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Somalia: US special forces free Western hostages from Somali Muslim kidnappers, kill all kidnappers

As reported by Australia's ABC, relying on the AFP account.

'Special forces raid frees aid workers'

'Special forces launched a pre-dawn raid to rescue two aid workers, an American woman and a Danish man, kidnapped three months ago by Somali gunmen.

"The two DDG (Danish De-Mining Group) workers were released forcefully...we are getting information that at least six military helicopters attacked early this morning", said Mohamed Nur, a local security official.

'American Jessica Buchanan, 32, and Poul Thisted, 60, of Denmark, were working for the de-mining aid agency when gunmen seized them on October 25 in central Somalia's semi-autonomous Galmudug region.

"There was a heavy shooting that left several of the pirates dead", Mr Nur said, adding that he believed the raid was carried out by American forces.

So: several of the pirates are dead, are they?  Good.  - CM

"The reports we have is that the freed hostages were flown to Djibout by their rescuers", he said, adding that the aid workers were freed unharmed.

'At least eight of the kidnappers were killed during the raid, which took place in remote scrub-land between the notorious pirate regions of Hobyo and Adado in central Somalia.

"We have collected dead bodies of eight pirates from the scene of the attack and we understand that five others were arrested 9and] were taken by the rescuers", said Abduali Moalim, a local official in the Adado administration.

Five pirates were 'arrested' alive.  Why?  In rescue raids of this kind there should be a 'take no prisoners' policy.  Go in like the hammers of hell, obliterate as many of the Muslim pirates and kidnappers as must be done in order to free the non-Muslim hostages, and then, taking only those freed hostages, get the hell out; that's my advice to non-Muslim forces attempting rescues of non-Muslims who are being held captive by Muslims.  When the Israelis rescued their people from Entebbe, they didn't bother 'arresting' anybody to take home for expensive and time-wasting exercises in legal posturing.  They pounced, blew away such of the kidnappers as they needed to blow away in order to achieve their aim, scooped up their people and then departed.  UPDATE: It appears from later reports (see below) hat the intention was to capture the kidnappers alive, but that in fact all were  killed.  - CM

"The raid took place before dawn and it looks that very professional soldiers were involved in the attack as it lasted for less than an hour".

'Witnesses said the foreign soldiers took control of Galkayo airport during the raid with several support aircraft landing there.

"I saw at least five military helicopters flying over the city late last night, and this morning we hear the two Western hostages were freed forcefully by the foreign forces", said Abdulahi Isa, a witness.

Is it just me, or does this 'witness' sound just slightly resentful of the fact that the Infidels have been able to rescue their own, and that no millions extorted in ransom money will therefore be coming the way of the kidnappers' clansmen and other associates? -  CM

"Some of the military helicopters landed [at] Galkayo airport and people were stopped from going near there", said Ahmed Dini, another witness.'


A quick look around the internet for updates and more details revealed that no prisoners appear to have been taken, and that it was indeed the United States that carried out the raid.

From the BBC:

'Somali: Western hostages freed in US military raid'.

Excerpts: 'US officials have confirmed that elite US Navy Seals were dropped into Somalia to carryout the overnight operation which resulted in a shoot-out...

'American Jessica Buchanan, 32, and Dane Poul Thisted, 60, were freed uninjured, although nine of their captors are said to have been killed.  No casualties have been reported among US forces.

'Danish Foreign Minister Villy Soevndal told Denmark's TV2 channel that one of the hostages "has a disease that was very serious and that had to be solved".

"Jessica's health was failing", Mr Biden said, referring to Ms Buchanan.  "They concluded they should go at this time.  The president gave the go."

Being seen to sock it to kidnappers of Americans is, of course, a handy thing in an election year; nevertheless, irrespective of what might have been Mr Obama's reasons for giving the go-ahead, Somali Muslims may perhaps now think twice before seizing Americans and trying to hold them to ransom.  The more Mohammedan kidnap-and-ransom games end with a pile of dead kidnappers and the hostages being wafted out of captivity by armed and deadly kuffar soldiers, the better.  However, such raids are costly and one hopes that Ms Buchanan and Mr Thisted will be properly grateful...and that they and others like them will in future leave Mohammedan hell-holes - ungrateful volcanoes - strictly alone and concentrate their humanitarian efforts on needy non-Muslims.  If they want to remove land-mines there are Buddhists in Cambodia and Christians in Angola who will be genuinely grateful for assistance in this regard.  - CM

"...A Pentagon official has confirmed to the BBC that the unit involved was the elite Seal Team Six, which killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan last May, although the same personnel were not necessarily involved..

"US officials said the Somali kidnappers were 'criminals' rather than Islamist al-Shabab militants.

Maybe; but seizing non-Muslim travellers or visitors, as opportunity presents, and holding them to ransom has been standard Mohammedan behaviour all over the lands of Islam ever since Islam first got started. - CM

'...At the time of the raid, American Jessica Buchanan (32) and Dane Poul Thisted (60) were being kept about 40 km east of the town of Adado and 100 km south of Galkayo.

'A US official said the Seals parachuted from a plane into an area near the compound where they were being held.

'Shots had been fired as the team approached the compound but there were no US casualties.

'The rescue team was on the ground for about an hour and the raid was over by 0.300 (24:00 GMT).

'The freed hostages and the Seals left the area by helicopter for the nearby tiny Horn of Africa state of Djibouti, where the US has a military presence.  They were taken to Camp Lemonnier, where about 2,500 personnel are based as well as armour, fighters and drones...".

And from Reuters, one of their many Mohammedan journalists (Abdi Sheikh) reporting:

'US commandos free two hostages in daring Somali raid'.

I won't quote it all, as most of the material is there in the two reports I've already cited, but there is one small additional detail.

"All nine captors were killed during the assault", the US military's Germany-based Africa Command said.'...

'The raiding party arrived prepared to detain the kidnappers (why? - CM) but was not able to do that, and all nine were killed, Pentagon officials said.  The kidnappers were heavily armed and had explosives nearby, said the officials.'

Killed resisting arrest...  Perhaps now other gangs of Mohammedan would-be kidnappers, who have not been in the least deterred by the whole elaborate farce of arrests and detentions and full-panoply trials followed by stays in cushy western jails with everything laid on (including complimentary Korans) that has been the usual Infidel response to their activities up till now, willl contemplate that pile of dead bodies in the wake of SEAL Team Six,  and pull in their horns. - CM

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