Friday, 9 March 2012
The Eagle Cam is Back

Hat tip: Maggie's Farm. Three eggs again this year.

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Posted on 03/09/2012 6:43 AM by Rebecca Bynum
9 Mar 2012
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A Beak In Darien*
All my men and I like that video.
With wild surmise
And eagle eyes
On Aztec prize
Devoutly & Stoutly** Yours,
Hernán Cortés
*  See also taut abseils and Van Halen's belt:
** Also see Cortez's tapered rear, drafting, slip streaming, slipping into the future and streaming video:

9 Mar 2012
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It would probably be as monotonous as all get-out or eternity to remind the Reader that "The emperor and his double-beaked eagle" appears in a letter from Pushkin to Anna Kern and that a reference to "alpine eagles" flits through VN's Wingstroke which is centered around the stay in a Swiss "death hotel" of Mr. (or Herr or Senor- he's a man without a country) Kern, and that A.K.'s birthplace, Oryol (also known as Orel, which is not to be confused with the soft-on-holy-paper-rollers, Oral Roberts, or the Moral Orel of the Cartoon Network), is translated as "Eagle." 
-Not much else to say about Wingstroke at the moment other than that Mr. Kern's observance of a portrait of William Tell in the hotel came to mind when seeing Mr. Fitzgerald's link  to the Lone Ranger's homage to Giachino Rossini and William Tell, who, unlike an Muslim archer, would surely not have deliberately shish kabobbed the apple-of-his-eye son or daughter allah an honour killing.
Might as well close in passing with a reference to the possible deterioration of Mr. Rush's faculties by mangling Deteriorata with respect to his Georgetown ABA bête noire with You are a Sandra Fluke of the universe; you have no right to be here.
Tags: Does Critical Legal Theory arise from a deterioration of law school faculties? one percenters, Sandra Fluke supported 1000 percent by George McGovern and Thomas Eagleton