ghazi raiders.  This story was picked up by AP, and also appeared in the Bangkok Post, but it is the report in 'The Nation' that gives us the most precisely-detailed and arresting account of the attack.

The headline this time, alas, is less blunt than in the previous story reproduced above.

'Six die in deep south bomb mayhem'.

Dear 'Nation', you should have written - 'Deep South: Muslims kill 6 Buddhists with mines, guns'. - CM

'In Narathiwat's Rangae district, a bomb exploded in the afternoon on a local road, splitting a pick-up truck in two.

'A group of unknown men then walked towards six victims lying on the road and shot each one with an assault rifle.

Now, here are the links for  the AP and 'Bangkok Post' versions of this attack.  Click and take a look.

You will note that the full, calculated horror of what was done is somewhat obscured in those reports.  Compare and contrast with what I have reproduced above. - CM

'Manop Boonteh was the only one to survive the shooting because the blast blew him out of the pick-up and into a forest (I think The Nation's English translator means 'thick bushes' or something like that - CM), but he was critically wounded.

I wonder whether he was unconscious - or whether he was still conscious and therefore able to see and/ or hear what the Muslim attackers did to his injured and helpless companions?  I suspect the latter. - CM

'The dead were Banharn Sankaew, Preecha Jai-ong, Tiab Raksachum, Rut Sengseedaeng, Watin Sengsaeedaeng, and former Border Patrol policeman Snr Sgt-Major Ekachai Mingkwan.

Those names - listed by both the 'Bangkok Post and by 'The Nation' - are important.  The likes of AP rarely or never give us the names of the victims of Jihad.  You will observe the identical surnames of two of the people killed here - Rut and Watin Sengsaeedaeng.  Were they father and son? brothers? - CM

'They were all hunters.  Two boar carcases were found at the scene.

'While inspecting the scene, Naris Liwan, a volunteer ranger, stepped on a landmine and nearly severed his right ankle.

'Earlier in the day, police in the same district defused one bomb and detected two fake bombs.

'In Yala's Bannang Sata district, a device went off at 9.25 am, wounding five police, one seriously.

'All victims were taken to a local hospital, but Pol Snr Sgt-Major Sansern Nama was airlifted to a better facility in Sonkhla's Hat Yai district.

'Two police vehicles were proceeding along Keulong-Taling Chan Road when the explosion hurled one of them off the road and wounded all five police on board, including Sansern, the driver.

'The others were Pol Lieutenant Chid Sinsuk, Pol Snr Sgt-Major Yuttapong Chamborirak, Pol Corporal Suriyan Wichienpattarakul, and Pol Corporal Assawin Pora.

'Evidence suggests that the militants (sic: jihadist terror raiders - CM) might have packed 5-10 kilograms of explosives inside a picnic cooking-gas cylinder for this attack, which left a 2 metre-wide 80-centimetre deep hole in the road.

One must assume that similar damage to the road occurred in the attack upon the pig-hunting party. This sort of thing, apart from all the killings and woundings and the atmosphere of fear created, results in major disruption of transportation and communication for everyone in the region.  And then the Muslims have the hide to whine about the poverty and inferior infrastructure and services in the Thai South,  and blame it all on the Thai non-Muslim government; never mind that the destruction of shops, roads, bridges, etc, is all being carried out by...Muslims.  - CM

'Police believe the incident was related to the continuing unrest in the region.

'Unrest'.  JIHAD. - CM

'An intelligence source said insurgents (sic: jihad terror raiders - CM) had been planning to carry out many bomb attacks in the district.

'At about 11.45 am, another bomb went off at a different spot in the district.  Volunteer rangers were patrolling nearby, but no-one was hurt.

'According to the Deep South Watch of Prince of Songkla University's Pattani Campus, 121 violent attacks (that is, Muslim jihad terror raids - CM) took place in the three southernmost provinces last month, killing 46 people, of whom 27 were civilians, and wounding 110, including 77 civilians.

In other words, most of the victims are civilians.  And although I am given to understand that the population in these southern provinces is about 80 % Muslim and 20 % Buddhist, I would hazard the guess that more than 20 % of those killed are Buddhists.

When one reads the Thai English-language press, one soon discovers that only the merest fraction of these jihad-driven Muslim bombings, ambushes, and cold-blooded murders (often of helpless civilians, Buddhist monks, schoolteachers, shopkeepers, plantation workers, etc.) that are being perpetrated in the majority-Muslim southern provinces of Thailand, are filtering through - generally bleached of their worst aspects - into Western news outlets.

I commend to our readers therefore - besides encouraging them to regularly check out for themselves Thai outlets such as the Bangkok Post, the Nation, and the Pattaya Daily News, all of which usually report more of the attacks and in greater detail than our western press - the following link which gives a most interesting overview of the situation, with an introduction and then a series of four articles, devoted entirely to the Jihad in southern Thailand.

'Introduction: Asia's bloodiest insurgency'.  "All-Buddhist militias in southern Thailand must defend themselves against Islamic militants. Their temples have become fortresses ringed with razor wire...".

Part two, 'Buddhists make the best targets' is particularly arresting.

"In the Thai Buddhist mind, almost nothing is so disturbing as harming a monk.  That is exactly why insurgents [sic: jihad terror raiders - CM] shoot monks at close range".

Posted on 11/04/2011 6:15 PM by Christina McIntosh
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