Thursday, 22 March 2012
Toulouse Jihadi Killer Jumps to Death in a Blaze of Bullets

Toulouse Jihadi killer Mohamed Merah

Mohammed Merah,  French  Muslim  Citizen  who killed three French paratroopers, while injuring a fourth soldier,heinously executed  a  Rabbi and three children at a Chabad Jewish school in Toulouse,jumped to his death in a blaze of bullets at  approximately 11 AM CET.  The Chabad Rabbi and three Jewish children were buried in a heart rending funeral in Israel yesterday. Read this Jerusalem Post article, here.

Thus ended  the more than 30 hour attempt by French RAID police to capture alive this alleged Al Qaida operative. 

Watch this Fox News video report:

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22 Mar 2012
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The interior minister of France claims that Mohammed Merah was a native frenchman. If that's true, then he's the first frenchman in history to go down without surrendering.

22 Mar 2012
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Europe is so screwed up

22 Mar 2012
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Arab racism manufactures the fraud of "Palestinian suffering" (Mohammed Merah or Khulood Badawi)

Arab-Islamic Palestinianism's rule number 1: Kill, then demonize in order to kill some more.

As NYTimes bestselling book author M. Evans said: Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews, I say, make no mistake, Arab racism manufactures the fraud of "Palestinian" suffering. The racism which was Islamicized. The same bigotry seeks justification to its crimes by converting the Arab-Palestinian aggressor into a "victim."

Lies, ever since the Arab Palestinian entity was founded in falsehood, telling a tale of "natives," while in fact, most of its populations has no more than 2 or 3 generations in the historic land of the Jews. It's OK to start "nationhood" at some point, but not upon an outrageous lie of being "indigenous" and a complete racist exclusion of another group, whose historic roots are so strong.

The virus of Palestinianism-Fakestinianism nonsense is wide spread. Even MSM like NYTimes falls for the syndrome of ignoring self-inflicted wounds

The fake victimhood that 'lives' off of self-orchestrated 'dead Arab kids,' who are usually, either casualties by their (parents, mentors, exploiters, etc.) adults' fault or by accidents. Besides, most causalties by Israel are guilty combatants, most casualties by the Arabs are innocent non-combatants victims.

Ask the 'Palestinian authority' this: How many Jewish and Arab kids were massacred because of the racist Arab bluff of "al-Dura boy -wrongly played as if killed by IDF- which was the banner, under which the so-called "al-Aqsa" intifada began, where an intensification of homicide bombers by radical and official mainstream "Palestinian" Arabs and use of kids as human bombs/shields?

The recent Arab-Muslim massacre of Jews in Toulouse, France, where little Jewish girl, Miriam Monsonego was chased and shot, then picked her up and aimed at her head again by vicious monster, Mohammed Merah, was rightfully blamed on him being brainwashed by anti-Israel lies and propaganda. Some suggested direct link to UN's worker, Arab-Palestinian malicious-typical "activist" Khulood Badawi's tweeting of a bloodied photo of an accidental 2006 dead Arab kid as a supposed "recent Israel action."

Whether it's Saeb Erakat lying to the world about a fake Jenin "massacre."; or conducting a fake funeral; or adding bodies from the cemetery; or an altered photo (fauxtography) by an Arab working for Reuters; or Pallywood by Khulood Badawi; or the long list of 'Palestinian industry of lies,' where media manipulation has become strategic Arab weapon against Israel, the bottom line is that these inflammatory lies are the direct fuel to Arab-Muslim bigoted crimes against humanity.