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Do Muslims Care About Existential Questions?

Harold Rhode, an accomplished expert on Islam had a recent piece  in The American Thinker, “Existential Questions Facing the Muslim World”.   The Power Line blog in a post, “The Problem of Islamic Culture”  identifies Rhode’s background and how he arrived at his views:

[He is] a Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute who has written a provocative article about the cultural shortcomings of the Muslim World. Rhode knows whereof he speaks. He is an expert on Islam and the Middle East, and has a PhD from Columbia in Islamic studies and Middle Eastern history. Rhode is fluent in Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, and Turkish. He formerly worked for the Pentagon in the Office of Net Assessment, an internal Defense Department think-tank. And, most importantly for purposes of his article, Rhode has spent considerable time sitting in coffee or tea houses in the Islamic world, spending time with Muslims, and asking them questions in their own surroundings and in their own languages.

Rhode presents a litany of deficiencies among Palestinian Muslims which might be extended to the global Ummah or Islamic community of believers:
•    Not  encouraged to  question Islamic authority;
•    No incentives  that encourage creativity;
•    No ability to admit failure and learn from it;
•    Emphasis on rote learning;
•    Peace doesn’t  exist for  unbelievers;
•    Devaluation of women;
•     Limited intellectual curiosity beyond Qur’anic doctrine; and,
•    Dependency on petro-dollar income rather than broader development.

Rhode distinguishes this mindset  from Jewish culture, given the alleged genetic family relationship with Palestinian Muslims:

The Jewish culture encourages questioning and thinking from an early age, whereas the Palestinian Muslim culture does not. What is encouraged instead is the unexamined acceptance of whatever is set before one, whether on government-run television or in government-written textbooks. Religion has nothing to do with this situation; Islam therefore is not the problem: Islamic culture is. Only when Muslims address their culture head-on can there be any real hope for their world to overcome its self-imposed limitations and start fully contributing to the wonders of the 21st century.

Another way of putting Rhode’s observations in context  is that  Islamic countries are wedded to an ossified totalitarian creed denying civil and human rights and a future - the basis of the Judeo Christian value system and Western dynamism. Under Islam all thought outside Qur’anic doctrine  is deviant, women are evil and unbelievers have no standing let alone justice. Apostates are to be punished and even killed. Any criticism is considered Blasphemy. That is unfortunately at the core of Qur’anic doctrine. As for development; Inshallah –if Allah wills it, he provides.  There is little to no individual free will.
 Accounting for all of the oil revenues of Muslim Middle East states their total GDP per capita is equivalent to what?  Finland.  How many Nobel laureates in science, medicine and even literature has the Muslim world produced, compared to the rest of the world,  even  tiny Israel?

We asked Clare Lopez, a national security,  Islamic expert and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy for her review of Rhode’s thesis. Lopez is a co-author of   Shariah: The Threat To America: An Exercise In Competitive Analysis (Report of Team B II . She sent us this reply:

Harold is absolutely right in everything he says. However,  he writes from a totally Western perspective.  Islam doesn't want the same things we want....individual Muslims may, but not Islam, the institution.  
Besides which, whatever it is they're doing, it's working!
Not only has Islam survived 14 centuries and defeated  many non-Western civilizations  it has come  up against.  It may well be on its way to bringing down Western civilization, too....on top of the Buddhists, Byzantines, Hindus, Persians, and Middle East North African Christendom.

We err when we think that Islam will be better off with equal rights, individual liberty, minority protections, and all that we!  It will not be better off. Islam, the institution, would be destroyed by these things. Non-Muslims and individual Muslims might love them, but the global institution of Islam would be annihilated with acceptance of these principles and they know it. That is why they fight them with everything they've got.

They created a system that works to conquer, dominate, and proliferate.  It is all-encompassing, complex, and very, very sophisticated.  Why would they even consider diluting that in the slightest, much less giving it up?
We have to understand that all first.  Then we must study hard and come up with effective ways to get inside their defenses, the way they've gotten inside ours.  But thinking that these valued concepts of Western civilization are some kind of temptation to Islam, the institution as administered by  Islamic authorities, is's not. It is red meat to them, gets them into a murderous frenzy.

Posted on 06/03/2012 4:23 PM by Jerry Gordon
3 Jun 2012
Send an emailjewdog

  Clare Lopez is right about Islam being unwilling to compromise, but she errs in seeing that as a sign of strength.

  Islamic culture is very weak. Witness the widespread civil conflicts in the Muslim countries. Major internal problems, such as the water shortages in Iraq and Syria, go unattended due to infighting.

  If Islam was a non-religious ideology, like Communism, it would be collapsing now, just as Communism collapsed when people became disillusioned with its failures.

  Instead, people cling to Islam for irrational reasons while their lives fall apart and their countries lurch onward like zombies.

4 Jun 2012
Send an emailBob Smith

The "litany of deficiencies" described by Rhode is the end result of a constant fear of unseen jihadis within Islamic society. All Muslims know, speaking anything counter to Islamic theology, risks death at the hands of Islam’s unseen religious thugs. So no one is willing to ever speak up and question the Islamic paradigm.

(This fear is even starting to permeate Western society. Just look at what happened to Theo Van Gogh and the fear within Europe since the Mohammad cartoons.)

Here is the core problem: The unseen jihadis and the fear they generate, have Islamic society is stuck in a, one of a kind, human social system – a sort of endless loop. (1,400 years without change)

To understand what I am talking about, imagine a computer locked in an endless loop. Every key you hit has no effect. The computer continues to do the same thing, time and time again. Also imagine a (vinyl record) phonograph. The record has a "skip". Each revolution of the turntable the needle plays the same grove over and over again.

Here is how it works.

Within Islam, each generation’s most devout believers train a small percentage of the next generation’s most devout believers that it is OK to commit violence in the name of Islam. This becomes an endless cycle because these devout believers are: (1) Instructed to kill anyone who tries to modify or stop the teaching of this violence. (2) Instructed to be self-initiating. (3) Trained in every part of the Islamic Uma. (4) They blend in with the general population and cannot be easily identified until they commit their acts of violence. (5) The number of these devout believers is high enough to reach a sort of critical mass – which assures continuation of the endless loop.

Until/unless this endless loop is broken – Islam will continue its expansion.

You can read a longer version of my theory at:


4 Jun 2012
Christina McIntosh

 Islam might seem 'successful' the short term.  For in terms of the entire history of the human species - we have been recognisably human for at least 100 000 years -  1400 years is in fact a mere eye-blink.  And although the West, and India, and Africa, have suffered grievously, they have not entirely given way, in all that time. 

In the long, long term - let's think thousands, even tens of thousands of years - I am not so sure, given the relentless dumbing down that it imposes via both inbreeding (cousin marriage and polygyny, generation after generation, relentlessly diminishes genetic diversity as more and more male lines fail to be perpetuated) and the deliberate war it wages upon every kind of creative thinking. 

If resolutely isolated from others on which to parasitise, the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob is spectacularly unsuccessful.  During the centuries of the Mamluk dynasty, the total human population of the regions they ruled simply collapsed.  The Muslim population in what is now Israel was declining, not increasing, in the early 19th century.  Islam desertifies landscapes, reducing their human carrying capacity; Islam wages war ceaselessly upon women in all kinds of ways, so that if there is no modern medicine, and if they cannot keep on making up their self-inflicted woman drought by stealing from the neighbours, their populations would ultimately collapse.

Too much admiration of the apparent 'success' and 'strength' of the Mohammedan Mob seems to me to be dangerous.  

Despair, too, is not an option.

And as I contemplate the 'desolation and delusion' (to borrow a phrase from the great American John Quincy Adams) produced by the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob everywhere it goes, the ruin it wreaks on everything it touches, and the ruin manifest in its members, I am reminded of the words of our Lord:

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" - Mark 8: 36.

One could argue that Muslims have sold their souls to the Devil in order to gain Worldly Power.  Whereas Christ, invited by the Satan to bow down and worship in order to obtain 'the kingdoms of this world, and the glory of them', refused, whoever it was that established Islam eagerly fell at the feet of the Evil One.

And Power the Ummah has received, indeed; but it have lost everything else.  The souls of Muslims have been eaten by Thanatos.  They hate and make war upon their women and their children and upon each other, ceaselessly; they hate and attack everyone and everything; and so the universe itself seems constantly to offend them, because they have placed themselves in enmity against the Creation.

If YHWH, the Holy One of Israel, rather than 'allah' the arab demon of blood and war (or is it the child-eating Canaanite Moloch to whom Muslims are really in thrall?), really does have the last word - and as a Christian I am committed to believing and declaring that He does -  then in the end, in the long, long term, Islam is doomed, as all evil things are doomed.  It will be nothing but chaff, dust or dead grass blown away by the wind.

I encourage people to read M Scott Peck's book 'People of the Lie'.  There is much in its anatomy of human - individual and group - and spiritual evil that throws light on the way that Islam and Muslims operate.  And he says quite clearly that in his experience and observation the Evil - whether human or demonic - have two enormous blind spots.  They do not and cannot comprehend real love; and they do not and cannot comprehend real science, the disinterested and humble pursuit of truth at all costs.

We should not underestimate our current enemy, the Ummah, a murderous and predatory human gestalt that has been the enemy of all human goodness for 1400 years; but we should not overestimate it, either.

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