Saturday, 31 December 2011
The Bee and the Lamb

Part 3

by Takuan Seiyo (January 2012)

Pendulum in the dark (continued - part 1, part 2)

We concluded the last installment with a video of the opening of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. It was Yuletide alright but there was a broader reason. more>>>

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14 Jan 2012
Bruce Hanify

Voluminous, yet mostly melodious, series of essays!  Thank you.

I've commented on them here:

Because of their length, and complexity, I did not address all aspects of these fascinating essays.

16 Jan 2012
Takuan Seiyo
Bruce, thank you for your kind comment.
I agree with some of your formulations, disagree with others, and beg for more elsewhere. First, the whole One Enemy business, as you observed, is bogus. We have the Evil Party and the Stupid Party; which is the enemy? Then, we have the One Conservatism business – but just what is the one? Theocon or Scepticon, Neocon or Palestiniancon (aka Paleocon), Libertarian or Authoritarian? As I was trying to show, some of the values and institutions conservatives are trying to “conserve” eroded inevitably because they were tainted to begin with.
An Irish-American friend of mine, a descendant of generations of Irish cops, wrote this in an email to me: “The Haley Barbour pardons are mind boggling. I thought he was a true conservative.” To which, this was my response:
“As to the Republicrats, forget it. For one, a chap weighing over 250 lbs on a medium size frame cannot be a true conservative. Conservatism implies connectedness with our Greek and Roman and Celtic etc. roots, not just softy "Judeo-Christian" values. Those roots are rather tough, muscular and masculine, implying self-discipline, even some self-mortification for the sake of toughening for combat martial or civil. They imply harsh justice, love for your and your folks’ friends, and wrath and vengeance visited on your and your folks’ enemies, including egregious criminals whether violent or white collar. A massive lardon like Barbour, Christie or Rove [Bruce, you might want to add Limbaugh here] is a walking proof of having failed to internalize such values.”
You are right about Libertarianism: again, the One Platonic Panacea, not to be found in the real world. Like with Conservatism– magnificent if you know what to conserve—Libertarianism is great if you know what unbounded liberty is for, and where it will trip you.
Contrary to your statement, I am all for white mystic dreamers meeting up with the Red Man, though not the Black one whose mystic dreaming has had and still has in countries like the Congo far more sinister overtones. I have likewise spent a major portion of my writing “career” explaining and advocating for Eastern esoteric concepts and practices, that I see as supplementary and not substitute to Christianity. It’s not in vain that I put the Japanese tomoe and the Irish tiskele side by side in the last essay, for they are one and the same, on a very profound level. There’ll be more about that in Part 4.
You have derailed your critique or even basic understanding when you touched upon the Great Taboo, or commented on my touching thereof. I might get on a high horse here and ask you “Who are you to lecture me about my treatment of race? It was my family, not yours, that was wiped out on account of its races: the Jews by the Germans, and the Catholic Slavs by the Soviets and the Germans too. It is me, not you, who married a woman of another race, and it’s me who has lived in the poor and heavily black sections of several American cities where I could observe what I comment upon, and it’s me who has worked in the homelands of other races, from Ecuador to Nigeria to China. Have you comparable experience to draw upon?”  
But I won’t get into that. To begin with, I don’t focus on race; it’s race that focuses on me, as a white male and as an American resisting the destruction of America because of race [hint: “race” is now for the commies what “class” used to be]. It focuses on you too, for the same reasons, but you are too young to have escaped the blindfold that the K-12 and college education system started fitting onto all its charges as of the mid-60s. I believe that you are a law school graduate too, and there the egregious brainwashing has known no bounds.
If you can’t see that the U.S. DoJ sees you in terms of race, you haven’t been paying attention to the doings and utterances of, among many others, Eric Holder and Thomas Perez. If you can’t see what the term “Obama money” means in a specifically racial context, or the vastly different rates of criminality and terminal dysfunction in the black and white communities, or what you are afraid to see it. is all about you have willed yourself not to see them. If you can’t see the qualitative difference between the 99.5% White–North Asian audience for Beethoven’s Eroica, and the 95% Black audience for Dika Down Booboo!
I’ll grant you two attenuating circumstances. First, you are right that the Irish received a treatment compared to that of Negroes. What I know from another Irish friend, whose family roots go 300 years back to the Caribbean, is that Irish laborers were worked there to death, on a par with the same evil treatment of Negro slaves. But all that has nothing to do with race-related facts now. We are dealing with 21st century problems now, and the Irish are not a problem to this society, nor is this society a problem for the Irish. On the other hand, the black and brown minorities are a growing problem, despite society’s bending over backwards –actually destroying itself [more on that in Part 4] – to expiate for past injustices.  
The other explanation I find for your blind spot is what social psychologists call confirmation bias. Most likely, you know some outstanding individuals who are “people of color,” or feel outrage that I speak of Dika Down Booboo when there is a Thomas Sowell, or choose to dwell on racial group IQ disparities when there are black brain surgeons and astronauts. But that’s the same as Dubya Bush or McCain working tirelessly for Amnesty, because the Hispanic maids and gardeners who serve their families are good people.
Statistical facts have a validity of their own, of major social importance. The statistical fact that the Chinese are shorter than Anglo-Americans is not belied by the fact that two of the three tallest men in the world are Chinese. If you are interested in gauging my views of race as related to individual merit, you will find them in href=>Like a Fox in Equality . You will find in that essay that I am puzzled by some issues of the law too, and in that you have a vast store to call upon in order to instruct me.  

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