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Iran Explosion and Dubai Murder-No Credibility in Press Speculations


Late IRGC  Brig. Gen. Hassan Moghaddam                      Mohsan Rezai and late son Ahmed

Speculation is running rampant in the international press about whether the munitions dump explosion South West of Tehran that killed 17 including the head of the Iran’s missile program, Brig. Gen. Hassan Moghaddam and the death in a hotel in Dubai of Ahmad Rezai the son of Mohsen Rezai, conservative opponent of President Ahmadinejad in the controversial 2009 elections and former IRGC commander had any  Israeli or US connections. Whether Israeli news outlets like Yediot Aharonoth, the UK Telegraph, the New York Daily News or Time Magazine, they are all purveying sensationalist speculations about who or what was behind the munitions dump explosion.

Just look at this report on Ynet this weekend, “US Blog Mossad behind Iran Blast”:

US blogger Richard Silverstein said Saturday that Israel was the mastermind behind the blast the killed at least 17 people at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps base near Tehran.

In his blog, Tikkun Olam, Silverstein quotes an Israeli expert as saying that the Mossad was responsible for the explosion, in collaboration with the Iranian militant opposition group Mojahedin-e-Khalq.

"It is widely known within intelligence circles that the Israelis use the MEK for varied acts of espionage and terror ranging from fraudulent Iranian memos alleging work on nuclear trigger devices to assassinations of nuclear scientists and bombings of sensitive military installations," Silverstein said.

When I was in US Army Intelligence there was a credibility scale assigning an alphabetic letter and Arabic numeral to  grade the reliability of the source and  credibility of the information. 'A' was the best on source with 'F", the least reliable, while '1' was the highest value assigned to the credibility of the information itself, the lowest, a '6'. If I was back in the game, I would rate the stories that the CIA, Mossad and Iranian opposition group MEK based on information supplied by a Seattle based, blogger with known anti-Israel and self-hating biases, Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam an F-6. I find it ludicrous that any news source would give him credibility, whether Ynet in Israel or the UK Telgraph.

Note this comment on Silverstein from the CIF blog;

Richard Silverstein, a Seattle based Jew and self-described “Jewish progressive”, is a regular contributor to ‘Comment is Free’ and the Huffington Post and runs a blog entitled Tikkun Olam. Tikkun Olam means “repairing the world” and as observed by one of Silverstein’s critics “the motto of the site is “make the world a better place“, but unfortunately, his image of a “better place” is more in line with Norman Finkelstein’s vision rather than Anne Frank’s.”

Though Silverstein repeatedly claims to be a Zionist, his writings feature unrelenting attacks on the Jewish state with a wanton disregard for any facts that repudiate his so-called “progressive” views on the conflict. Silverstein openly supports the likes of Norman Finkelstein and Walt and Mearsheimer, minimalizes and, at some times, justifies violence perpetrated by Hamas, vilifies the Israeli right wing and IDF to the point of demonization and supports a version of the one-state solution including the renunciation of the right of return of Diaspora Jewry.

Affectionately referred to as “Little Dickie” and “KapoDickie” by his detractors, Silverstein has been embroiled in ongoing spats with several bloggers and websites.

[. . .] He also shoots himself in the foot with Daniel Pipes and is accused of making false allegations about Campus Watch and CAMERA.

Bringing Silverstein further in disrepute, he was recently found by the California Court of Appeals to have libeled Rachel Neuwirth for calling her a “Kahanist swine”.

So, why would I trust Silverstein’s speculations about Mossad as the perpetrator of the Iran Munitions dump explosion, I wouldn’t. When it comes to Israel’s strategic intelligence service, Mossad, it is not in the habit of putting out press releases on ops, never. I can’t say that for the CIA or the Pentagon. Just look at the 2007 IAF attack that took out a Syrian nuclear bomb making factory. It was the Pentagon that leaked the story. The IDF didn’t.

Ken Timmerman, executive director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran knew the son of the former IRGC commander, 35 year old Ahmed Rezaii, who was murdered in a hotel in Dubai. Timmerman sent out this report disputing the AP report.

Nov. 13, 2011: Son of former IRGC commander murdered in Dubai. Police in Dubai and the Associated Press are trying to claim that Ahmad Rezai's death was a suicide, but even the office of the Supreme Leader today acknowledged that Ahmad Rezai, 35, was murdered in the Gloria Hotel in Dubai today. The initial police report quoted by the AP claims he was found with a slit wrist, but Iranian websites and Rezai's father's Tabnak website say that he was found dead under "suspicious circumstances," apparently electrocuted.

The regime had good cause to murder the younger Rezai, who initially fled to the United States in 1998 and denounced the regime and its ongoing assassination campaign against Iranian dissidents. An American citizen, Ahmad Rezai has a daughter in the United States, and has tried repeatedly to travel to Iran to visit his family, but has been turned back several times and threatened with arrest. According to an unconfirmed report, he was escorted back to Dubai earlier today by two Quds force officers, shortly before he was murdered.

FDI salutes the courage of Ahmad Rezai and will investigate those responsible for his murder and expose them as more information becomes available.

Timmerman may be on to something, given the Islamic Republic’s news reports on the death of Ahmed Rezai. Witness this comment from the Tehran Times:

TEHRAN – Ahmad Rezaii, the son of Mohsen Rezaii, the secretary of the Expediency Council, has been found dead in his room at Gloria Hotel in Dubai, reports said on Sunday.

He reportedly died after receiving an electric shock. An official at the Expediency Council told the Mehr News Agency that Ahmad Rezaii’s death was “suspicious”.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani issued a message to Mohsen Rezaii on Sunday offering his condolences over the death of his son.

One thing for sure, the murkiness of both stories, suggest further investigations. It also cries out the forensic investigation of news sources like Silverstein, the Tikkun Olam blogger from Seattle, who alleges contacts in Israel inside Mossad.

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