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US Ambassador to Belgium Blames Muslim Antisemitism on the Israel Palestinian Conflict

US Ambssador to Belgium , Howard Gutman

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Is the US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, a secret J Streeter?  You might think that after comments he made at a Brussels conference of the European Jewish Union that outraged his audience.  According to a report published on Ynet, Gutman, who is Jewish, told the audience of European Jewish lawyers and legal experts that Muslim Anti-Semitism was due to the Middle-East Conflict.

“A distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism,” Gutman said, which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. He also argued that an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim Antisemitism.”

Sure sounds like the J Street line of declaring an immediate Palestinian state, doesn’t it?

German Jewish Lawyer Nathan Gelbart rebutted Gutman with these comments;

“The modern Anti-Semite formally condemns Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust and expresses upmost sympathy with the Jewish people. He simply has created a new species, the “Anti-Zionist” or – even more sophisticated – the so-called ‘Israel critic,’” Germany attorney Nathan Gelbart said.

“The ‘Israel critic’ will never state ‘Jews go home’ but is questioning the legality of the incorporation of the State of Israel and therefore the right for the Jewish people to settle in their homeland. He will not say the Jews are the evil of the world but claim that the State of Israel is a major cause for instability and war in the region,” he said. “There is no other country; no other people on this planet the ‘Israel critic’ would dedicate so much time and devotion as to the case of Israel.”

“For no other country he would criticize or ask to boycott its goods or academics. And this for one simple reason: Because Israel is the state of the Jewish people, not more and not less,” Gelbart said.

 Ynet noted Gutman’s comments on Obama’s reception by Muslims:

Earlier, Gutman also presented participants with a short video clip showing him received with warm applause at a Muslim school in Brussels. While he did not mention what prompted the warm reception, his message was that this is the kind of welcome given to a Jew who supports President Obama’s policy of openness to Islam.

Approached by Yedioth Ahronoth, the US envoy was asked whether Obama’s policy did not cause America to lose its influence in the region. Gutman responded by saying that the Arab world appreciates Obama following his speech in Cairo, referring to an address delivered by the president in 2009.

Gutman is a Graduate of Columbia College, Class of 1977, and Harvard Law School, 1980. Following law school Gutman had brief stints as a clerk in the Fifth  US Circuit of Appeals with US  Judge Irving Goldberg, the New York law firm of Cravath, Swaine and Moore, before obtaining a  one year US Supreme Court Clerkship with Justice Potter Stewart.  He served another brief stint as a special assistant for Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence with FBI director William Webster.

In 1983, Gutman joined the Washington, DC powerhouse firm of Williams and Connelly, LLC where he spent  over 26 years  serving a broad range of corporate and other clients as a commercial litigator.  He also was a registered lobbyist for Williams and Connelly in the period from 1999-2000.

He represented Ms. Susan Rosenberg, one of the convicted Weathermen Felons and obtained a pardon for her from President Clinton just before he left office in 2001.

Note this about Ms. Rosenberg:

In 1985, former Weather Underground members Susan Rosenberg (who also was implicated in the Nyack, NY robbery) and Linda Evans were apprehended while transporting 740 pounds of explosives which they both acknowledged were slated for use in additional bombings. Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years in prison, Evans 40; President Bill Clinton pardoned both women in January 2001.

Also in 2001,  noted that Gutman defended “former Bolivian President Gonzalo Sánchez De Lozada and former Defense Minister José Carlos Sánchez Berzain, who were sued in U.S. court by citizens of Bolivia for their ordering the military to squash political protests, which allegedly resulted in 67 deaths and hundreds injured.”

Gutman has been active for years in support of Democrat candidates. He was involved with the Gore for President Campaign of 2000 in Florida. 

He received his Ambassadorial nomination from President Obama in June, 2009, the old fashioned way as noted by

During the 2008 presidential contest, Gutman was part of the Obama National Finance Committee and later a trustee on the Presidential Inauguration Committee. According to, Gutman and his wife, Michelle Loewinger, had contributed at least $86,150 to Democratic candidates, parties and committees since 1989. Gutman bundled at least $500,000 for Obama’s campaign committee and another $275,000 for his inauguration committee.

Gutman has Hollywood friends like the actors Ben Affleck and George Clooney. He even appeared briefly in stints on a bust HBO series about Washington lobbyists, K-Street.

Given Gutman’s remarks at the European Jewish Union, he is clearly following the line of the Obama State Department in denial about the threat of Muslim Antisemitism and Sharia law to Jewish coreligionists in both the EU and the US.  He and his wife are pre-occupied in spreading good will and collecting mementos during his Brussels diplomatic stint.

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3 Dec 2011

He is also quoted as saying "I apologize in advance if my words are not to your liking."

So this is how diplomats speak?  Fascinating.

3 Dec 2011
Send an emailHugh Fitzgerald

He's a type, a type with which I am very familiar. Well-degreed from such places as Harvard Law School, with all kinds of summas and magnas, but essentially an ignoramus. He clearly has not studied -- and I suspect sees no need to study -- Islam. He certainly hasn't studied the history of the conflict, and the hysterical hate of the Arabs for Israel that began even before the state was declared, when it was clear that the Jews in Mandatory Palestiine, or even in the Ottoman vilayets that before the Mandate period into which historic Israel was divided, intended to create a sovereign state, and not to live as dhimmis on Muslim sufferance. And that was intolerable.

Gutman thinks -- oh there are so many who do -- that because he is Jewish (and his parents, bien entendu, survivors of the Nazi period) that his heart is in the right place, and his head doesn't have to be -- that is, he has no responsiblity to study Islam, or the history of the Jihad against Israel, or the way that Israel has been unable to make its case heard as well as it should in part precisely because of people like Gutman, who will not do the work, out of fear or laziness or complacency, that would allow them to understand the historical and ideological background (including the cadatral and demographic history of the area now known as Israel). And without such work, that business of congratulating oneself on being able to "save Israel in spite of itself" becomes so easy.

He should be ashamed, but such people are not ashamed, nor will he bother to rethink his views. After all, he's a well-pleased pleaser, glad that he's such a hit, as he thinks, in Belgium, and he's not about to spoil things by intelligently standing up for Israel, and Jews, and noting the Islamic sources of Arab antisemitism and, come to think of it, Arab and Musilm contempt and even hate for Copts, Assyrians, Maronites, Hindus, Buddhists, and so on. That's too much for the howard-gutmans of this world to even begin to think about, much less make the subject of their midnight oil

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