Friday, 16 December 2011
Australia: Muslims Who Plotted Jihad Raid on Army Base Get 18 Years Jail

If you click on the link you will get a good look at one of the perps, one Wissam Fattal from Lebanon.  Note the caption: 'described as an "intolerant Muslim" who had a fervent belief in religious martyrdom.  That is, he took seriously the many, many verses of the Quran that incite to Jihad: such as Surah 9: 111 that says Muslims fight in allah's cause, that is, Jihad, and slay and are slain, and that this is how they attain the 'garden', that is, paradise.

From Australia's ABC, their court reporter Sarah Farnsworth reporting.

.'Trio sentenced to 18 years' jail over terror plot'.

Three Muslims sentenced to 18 years jail over jihad terror plot, that is. - CM

'Thee men (that is, three Muslim men - CM) who conspired to plan a terrorism attack (that is, a jihad terror raid - CM) on the Holsworthy Army Base have been sentenced to 18 years in jail.

'Last December a jury found Wissam Fattal, 35; Nayef El Sayed, 28; and Saney Awes, 27, guilty of terrorism offences after a six-week trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

One should note that these are fully adult men; they cannot be written off as hotheaded and impressionable teenagers.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  They were fully instructed in their belief system and adhered to it zealously. - CM

'Before sentencing began Friday (O, the irony, that this secular, non-Muslim court in Australia brought down its sentence upon three treasonous and murder-minded Muslim residents of Australia, on a Friday - CM) Fattal stood in the dock and yelled about hostilities in Afghanistan and Syria, forcing Justice Betty King to order his removal from the court.

More humiliation for this sharia-minded Muslim; he is being judged not just by non-Muslims, but by a woman, a free, unsubdued woman.

As for how we should view his yelling about the grievances du jour, that is, Afghanistan, and the Alawite suppression of the Sunni revolt;  the two single best analyses of the perpetual Muslim pantomime of victimhood, of the agenda of the religion of the perpetually aggrieved, may be found here:

and here:

"The Dangers of Legitimising Muslim Grievances". - CM

'As Fattal was led away he pointed vehemently towards the judge, calling out "corruption".

What he means by that, is not what we in the West mean by corruption.  What he means is that she, being a female non-Muslim Judge administering non-Islamic laws within a non-Islamic social order and polity, a social order incompatible with and uncomplying with the Sharia - represents, indeed, epitomises, 'corruption'. Everything that contravenes or undermines the sharia or impedes its practice or its imposition upon the world is 'corruption'. - CM

'He did not return to the court even when his sentence was read out.

'After the men were sentenced a woman cried out "Oh my God" and began sobbing loudly.

One must assume that this was a Muslim woman, connected to the perps.  Weeping and wailing because the dirty kuffar have thwarted, for the moment, the Cause of Islam in Australia, and her murder-minded jihadist hero - who plotted to kill as many Australian soldiers as he could -  failed of his ambition, got caught by the kuffar, and is getting put in Infidel jug.   - CM 

'As Sayed was led away he said, "Allah gives us justice, not these courts".

He is a Muslim.  'Justice', for him, means the sharia, and the sharia alone.  A non-Muslim court is, by definition, 'unjust', because it administers laws that are different from, and in many cases opposed to, the sharia.  Under sharia, setting out to attack and kill non-Muslim soldiers, in order to advance the power of Islam, is meritorious, not criminal. - CM

'The men, originally from Lebanon and Somalia, plotted a shooting at the Sydney Army base, intending to kill as many  people as they could until they themselves were shot dead.

In conformity with Quran Surah 9: 111. - CM

'The court heard the intent of the attack was to advance Islam through violence.

Yes. These men were intending to carry out an act of combat jihad in order to frighten Australians and weaken them by killing their soldiers, their protectors; and in order to spectacularly demonstrate the power of the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob.  But what of the constant steady 'non-violent' pressure from Muslims to get Australian society to accept this or that element of the sharia order? - the normalisation of halal meat and other halal products, the persistent demand that our laws recognise Muslim polygyny (two attempts made so far), the constant and deceptive positive spin put on Islam in such things as booklets given to teachers in schools, the demand that we accept the hiding of the face in public by Muslim women, the demands for special and separate treatment for Muslims (e.g. Muslim-only toilets on a university campus), the Islamisation of the landscape by the building of mosque after mosque after mosque, the promotion of 'sharia finance' to our banks and other financial institutions?  It is that jihad, that  persistent push to Islamise the totality of our society, a bit here and a bit there, nibbling away at the edges, that Australians need to become much more aware of.  - CM

'Justice King called the plans "evil".

No need for scare quotes. The plans were evil. - CM

'"A totally horrific event, if it ever came to pass", she said.

It is not just their chosen method but their ultimate goal - to Islamise Australia, to achieve Muslim rule here, to impose the sharia which mandates and sacralises brutal discrimination against and oppression of all women and all non-Muslims, which prescribes practices such as stoning, beheading, talaq divorce, wife-beating, the wedding and bedding of little prepubescent girls, the killing of 'apostates' and 'blasphemers' , and the criminalising and forbidding of such innocent joys as the ringing of church bells, the keeping of pet dogs, the playing of music, the painting of portraits, and the drinking of beer and eating of pork - that was and is evil. - CM

'but she described the plot, which took 10 months to plan, [as] "amateurish".

"This was far from a sophisticated plan that was hatched", she said.

Their incompetence should be no grounds for complacency, nor for pity on the part of those against whom their jihad violence was intended.  Incompetent seditionists and fifth columnists remain seditionists and fifth columnists.  An attempted murder that fails because the would-be murderer is an incompetent amateur, remains an attempted murder, plain and simple. -  CM


'In 2009, Fattal travelled to New South Wales to conduct surveillance of the Holsworthy base.  His visit was captured on CCTV.

'But the court heard he carried no camera, no writing materials, and no plans.

'He was arrested by police on the same day on a separate assault charge.

Violent in little, intending violence also in much. - CM

'The court heard all three men support Al Shabaab in Somalia and both Awys and Fattal were prepared to train and fight for the terror group.

A pity they did not go off to Somalia and get themselves killed in the jihad there.  But how many people in that courtroom asked themselves why support for a sharia-pushing jihad gang in Somalia should translate into a plot to kill Australian soldiers on Australian soil? - CM

'Justice King said because the men had not recanted their belief in jihad, they remained a danger to the country.

And unless they were, per miraculum, to apostasise from Islam,  they will not recant their intention to wage Jihad, that is, to practise what has sometimes been called the Sixth Pillar of Islam.  So they will remain dangerous to non-Muslims anywhere and everywhere. - CM

'She added [that] the men should hang their heads in shame for plotting against a country that had welcomed and nurtured them.

She is wasting her breath.  They are not ashamed of waging jihad against the filthy kuffar of Australia, who foolishly admitted them or their parents to this country, which they fully intend to remake in the image of the violent, chaotic Muslim hell-pits - Islamic Lebanon, Islamic Somalia - from whence they came.  Far from it: they are proud of their obedience to Islam, their devotion to the Cause of seeking to bring about the dominance of Islam over the whole of planet earth. - CM

'Intolerant Muslim'

'Justice King described Fattal as a simple man, but said his low intelligence did not make him any less dangerous.

'She said the former champion kickboxer was a devout man with extremist views (no: with entirely orthodox Islamic views - CM), adding that he was an "intolerant Muslim" who had a fervent belief in religious martyrdom.

'Justice King told the court it was clear Fattal believed that Australia, its Government and its troops were all at war with Islam, and he considered all non-Muslims as infidels.

In other words, he is a bog-standard, perfectly orthodox Muslim.  In his 'An Introduction to Islamic Law', scholar Joseph Schacht sums it up: "The Islamic attitude towards non-believers is the law of war; they must be converted, or subjugated, or killed". - CM

'All three are held in protection and likely to remain there.

'For the past 989 days, Fattal has been kept in protectiion, mainly at the Melbourne Remand Centre, due to his behaviour.

'He will not obey prison guards, tries to convert other prisoners, and it is ccnsidered a management problem.

'A management problem'.  That's putting it mildly.  His refusal to obey the guards is because he does not recognise their authority; they represent a non-Islamic system of law and government.  But so what? - the kuffar guards have the guns and he does not, and it had better be made crystal clear to him that he must do as they tell him whether he likes it or not.  I would advise putting him in solitary. That will put an end to his attempts at da'wa, at least. - CM

'The men must serve 13 and a half years before they are eligible for parole.'

If they are ever let out on parole, they will be back to plotting jihad with redoubled vigour in no time. I would advise that after they have served their full sentence, they should be stripped of their Australian citizenship - for which they very plainly have nothing but contempt - and that they and their entire families (who judging from other reports, fully support their actions and share their attitudes) and deported to Lebanon and to Somalia, never to be permitted to re-enter the lands of the non-Muslims. - CM

Posted on 12/16/2011 2:17 PM by Christina McIntosh
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