Thursday, 23 February 2012
Burned Qurans held extremist messages

From CBS: KABUL, Afghanistan - Muslim holy books that were burned in a pile of garbage at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan had been removed from a library at a nearby detention center because they contained extremist messages or inscriptions, a western military official said Tuesday.

The military official with knowledge of the incident said it appeared that the Qurans (Korans) and other Islamic readings were being used to fuel extremism, and that detainees at Parwan Detention Facility were writing on the documents to exchange extremist messages.

The burning stoked anti-foreign sentiment that already is on the rise after a decade of war in Afghanistan. It also fueled the arguments of Afghans who claim foreign troops are not respectful of their culture or Islamic religion. "Die, die, foreigners!" the demonstrators shouted

The demonstrations are into their third day.

KABUL (Reuters) - The Taliban urged Afghans on Thursday to target foreign military bases and kill Westerners in retaliation for burnings of copies of the Koran at NATO's main base in the country as a third day of violent protests began.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered across the country, some chanting "Death to America!," Reuters witnesses and officials said. In eastern Kabul, hundreds of youths threw rocks at police, who fired shots into the air to try disperse the crowds.

"Our brave people must target the military bases of invader forces, their military convoys and their invader bases," read an e-mailed Taliban statement released by the insurgency's spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. "They have to kill them (Westerners), beat them and capture them to give them a lesson to never dare desecrate the holy Koran again."

KABUL - The Interior Ministry on Wednesday said seven people were killed in clashes between Afghan security forces and protesters demonstrating against the burning of Muslim holy books at a NATO military base. Supporters of the Jamiat Talba-e-Arabia group chant slogans while burning a US flag during an anti-American rally in Karachi February 22, 2012, after the burning of copies of the Koran at NATO's main base in Afghanistan.

In Parwan, provincial police chief Akram Bigzad said about 2,000 protesters were demonstrating outside a district headquarters when some of them opened fire with weapons. "In the crowd there were rebels and Taliban who had weapons. They opened fire and fighting started. Four were killed and 10 were wounded. They are Talib," Bigzad said.

A protest in Logar province also turned violent after someone in a group of about 300 demonstrators opened fire on police. Police returned fire, killing one protester, said provincial police chief Gen. Ghulam Sakhi Roogh Lawanay. Two protesters and two police officers were also wounded, he added. He said the protesters had come from neighboring Wardak province, an insurgent hotbed.

According to the Daily Mail the The American Embassy in Afghanistan said its staff were in 'lockdown'.  U.S. An effigy of  President Barack Obama,daubed with the words 'black dog Obama' was paraded through the streets in front of raucous mobs before being burned in the street. 

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23 Feb 2012
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Meanwhile, displace Afghans are perishing of cold in the mountains surrounding Kabul.  They have to work themselves into a frenzy about 'attacks on their religion' to justify their violence.  It means if they are killed then, because it was to defend Islam, they will go straight to Paradise.  The drug barons are laughing all the way to the bank.

23 Feb 2012
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  There's a funny ambiguity here: were the extremist messages found in these Korans not quotes or passages from the Koran, or were those messages actually in the Koran. The unintended conclusion is that the Koran itself is extremist.

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