Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Xinjiang/ Sinkiang: Muslims With Knives Run Amok in Market, Kill Ten; 2 Attackers Get Shot By Police

From Australia's ABC, their China correspondent Stephen McDonell, and AFP.

'12 Killed in Unrest in Western China'.

'Unrest'.   Funny how majority-Muslim countries, regions, districts and suburbs seem to be characterised by 'unrest', often involving the use of knives, guns, or explosives against civilians. - CM

'Officials in China say 12 people have been killed in an outbreak of ethnic violence in the country's west.

'Ethnic violence'.  We should, however, bear in mind that the Han are not Muslim, and the Uighur are.  This means that even if the Uighur Muslims of this region were granted independence as yet another Central Asian '-stan', jihad across the border into non-Muslim China would undoubtedly take place the moment the Muslims thought they could get away with it.  It also means that even if the Han Chinese were not the high-handed and harsh imperialists, and colonisers that they are, but treated the Uighur under their rule with the scrupulous decency and restraint with which the Jews of Israel treat the Arab Muslims within Israel and in Judea and Samaria, Muslim animosity and aggression toward the Han Chinese would not be one whit the less...indeed, it would probably be even greater than it is.  - CM

'Officials say knife-wielding ethnic Uighurs killed ten people, presumably Han Chinese, at a market in Yechenge, near Kashgar.

That is: knife-wielding Uighur Muslims killed ten people, most likely Han Chinese Infidels, at a market in Yechenge... Now, this is the official Chinese version, so one must be cautious.  However: I find nothing intrinsically unbelievable about a report of a group of Muslims with knives running amok in a market, stabbing and killing random non-Muslims.  Arab Muslims do this sort of thing quite frequently in Israel; there are more that are stopped in the nick of time.  There was also the case of Sebastian Selam, in France, a Jewish disk jockey whose Muslim colleague lured him into a deserted place and stabbed him to death.  I am aware of two recent cases in Australia of Muslim males accosting and stabbing Australian non--Muslim teenage boys; one in a park in broad daylight, one in a street in heavily-Islamised Lakemba. -  CM

'Several of the attackers were also reportedly shot dead by police.

Good. - CM

'According to official figures, in 2009 violent conflict between local Uighurs and China's dominant Han Chinese left 197 dead, mostly Han.

'Many Uighurs remain angry over the arrests or alleged disappearances of people rounded up across the region in the aftermath of the 2009 violence.

The problem for the Uighur Muslims is that those who have come to understand Islam's modus operandi grow to be sceptical of any and all Muslim claims of victimhood.  And such people also know, from an examination of the past and present practice of majority-Muslim states, that were the situations reversed - were the Muslims the imperial rulers and colonists, and the Han the colonised - Muslim rule over the Han would be even more harsh, cruel and exploitative than secular Han rule over Muslims. - CM

'In December, seven people were killed in Pishan county in what the government described as a hostage rescue operation after "terrorists" kidnapped two people.

'Exiles, however, said the incident was a conflict between regular Uighurs and policemen,

Who to believe? The Muslims or the Han Chinese regime, neither of which have much historic regard for the truth? Again, one can only extrapolate from the observable fact that wherever they are, in any situation where they are under Infidel rule, Muslims always claim to be the persecuted ones, the innocent victims acting in self-defence, yet a close scrutiny of many of the conflicts in which they are embroiled tends to reveal that they have in fact started the fight; they are masters of passive as well as active aggression.   - CM

'prompted by mounting discontent over a crackdown and religious repression in the area.

Let us bear in mind that Muslims, unless they are undisputed Top Dogs with everyone else under their boot, are always discontented.  Chinese persecution of the peaceful, harmless and entirely loyal Christian population in China is one thing.  Chinese surveillance of mosques and of Muslims, and the keeping of a tight rein on same, is quite another thing, and fully comprehensible to any person who is aware of the enormous disruption and physical and social harm that aggressive and expanding and cravenly appeased Mohammedan colonists are causing all over the Western world and beyond it in places like Christian Africa.  - CM

'The region was also hit by three deadly attacks last July that left dozens dead.

'The Chinese government blames much of the violence in the resource-rich region on what it calls the three "evil forces" of extremism, separatism, and terrorism.

I wouldn't have expected the Chinese, of all people, to dodge the real issue like that.  Why is it so hard for Infidels to spit out the words 'Muslim', 'Islam' and 'Jihad'?  It is not until the final paragraph that we get the the usual ritual disclaimer.

'But some experts (which experts? - can we have some names, please, AFP, Mr McDonell? - CM) doubt terror cells operate in Xinjiang, where Turkic-speaking Uighurs practise a moderate form of Islam".

I suspect that the putative absence of (or, more probably, low profile currently being deployed by) 'terror cells' (that is, of out and out jihad gangs) is most likely due primarily to the close scrutiny and harsh security measures employed by the Chinese non-Muslim state, rather than to any special degree of 'moderation' in the Uighur practice of Islam.  If the Uighur recite and study the Quran they will know the Verse of the Sword, and all the other verses that inculcate hatred of the Infidel and exhort the Believers to engage in Jihad.  But they will also know about taqiyya; about those verses that advise the keeping of a low profile, and the permissibility of pretending 'friendship' - smiling whilst harbouring hatred in the heart - in situations where the surrounding Infidels are as yet too strong and too wary to be subdued by open assault. - CM

Posted on 02/29/2012 6:31 PM by Christina McIntosh
2 Mar 2012
June Bruzki

The Chinese are doing what we all should do - when Muslims play up, they do something about it.  They go and put down the perpetrators and so should we.

I have lived in China and I know the good and the bad of this society, but one thing they do and that is to protect their own soil first.  We dont.  We will let Islam in and help them to destroy us.  We are so politically correct that if we speak up for freedom and a fair go, we are called racist and we are not the racist, it is those who want to destroy us, who are racist.

I taught in Turkey for several years and I know the agenda of this country and it does not include us.  None of us.  The reignition of radical Islam is indeed a big worry to my  Turkish female friends.  They dont want to go back to the veil or not to have an education and have no legal rights within marriage.  As Islam becomes stronger and stronger we are all in great danger.  They cry for their democratic republic to return to the gift Ataturk left for them.

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